LETTER: ‘Ban this nastiness from our shores’



Governments in the region must change our countries’ constitutions to ensure that we ban this nastiness from our shores.


Our children must grow up knowing whether they are a boy or a girl in accordance with their God given biological gender identifications.

We don’t have to follow the madness going on in the world at large. These people must be forced to go back to hiding in their closets.





  1. More people who think Antigua is a Theocracy. Also, sex is biological. Gender is a social construct.

    • @Tired of Theocracies. Actually, the terms sex and gender meant the same thing for most of the history of those terms. It’s only recently that psychologists etc. have been suggesting that they are different in order to explain away persons who believe they not their biological sex. However, psychology is not a “hard” science in which theories are derived from actual observations of the natural world. It is a “soft” (imho wannabe) science which tries to used statistical analysis to form conclusions about our complex human brain. A lot of the conclusions are not actually supported by hard evidence and in cases such as this gender theory even run contrary to hard evidence produced by more trustworthy sciences such as biology. In a truly “scientific” science a theory that contradicts the evidence would be rejected or not rolled out to the public without resolving the contradictions. In the case of gender we are now being told that biological observations are false and to believe unproven psychological theories based on what people imagine themselves to be. Even worse societies are creating laws around these unproven ideas because they are being told that they come from “science”.

      • In a nutshell, psychology uses what people believe about themselves (with no hard evidence) plus statistical analysis to form conclusions. (The statistical analysis is twisted though because the beliefs of the minority are being used to form theories about the majority.) Biology uses unbiased observations of nature, DNA etc. to create classifications and understand systems. Psychology is strongly influenced by human biases and politics. Biology is not usually.
        Biology >>> Psychology as a science.
        Stop hating on Religion. The idea that there are multiple genders and that people can have a gender different to their biological sex is not even really scientifically proven.

        • That’s is a pretty big simplification of psychology research with a seemingly ideological motivation behind it.

          It’s a shame. You’re kind of hand waving the entire history of social sciences to discredit the gender/sex thing lol

          Also, Biology, like any science, is at the very least slightly influenced by the biases/politics of the researchers. Most times those personal biases are considered when setting up the experiment. The way raw data is collected/processed/interpreted could itself be a form of bias as well.

          There’s long articles, classes, and many other resources to help researches avoid this, and most importantly to your point, it’s not something exclusive to psychology.

          Anyway, we’re in the comments section of an article calling for gay people to go back in the closest. So maybe not the best place for discourse.

      • I find you’re using the inherent complexity and ambiguity of social sciences and psychology to some how write off that these people exist, have existed, and will continue to exist in society. Just because something’s complex and hard to quantify doesn’t mean it’s not relevant and should be written off.

        It’s true that Biology is a more “trustworthy” science because there’s more direct experimentation/observation that can be done, but it’s incapable of fully describing the vast fucking cavern that is the human psyche, social structures, human dynamics, ect. Statistical analysis has flaws, of course, but it’s one of the few barometers for measuring those intangible elements of human existence.

        You can have your personal opinion on the trans community, laws, age of transitioning, ect.
        But, regardless of that, these people are here, existing and growing as a community, and you have to ask yourself if the “Biology>Psychology” argument is a strong enough to justify legally restricting these people.

        • @Bah Appreciate the reasonable response. I think that a lot of the recent growth in that community is due to it being trendy and also due to confusion by young people who falsely believe that there is a proven biological basis for it i.e. people believe it’s a nature issue when it is a nurture issue. So, I think truth in the media etc. would reduce the number of confused pretenders returning society to a smaller number of persons with more authentic gender dysphoria type situations. Then, their needs can be addressed more honestly in the legal system. My ideological motivations are that I hate seeing children led astray and confused for no good reason (and Antiguan children are being confused by U.S. media) and I hate when the label of science is wrongly slapped onto anything that is the opposite of religion. Science and religion are different approaches to finding truth and their conclusions agree more often than most people think!

      • Being a homosexual is described as a curse God put on people who refuse to acknowledge him as creator. So i can see where the desire comes from , it is a sin like any other and those feeling that desire should subdue it just like we subdue the temptation to steal, kill commit adultery , fornicate lie cheat be a glutton be lazy be a narcissist commit any of the seven deadly sins . Homosexuality is sin

        • The issue with your position is that everyone must believe in your god. Should another religion other than the one given to you by the Europeans become dominant would you want to follow their rules?

    • The idea that gender is a social construct makes no sense. E.g. a woman could live in the U.S., not like makeup, high heels and jewelry, prefer sports and physical labour, and therefore be made to feel by society that she is not a woman but a man. If she was to then move to a jungle tribe where no one cares about those frivalous things and they value strong hard working women she would feel like a woman not a man. So, which gender is she male or female? Or does her gender change a little every country she goes to since women behave differently in every country? Lol. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    • “Gender is a social construct”.
      Does this mean, despite obvious massive differences a light bulb could be a cruise ship? Could you milk a turkey or throw a saddle on a squirrel and ride it? Why couldn’t these be “social constructs”?
      “Social construct” wow…just wow.

