Jacqui Quinn apologizes to family of late Nigel Christian over insensitive Facebook post

Dr Quinn
Dr. Jacqui Quinn said:
Two nights ago in a moment of gross indiscretion I made a post which was rather insensitive to the grieving family and friends of the late Nigel Christian.
Upon further reflection and with a heavy heart and great regret, I realized that I was completely out of line and I sincerely apologize.

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  1. Wow the same Jacquie that was prostesting against the ABLP over Nigel’s murder…pathetic is best you go back to read news.

    in addition the entire customs staff need to be investigated all of them seem to be involved in corruption.

  2. Folly House
    Dolly House
    Green Eggs & Ham
    Wrath in Corruption..
    Do you Like it with De Mouse
    Do you like it IN De HOUSE..
    Do You like eating Rat
    Do you like Eating CAT? ??

  3. I am happy that she is big enough to humble herself and apologize but disappointed that she didn’t have the good sense to not make the comment in the first place.

  4. Aryou think God lub ugly? Gee dem enough time, and dem true colours always come out. When Jacqui min ah protest, only wan fool woulda say anna politics she min ah do um fah. But Cyndi Lauper min sing one song dat say:

    “I see your true colurs shining through.”

    Ah Jacqui Quinn dat!

  5. Did she apologize to the family of Vincia James for the ERRONEOUS and INSENSITIVE Facebook post claiming certain things at Northsound???? She went back and edited her post but she NEVER APOLOGIZED!!!

  6. She only FAKE APOLOGIZED because of the severe backlash she got after posting 2 photos side by side and then rolling and tumbling in the slimy gutter with her crass, POLITICALLY TAINTED comments. Even a former Police Commissioner had to comment against her nasty trifling Facebook post.

  7. This RAG-TAG HYPOCRITE is a disgrace!!! Wasting time being a busy body instead of volunteering for BREAST CANCER MONTH, especially being a cancer survivor whose treatment at an expensive hospital was funded by TAXPAYERS MONIES via Medical Benefits.

    Zizzy needed Medical attention and had to beg donations and try to raise funds. Meanwhile the RAG-TAG HYPOCRITE get sort out with one phone call from Baldwin Spencer to MBS. Why she didn’t advocate for Zizzy? Or other “pickeyhead people” who not as privilege as she???

    Come betta Dan dat ma’am. Your parents raised you right. (Parstah Pickney and Sunday School Teecha). Tap mek dem groot out dem grave because of your DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR!!!!

  8. Dear ANR. When are you going to print the letter about Baldwin Spencer and how he upstaging Richard Lewis in Rural West? You too playing favourites for UPP?

  9. Jackie Quinn where is your post CONDEMNING the UPP for choosing a GUNMAN to run on its ticket???? As a Fallopian Tubes owner, e nah bother u dat UPP choose wan gunman over Shawn Nicholas, another Fallopian Tubes owner???

  10. It is very heart warming to me that someone who we look up to and respect has the courage to acknowledge her mistake and apologize publicly to Mr. Christian’s family and friends. For me this is a sign of our maturity as humans. Enough respect!!!

  11. All of you Laborites and Gastonites: Where were you hiding.When Gaston Browne had his say in New York a few weeks ago.Did any of you ask him to apologize for his comments in the Nigel Christian matter.Why he did not man up and apologize for his remarks about Nigel Christian?

    • Tipical upp ass sucker u nar even lick you tun ass sucker … does two wrong make it right …. why don’t u guys just the dead to rest in peace … and the family especially his mom to morn her child without you idiot playing political football.. so insensitive… u ass sucker

      • Anyone see the same pattern that I constantly speak about with the ABLP’S generational supporters on these ANR threads?

        Here’s some more insight from @ Curious to prove my point in his own blasphemous words: “… upp ass sucker … and u tun ass sucker …”

        and the icing on this ILLITERACY cake is as follows:

        “… so insensitive… u ass sucker”.

        I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or feel sorry for people like Curious, because they really really struggle to put two COHERENT sentences together.

        Sadly, it’s these type of BENIGHTED and UNTUTORED people that Gaston Browne and the ABLP are relying on to stay in power for the next 4 years!

        Lord help Antigua & Barbuda. 🇦🇬

        Remember, we must all go out and vote ❎ at the next General Election …

    • So true @ wanna bee, all of a sudden they get AMNESIA when it’s about Gaston Browne’s DISINGENUOUS behaviour towards the Antiguan diaspora in the US – go figure?!

      You know what comes to mind?

      Yes, that’s right, it’s a generational thing …

        • @Sidelines: Go back and listen to the entire recording of Gaston’s response to the Nigel Christian’s question while in New York.Then come and tell us if you did not hear anything insensitive in that response.Do not tell me your head is buried that far up the anus of Gaston Browne that nothing he says bothers you.

  12. I wish she would apologize to the pensioners she called ragtag, for protesting for their pension.

    untidy, disorganized, or incongruously varied in character.
    “a ragtag group of idealists”

    a disreputable or disorganized group of people.
    “the ragtag had been organized into some kind of marching order”

  13. Shame on dis RAG-TAG HYPOCRITE and worst Education Minister ever!!!!! Lowered pass mark and forced Separation Package on teachers!!!

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