LETTER: Beyond flabbergasted by PM’s comments about his wife


Dear Editor,

To say I was flabbergasted when Gaston Browne declared that his wife deserves more credit than she has received from the Antiguan public is an understatement.

I have been a resident of St John’s Rural East for more than 30 years. I’ve seen administrations come and go, and Maria is one in a short line of representatives for this constituency.

According to the prime minister, Mrs. Browne should be lauded for her sterling handling of the housing portfolio, because she has exceeded expectations and built more houses than was originally intended.

I wish to point out to both Brownes that Maria is in parliament because the people of Rural East sent her there. She was placed in the House to represent their interests. As housing minister, she has not built one single structure in Rural East. The ones she met built by Dr. Errol Cort are in varying states of disrepair.

The baseball field in St Johnston’s Village is in dire need of a fix-up. The grass is seldom ever cut unless the Spanish people have some activity there. The Pumpkin House on the Boulevard is run down and in need of even a coat of paint. The conference room at the same venue needs a fixer-upper.

Maria Browne has been conspicuously absent from this community for the past nine years. Even now, she sends out her followers to parcel out her goodies. Only when its time to hand out cash she is present. She generally does that herself.

The drains and gutters in Rural East, especially in Skerritt’s Pasture, are cesspools of stinking water and mosquito breeding grounds.

Clarevue Hospital is in Maria Browne’s constituency, and please be reminded that they built pit latrines for the residents just the other day. After public outcry, they ordered $4,000 steel toilets, while ordinary Antiguans and Barbudans can’t get any meaningful relief from the high cost of living.

A playground started by Lester Bird still remains unfinished – a testament to how much she cares about the young in the constituency. There is nothing in place for the elderly either.

It common knowledge that Rural East is known for its drug addicts. Where is the halfway house or some kind of intervention for our young people who have fallen prey to substance abuse?

The environs of Clarehall School are in need of a sprucing up. The grass on the western side of the school is higher than the fence.

Project Hope, a once nice building is in dire need of repair.

Mrs. Browne, your primary purpose is to take care of Rural East. Not now at election time to hand out food vouchers.

Salt ham and turkey cant fix what’s wrong up here. Handing out money to young men, which they invariably use to buy a little weed and alcohol, is not the remedy. Please come and look around. The degradation is everywhere!

We, the voters in Rural East are looking at and judging you. What your husband thinks about your performance won’t matter come election day.

– Disgusted Rural East Voter

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  1. The funny thing is that the pm speaks repeatedly about the younger members of the Upp not having much experience…. but they have four times as much experience as she did when she was made the Minister of Lands.

  2. @ Gaston

    Athley Rodney on 08/08/2021 to Gaston and Cutie ‘should I proceed with the plan to tear gas the poor black hungry Antiguans and Barbudans?’

    Gaston and Cutie’s response to Rodney ‘Yes, teargas DEM R_ SS, make certain that you hurt them real badly, let them know that a we run things ya’

    Dem wicked evil and HEARTLESS Vagabonds.

  3. This needed to be said. I also live in St. John’s Rural East and have been living here for almost 2 years. I have not seen her and have been trying to get in contact with her for a long time. I have been told that people have been trying to contact her through Facebook since she is an avid poster, yet she ignores everyone.

  4. I think the ABLP is the better option right now but the author is right. Rural East is a mess and she has not made a worthwhile mark in the constituency. Even after the murder right outside Clare Hall School, I didn’t even hear her make a statement or do anything as children in the area witnessed that. There was also the discovery of a major illegal dump site in Clare- Hall and residents were still using outside bathrooms. Molwyn sought to address it but where was Maria??? She never even subsequently said something about the issue and the area is close to her office. Maria is a HORRIBLE representative.

