‘It feels good to be alive’: Michael Browne returns

Browne embraces Health Minister Molwyn Joseph/ December 2018

Education Minister Michael Browne returned to Antigua over the weekend after undergoing treatment abroad for a heart problem.

Officials insist it wasn’t a heart attack even though the All Saints West Member of Parliament complained of severe heart pains.

He was treated at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre then flown to the Cayman Islands and also underwent test in Miami.

“Its good to be back, most importantly it feels good to be alive, Browne told state tv.

“After my ordeal on Monday night I honestly didn’t believe that I would have been here,” he added.

The MP says doctors have recommended a higher strength of ibuprofen and “they’ve advised me to keep doing what I’ve been doing in terms of health since my cholesterol and everything turned out to be pretty good.”

When asked when he plans to return to work, Browne said “work is not even on my mind right now.”


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  1. So now that u alive time to answer the E BOOKS SCANDAL AND THE MONEY THAT WAS DONATED TO LIBERTA SCHOOL because u know god not sleeping so u better come clean

  2. See people this is y they get into public office for better health care for them and only them this is what u voted fir ,let this be your uncle,brother ,sister you think u getting this kind of treatment u going die first ….only how u get help is if u probably get burn on 90% of your body and about to die…..people of antigua stop running behind these fools whether alp and upp they care nothing about u

    • Are you saying that Jacquie Quinn-Leandro got into public office so she could get treatment for her breast courtesy of taxpayer’s money?

      • Yes she did. Does it matter Jacquie or Michael? That’s the point, stop fight for red or blue and fight for Antiguans. They dont care bout you all because they getting taken care of. I have a friend dying of cancer and asking the government for help to seek treatment overseas, not up to now. She is going to die with the lack of treatment she getting in Antigua. She has young children…but idiots blind to the red and blue. Pure stupidity.

        • Peaches with people like you antigua looks good but it is going to be a hard fight because some people just dont see the picture ……ok look at collin oneal or what ever this guy name he used to cuss the hell out of gaston and the alp now listen to him now for a little money they will sell their soul but it never ends well,beef Joseph thought that he could have a brain and go against what the alp party was saying and what happened…….wake up people we give them five years and if them na work take them out

      • U seems not to read i said alp or upp but you a kool aid drinker so you think one way am for no party big boss antigua first ….as i said stop running and begging them politicians they care nothing about u but their close family and themselves


  4. Absolutely no one would understand how Mr Browne feels.

    Remember after Asot’s experience he turn Christian stop smoking and drinking, the changed man now where is he today and what is he advocating for?

    Unless you have had that experience SHUT THE BLEEP UP.

    Mr Browne I AM NOT A FAN OF YOURS, use this opportunity to be an advocate for good governance, integrity, honesty, and uprightness this is your second chance to stamp your name in history. DO NOT WASTE IT, CONSCIENCE FIRST, get well soon bro…..

    • He already did. See Sir Novel Richards Academy and soon to come University of the West Indies Antigua Campus

    • Foth with that shit good what? You need to change that name talking about rastaman these younger politicians were told enrich yourself creatively and what they did especially this punk E BOOKS SCDNDAL is real member i said this in time a investigation will happen…..this was a get rich system and had nothing to do with kids having easier access to their books and better programs……after 5 years my kids still walking with 20 pound bags ……member the lord neither slumber or sleep so when they realize that things start to happen they would call his name while they suppressing poor people that gave them a job…..fire for them ……look at this a local company racked up apua bills they get killed and take in mind they where here contributing for years,but a new company comes and they are giving free everything but remember the bigger picture here is what did the minister get behind….hey if you think they can fool all the people ……i have people under their noses .GASTON KEEP SUPPRESSING LOCAL BUSINESSES

  5. When is work ever on mr.brown’s mind? I am happy too that he is alive.
    The other minister should be smiling less considering “chest pain” had to be airlifted yet he wants to promote msjmc as something its not. I hope for the sake of all the good doctors involved that this was just a case of the patient and his family chosing to get a fifth opinion abroad at their (the browns’) expense and not a case of incompetence or political balls-busting. A second opinion, I am sure could have been obtained here in the private sector.
    Nothing wrong with getting second/third opinions on one’s dime or on that of private insurance.

  6. I’m glad he’s doing well. Medical care here is not good enough for them but it’s good enough for us. They don’t want the rookies at the hospital touching them but we have no choice unless we have big money. How many of us can afford to be flown out by private jet for medical care in the Caymans and Miami? People better wake up.

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