Jahhym Azoo Reports That The Incident Was Not A Robbery


Jahhym Azoo has regained consciousness over the weekend and has shared his side of the story with investigators which revealed the incident was not a robbery.

The incident was an altercation between Azoo and five other boys which escalated out of control.

Seventeen-year-old Jahhym Azoo was violently beaten into a coma on September 5th 2019 however the young boy has now come out of the coma and has been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to a regular ward.

Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney used the opportunity to get a statement from the victim, Azoo.

“He was eventually discharged from the ICU to a regular ward, and that is where we had the opportunity on Saturday to have a good sit down with him and get a proper statement from him. And we didn’t tell the public all those steps that we would take and probably that’s what created the unnecessary uproar,” Rodney revealed.

He further added: “There was no incidence of a robbery. There was no incidence of a mugging as reported by most of the media and social media. There was a fight amongst some youngsters and stones were involved in it.”

It was unveiled that two of the five boys who allegedly attacked Azoo were charged with wounding with intent to murder. The boys were set to appear before the Child Justice Board on Monday in the afternoon.



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  1. In the absence of information, the public is left to wonder. Poor PR.
    Anyway, it still does not lessen the brutality of the attack which will permanently disfigure and scar Azoo for life.
    Also…. It does not explain why all five were not arrested. The explanations that either the law prevented the police from making an arrest or because Azoo was unconscious are absolutely false.
    The police must charge all five stackers and let the court decide their punishments.

  2. This acting comissioner of police is in need of some serious PR traning asap!!! My goah this guy does not know how to adress the media never mind the gp!!! Mr. PM think it is time to release Atlee from his post he clearly cannot hanle it

  3. My my my, trying to do damage control. Whether it was a fight, robbery or whatever, the contention is, a crime was committed and needed to be addressed urgently. The police of today are too tardy.

  4. Does it really matter.If it was a robbery or not.Does it diminishes the severity of that brutal mauling done to the young man.By a pack of thugs in Greenbay.Where is the Police PRO,Frankie Thomas?This acting Police head should be acting into perpetuity.Never to be confirmed as the Commissioner of Police in Antigua and Barbuda.

  5. The police doesn’t have to post on social media their every step pole like to assume the worst all the time rather than assuming that the police was not doing anything why not assume that they were working in silence come on

  6. If there was a fight among them and only two carried out the vicious attack is people saying that all five should be arrested? I am not a legal mind but I don’t think that’s how it works- people fight all the time , especially young boys, those that took it to another level are the ones to be prosecuted, not everyone that was present. I think you’ll need to let the police do their job, regardless of whether you guys think they are incompetent or not. The law is the law.

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