LETTER: Burford proves why he’s unmatched at ABS



This evening’s ABS news is a good example of why Jamaican journalist and broadcaster Garfield Burford is unmatched at ABS.

The sad reality is that there is no other journalist at ABS who can do what Burford does.

There may be other people in Antigua who can do it but none of them is currently in the media. It is also very likely that they would not be paid to match their skills.

As the evening news was going to a break this evening, there apparently was a teleprompter malfunction. The veteran journalist Andy Liburd spent what felt like five minutes hmmmming and awwwwing. Any television presenter worth his/her salt knows they should keep their scripts handy in case the teleprompter fails.

But even if there were no scripts, the video of the screen was showing what has been the biggest story all day — the Colorado supermarket shooting in which a gunman killed 10 people.

Andy Liburd sat there fozenen and continued to have a meltdown on the set.

It was the very experienced Garfield Burford who saved the evening, and I am guessing he adlibbed the look-ahead, something that almost anyone living on planet earth should have been able to do once they saw the video of the Colorado shooting.

I am embarrassed for us. We can do better. Swallow your pride and bring in Dr. Jacqui Quinn to give our people voice and speech training.  Signed: We are better than this


LETTER: I am not a fan of J’Truth but he’s right about ABS


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  1. Big up to Mr. Burford indeed and the entire management and staff of ABS TV. But why are you specifying an ex-politician who has not stated if she has paid back Medical Benefits for the monies used for her medical treatment? I doubt the “average pickyhead” resident or citizen could receive the same from MBS when faced with a dire health crisis.

    P.S. – why not Karen Challenger, Maxine Allen, Shawn Nicholas or Alcianna Tittle?

    Keep up the good work ABS. You have improved dramatically in recent times.

  2. So you sat through an entire newscast, saw Andy Liburd fumble and felt so emboldened you penned a letter to tear him down in an effort to validate your position on Garfield Burford?

    Has Garfield Burford never stumbled before? Does Garfield Burford not make mistakes? Wheel and come again. Antiguans have to be twice as good to garner half the respect.

    Thank you Andy Liburd for your years of service to the nation’s station.

    • So yes, everyone makes mistakes. Burford has made mistakes. but when he does there is no fuss, because they are very few and very far between and he corrects them smoothly. Andy Liburd has been on TV too long to be making so my mistakes. And it is not just a mistake, it is high class bum fumbling that makes the views cringe in embarrassment. In my opinion young Ercil Charles has already past Liburd. Terry Andrew just does not have it, maybe never will. Lets hope Ercil Charles never leaves ABS. That is why we are like this.

  3. Buford hasn’t trained them well enough all this time? Maybe if he hogs the spotlight less, he can work on grooming his replacement. Thought that was part of his purpose for being there.

    Lol@ meltdown though. Poor Andy.

    Buford soon start do weather and Cooking Magic at this rate though. PMSL

    • So what about UPP who did the same shat. Arent they the one who hire Raju Badu Anthony Armstrong and the 4 retired Canadian Mountees?

        • BS!!!! Saying that shat is like Satan correcting sin. UPP no better than ALP when it comes to that shat. Six and half a dozen ah the same damn thing

    • I agree 100%. Garfield Burford is unmatched among journalists in Antigua. Someone even had the gall to suggest he be replaced by Terry Andrew. No matter how much training he provides, natural ability cannot be taught. You cannot teach someone to be as good as Viv Richards or Roland Prince. I am 100% Antiguan but I respect excellent quality when I see it and Garfield brings that to the table. Further, if we trace our ancestry back to Africa some who are calling for Garfield to be sent packing will find that they lead back to the same fore parents. It’s a crying shame that as black people that some of us are so myopic that we can’t see beyond our own selfish tiny space. Let everyone work on being the best they can be rather than some sitting back and thinking that because they were born in Antigua they have ultimate entitlements. We live in a global village.

  4. An antiguan can’t even go Jamaica and get that job . But they can come our country and get the best jobs just because they come and kiss the politicians ass

    • Just another hater . Garfield Burford is doing a fantastic job. Real professional. He actually makes Abs looks good. You should be thanking him instead of trying to tear him down.. There is no one currently at Abs that can match his skills. He’s the best. If u dont like it go up to Devil’s bridge and jump off.

  5. There are thousands of Jamaicans in Jamaica who can do certain tasks better than Antigua. Should these Jamaicans be imported into Antigua to replace Antiguans?

    Why did previous generations of Antiguans work so hard? So that Jamaicans can immigrate into Antigua and inherit their land? Antigua is such a small place with limited opportunities but somehow finds space to give foreigners opportunities. Certain things deserve to happen.

    People don’t appreciate their birthright so they would be made footstools. The British had Antiguans serving on their knees before independence, now other foreigners are taking their turn.

  6. I am glad to see persons standing up for Burford.Just hoping when the time comes to stand up for one of your own National.You would be doing the same.However,I would not hold my breath.

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