LETTER: Can’t please Antiguans



This government and the previous UPP one, were both accused of manipulating the Courts to go after political foes.

But all of those cases were thrown out by the Courts – those brought under the UPP administration and those by the ABLP administration.

That tells us 2 things. One is that there is a clear separation of powers between the political and judicial sectors. The law works.

And secondly, Antigua and Barbuda must have had and have the most incompetent Attormeys- General in the history of the world.

I think Junstin Simon lost as many as eight of these cases and Cutie Benjamin is quickly catching up. None better than none. Both are just as bad.

The bigger issue here is that the Attorney-General is a government’s chief law officer who advises the government on legal matters.

If your Attorney-General is incompetent then the country has a serious problem that can have far reacing consequences for the country.

It is certainly time for political parties to stop appointing their friends and supporters to this critical position and find a competent legal mind.


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  1. On the one hand dem say lockdown the country. On the other hand they say open up the country so we can party and campaign for election.

  2. This is so sad but true in every aspect. We vote by color and who will give us the freebies. We put in one part and we moan. We put in the other party and we moan. We moan because at the end of the day, we vote for who will give us the freebies and they are both full of empty promises.

  3. You don’t seem to understand the separation of the various branches of our government. The AG cannot bring charges. It is the Police or the DPP. In this case the police had the lead. And it shows time and time again that our police force does not do a good job in bringing certain types of cases, “White Collar Crimes”, in front of a judge. They make too many errors. And they fail to proof their case. So it is not that the persons are not guilty of the crime. But it is that the prosecution has failed once again to present a watertight case. Blue Collar Crimes they have no problem with, and the fact is that those cases are determined by a jury and not a judge. These court cases are too technical for jury to decide. You have to understand and know the law. Just look how former COP Robinson is making his former officers look stupid every time he represents a criminal. he knows the law, and he also knows the weakness of his former colleagues.

      • Boss why are you so out of your element? If its found that the AG did such, the case would be dismissed for political interference. A law enforecemnt officer is on record as stating that a former AG did such and C Benjamin used it as a key pary of his defence

  4. Don’t confuse the role of the AG in the USA with that of the AG in our Westminster Style of Governance.

  5. So who is the owner of the buses today (Wednesday 24th November 2021)?

    I am so looking for an answer to that question.

  6. This Westminster Style of Government is
    Comical and antiquated. The legislature and the executive cannot be one of the same. There is no demarcation line of powers.

    The AG is an advisor to cabinet, PM and the Government et.al.

    The judiciary should and is an independent body free of political interference. As we all know. No matter where you go or style of government the executive always has an influence on policing and prosecution.

    Political interference is a phenomenon that we will never get rid of.

    • I have the same said thing time and time again on other media threads. The judicial system in the UK has become a farce with low sentencing for very serious crimes, and the silly pomp and ceremony that is designed to intimidate. Why Antigua still asks for legal advice from the UK for certain crimes, like murder and the death penalty – that they no longer use – is beyond my comprehension.

      It is about time we cut our judicial ties with them and stand on our own two feet, like many other countries in the region are now doing – WE ARE MORE THAN COMPETENT TO DO SO … IT’S 2021 NOT 1821!

    • Yep and its time we throw the current DPP away (maybe). This matter was heard before (Clarke) with the same result. Really thougt Armstrong knew what he was doing. A judge has shown him to be found wanting. Then again to be fair he can’t be accsessed only based on one case

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