  5. Y’all don’t feel NO WAY because he absencebis everywhere and not just in those areas. She controls one of the biggest constituencies and we ALL see her one time and that’s election time. Otherwise she’s a ghost……worker! Lol

    • Place Maria Browne in the equivalent position in the PRIVATE SECTOR and she’d be sacked in two twos … no current large building construction company would hire her!

  6. I was born in Cassada Gardens in 1972. The best thing ever happened their was new roads that was paved in the 80’s. I am dissatisfied with the ALP representation throughout their entire governance in my constituency. In 2004 I saw development that was directed to improve the living environment of the people. We have too many persons looking for selfish handouts. I will forever love my area . One basketball court refurbished by Stanford was all the youths got for recreational purposes and it was one that came from begging while that representative pocketed other resources.

    • @Smh December 13, 2022 At 1:22 pm
      Lovell is nothing more than a womanizer. He is a playboy that thinks he can get any woman. He thinks his Armani and Boss suits will do it for him. His wife was tired of the knuckling and moved to the USA. When the UPP won the election, she came back hoping he would have changed. But Mr. Playboy cannot change. The lowest that he went in my books is when he sat with Serpent in the Snake Pit and bragged about how Donna Chaia was in his hotel room until 3:00am and he walked her to her car. Making insinuations that something happened. Just like what little boys do when the brag about having had sex with a girl. You cannot get lower than that in my book. I’m the father of two beautiful daughters and I cannot imagine a man would talk like that about them. very immature.

      • People say when they use to pick up their children from christ the King, they would often meet him there picking up a student.
        The same student who is now claimed to be the biggest ghost worker, he is saying should be lauded.

        There is a common refrain in local circles
        ” a wa she do?”

      • “He is a playboy that thinks he can get any woman …


        Talk about scraping the barrel @ From The Sideline; however, two things comes to mind:

        You’ve either run out of coherent political arguments or comebacks, or your nit-picking has reached a new low …

        • Yet another ABLP generational ignoramus!

          I supported Gaston Browne’s government at the last two elections. However, the difference between you and me @ I don’t know my name, is I weigh things up look at all ABLP’S promises to the citizens of Antigua, and realised that his rhetoric didn’t match his actions.

          Also never forget you damn – easily led – fool, that we’ve has 50 years of Birdism and Browneism, and Antigua is no better off!


  7. I make no apologies for repeating this anagram of NEPOTISM, whereas, this applies to Gaston Browne’s wife Maria Browne:

    N epotism doesn’t work in public sector

    E xit come election time

    P rotect Antiguans from broken promises

    O utstanding housing targets not met

    T his ABLP government done

    I gnoring the better qualified is wrong

    S ecuring a home is a must have

    M aria Browne isn’t fit for office

    As you can see fellow citizens NEPOTISM can NEVER work in Antigua & Barbuda 🇦🇬

  8. Lovell want Bruce Goodwin to help him win the election by bringing in a plane full of students like what he did in 2009

  9. I am always taken aback when people complained and say they dont see their political representatives. Is it that our mentality is small? I lived 25 years in Atlanta, participated in the electoral process and not once to this date have I ever seen the senator for instance.

    • Atlanta versus a constituency of mere thousands? You fool. You are the small- minded one. I prefer to see the work than the face of my representative but if you’re a politician in Antigua, you should know how to operate within the landscape and understand,some people are going to want to see you.

  10. Just Saying you don’t need to see the representative but you must SEE and FEEL the work they do in the constituency and the country. Maria is Antigua’s biggest ghost worker and her name is spelt INCOMPETENCE. She’s a big joke!

  11. Don’t worry they are hatching a plot to make her take over the leadership of the Labour Party just like they hatched the plot to parachute her into what they considered a safe constituency with all them Spanish people up there. She and her husband has so much of the people’s assets that she can wear designer clothes to sit on a tractor. The people in the constituency can always vote her out.

  12. I sometimes feel sorry for the lady. I think that she would rather stay home with her children but her husband’s quest for power and riches is the force pushing her into politics.

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