  2. You are a very small minded, uneducated, petty individual. Broaden your horizons a bit you pea brain.

    • OH SHUT UP!!! Who more dunce Dan you???
      Is only gay people that dunce…..they don’t have no common sense. Male dogs don’t run behind other male dogs so why should human beings do that….see that shows you you’ll gays are retarded, dunce and also nasty!!! Male Dogs know the scent of a female dog but is only Male humans that don’t know the scent of a female………All y’all nasty and sick you’ll don’t have no shame…..THUNDER FIRE YOU!!

  3. Lol Virgin Atlantic already promoting Come one come all be yourself in Antigua trips.
    Since the court defeat and the Government is not going to appeal its coming to a beach and town near you.
    Advice 😂🤣 just don’t look.

    • Monkey Pox can be contracted by ANYONE, of any sex, sexual preference and age. It is not a “gay” disease. It wasn’t developed within the LGTBQ community and spreading stupid and false information like this will first, prevent people from being treated, for fear of stigma and further spread the disease to others. You better watch out you don’t catch monkey pox because the hate you spread will arrive at your doorstep!

  4. Wow. As a country that heavily depends on Tourism for the majority of their Gross Domestic Product, I would think that you wouldn’t be openly hostile to a large demographic of people who would consider visiting Antigua. “Nastiness” is the definition of the hate and fear of the author. Your children will be gay, straight, transgendered regardless of what’s happening out in society because, after all this time, I can’t believe I even have to say “sexual preference and gender identity IS NOT A CHOICE” So maybe, instead of upholding a set of archaic laws, principles and ideas that were created by a church that protects pedophiles, create a society where people are safe, open and welcome so that are children stop growing up in fear of being who they are.

        • Antigua’s population is 234 million eh? Must be kinda crowded there.
          Come here to the deviant states of america, I challenge you to and to attend a “pride” parade then tell all of us that you *didn’t* see every homosodomite sex act being performed IN PUBLIC! Do that and I’ll call you a GD liar.
          Codifying this vile filth will end your society the same as it’s done here.

    • I think these zealots are forgetting this community are the ones who can afford to come to Antigua. They have more disposable income because they don’t have the baggage of kids and are generally more educated with higher incomes.

  5. Do you remember why God destroyed sodom and gomarrah ? In the beginning God created male and female .i can see animals are smarter than humans.because you never see a male dog running after a male dog. So what doesthat tell you?? God is not pleased with what’s going on.

    • Just say you support Pedophiles if you support pedophiles, because if you support a Bible written by MEN who hide and protect pedophiles, then we should be more worried about people like YOU then the LGBTQ community.

      • I look like a rapist to u???? I do not support lesbian, gays, liars neither pedophiles. I do not support these type of things I am a born again believer. So please think before you talk cause god will strike you!!

    • Hmm. Weirdly, I don’t remember Sodom and Gomorra, Maybe cause’ it’s just a story in a book from 2000 years ago. Don’t think we should use fiction to shape societies.

      But hey! if you’re a real fundamentalist about the holy books then don’t wear clothes with two types of linen ( Deuteronomy 22:9–11)

      Also, be sure slaves fear their masters: “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ”” (Ephesians 6:5-8)

      Also, there’s many cases of homosexuality in nature. A basic google search would have shown you that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals

  6. “These people must be forced to go back to hiding in their closets.”

    Jesus, man. Antigua News Room just straight up publishing hate speech.

  7. They won’t ban it. They’re all in too deep. The consequences for standing up against the LGBTQ movement far outweighs the consequences they’ll face from a discontent nation. And that’s not on them, it’s on us. We have never stood against anything and we’re so comfortable hiding behind the “law abiding citizen” tag. Let your voices be heard, stop voting for these tyrants!

  8. Antigua News room, please issue an apology for publishing hate speech. You are 100 years behind the times. The ones who need to go into hiding are the homophobes!

    • Come to San Francisco and voice a contrary opinion to a homosodomite…they will kill you, period. Thats “progressive” tolerance.

    • Arnold Arnold Arnold ANR should issue an apology ? Lol for what ?.
      ANR ignore the Duncery keep doing what you’re doing with this amazing platform .
      I’ve seen views like this a hundred times .
      Some of you don’t want porn but you’re watching it secretly in your home.
      Some if you don’t like guy’s that mistreat women but a lot of you put your hands on your wife and girlfriend.
      So stifle that view and what’s next for you ?

        • This is not a question of “all sides being heard” the things published on this platform reach a wide audience, not the same as just some bigots private opinion. Every time you publish this shit verbal and physical attacks on LGTBQ people go up. You are partly responsible for that. Words published in a national publication will have influence and lead to real world consequences

  9. Time to ban the stupid bullshit law preventing sales of alcohol on Good Friday. All Friday’s are good. That law from the bullshit church cult days. People ya only want enforce some laws and don’t bother with others as dem choose.

  10. Do wha you want behind closed door but that being said keep that type a nonsense dey America and wherever they from and pushing. Next thing you bout allow drag queen story time in our schools

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