How to Trade Bitcoin For Serious Profit For Long Term?


Due to cryptocurrency’s high volatility and popularity, bitcoin trading is increasing day by day. People often make a bulk of handsome profit with bitcoin trading. The amount of profit you earn depends upon the strategy of bitcoin trading. You can enjoy long-term gain with this Trading.

Let’s glance at bitcoin trading and how you can get long-term profits from it.

What do you know about Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin trading is a strategy of keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency markets’ rise and fall. It involves getting a bitcoin hoping for an increase in its market price.

Nowadays, crypto traders are trying to make bitcoin more volatile by keeping both prices rise and fall in the notice. Enjoy handsome profit by keeping bitcoin tokens secure via cryptocurrency market value.

Seven Simple Bitcoin Trading Steps for Long-Term Profit Making      

If you want to make more out of your bitcoin trading, direct your efforts in the right direction. Feel free to gather a significant profit by acting upon these steps. You will find these steps very helpful for colossal profit collection by trading bitcoins.

Step # 1: Understand Factors Impacting Bitcoin’s Price

The first thing you should do in trading bitcoins is to know the factors impacting its price. Let’s discuss some factors affecting the bitcoins’ market value.

  • Bad Press– Breaking news relevant to bitcoins’ value, longevity, and security harms market value.
  • Bitcoin Supply– A finite bitcoin supply elaborates the future rise in bitcoin prices due to increased demand.
  • Integration– Integrating novel payment systems and banking strategies impacts its public profile. If integration is done successfully, bitcoin prices will increase due to increasing demand.
  • Key Events – Macroeconomic bitcoin announcements, security breaches, and regulation changes impact the prices of bitcoins.

Step # 2: Choose a Bitcoin Trading Style

Select a bitcoin trading style wisely, depending upon your requirements. Some common Bitcoin trading styles are as follows:

  • Day Trading – Day trading means opening and closing a bitcoin trading position in the daytime without exposing your bitcoins at night. In this trading style, overnight funding charges are not present. Pick this style if you are interested in profit-making from short-term market movements.
  • Trend Trading – Involves taking of a position per market trends. In case of a trend change, you need to open a novel place matching current trends.
  • Hedging Bitcoin– Mitigate risk potential through this Trading by opening an opposite position to the previous one. For instance, if your owned bitcoins experience a short-term value drop, open a short-term opposite position to maintain your profit.
  • HODL Trading– Includes buying and holding bitcoins if and only if you perceive a long-term positive market outlook. It also suggests whether you should sell your owned bitcoins or not to avoid loss in the future.

Step # 3: Select Your Way of Getting Bitcoin Exposure

Another thing that you should select is the means of getting exposure to bitcoins. Common ways are trading through bitcoin derivatives, exchange trading, the crypto ten index and the new digital Yuan currency is also popular in China .

1- Trading through bitcoin derivatives means speculation of cryptocurrency price with CFDs. In this, you can avail of a position in bitcoin pricing due to its deep liquidity, hedging, and total market exposure.

2- Bitcoin trading through exchange means taking ownership of bitcoins. However, there are some problems with exchange trading, such as fewer regulations, unreliable servers, and withdrawal of huge funds and fees from your exchange accounts.

3- Crypto 10 Index includes exposure to Bitcoin like ten significant cryptocurrencies in a single trading step. It closely figures out the underlying market price of all cryptocurrencies.

Step # 4: Opt for Either Going Long or Short

Bitcoin trading enables you to go long or short under the current market status. Going long shows a rise in bitcoin prices while going fast predicts price fall.

Step # 5: Adjust Your Trading Stops and Limits

Setting your trading stops and limits is also very crucial. Regular Stops include position closing at a particular level, liable to slippage. However, guaranteed stops are not concerned with slippage and are free to set. Check all these stops and limits from bitcoin trading tools.

Step # 6: Monitor Your Bitcoin Trade

After opening your trade, you need to monitor cryptocurrency market value keenly. You can seek bitcoin trading monitoring help from indicators that work per market conditions.

Step # 7: Get Profit By Closing Your Trading Position

Whenever you want to get profit, close your position. Doing so will direct all of your profit to your trading account. However, your balance amount will face a deduction equal to the number of losses.

Concluding Remarks!

Bitcoin trading is a very profitable field if catered thoughtfully. However, how much profit you gather depends on the trading style and bitcoin exposure. So, what are you thinking? Start crypto trading with bitcoins and enjoy long-term gains.


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