How To Get Proper Compensation After A Car Accident


Recovering financial damages following a car accident is always a frustrating experience for those who are injured. And entire families get affected for an extended period in many cases. This is not to mention those who are fatally injured and the aftermath left behind for their loved ones. One thing is for certain about all accident injuries. Even a recoverable injury generates personal problems that would not be occurring had the accident not happened. And knowing what steps to take in pursuing financial compensation following the fact is not always clear, as each accident is unique in some respect. The best first step for every accident victim is calling an experienced accident attorney who can focus on financial recovery while the victim focuses on physical rehabilitation. Car accident claims can be complicated when they are strongly defended, which is not unusual. And cases involving significant injury claims and multiple liable parties can become complicated easily. 


This is why it is so important to have a trained legal professional representing your case when whole financial compensation is necessary.

Serious Injury Claims

The choice to hire an attorney following a serious or fatal injury accident is not optional, and many times the case will actually be scheduled for court in a criminal matter. Serious injury claims should always be represented by a trained legal professional like paralysis victim lawyer who understands the actual value of the claim and how to broker a settlement for whole financial damages. There are certain defenses against paying a whole damage amount like comparative negligence that usually result in the case going to court for a trial disposition. It is always best when this is happening to have an attorney who is familiar with the case from beginning to end when an insurance company is attempting to reduce a claim settlement value in court.

Minor to Moderate Injuries

Even seemingly recoverable injuries can have significant claim value when all damages are calculated, and it is very important for all accident victims to meet every medical appointment. Insurance companies investigate all injury cases and commonly will conduct appointment checks in certain situations. A common defense to accident injury claims regarding long-term general damages is that the injury is not as serious as claimed, and missing medical appointments can be used as evidence when the insurance provider is trying to be difficult. Injuries that appear small at the time can develop into bad medical conditions in the future, and ongoing medical coverage is a central component when claims are in the final stage of negotiation. Even minor injuries can result in a considerable financial recovery amount when all submissions are calculated.

How Your Attorney Can Maximize Your Injury Claim

Your attorney will not only be representing your claim if it goes to court, but they will also be negotiating with your insurance company during the process. Your legal representative can access all medical treatment records from diagnosis to prognosis and assemble them in support of your demands for financial compensation. This is absolutely crucial to any injury claim. Damages associated with a car accident must be specific and categorized. Every detail matters in an accident claim, and the financial value is based on supported evidence. Typical damages include:


  • Medical bill recovery
  • Lost wages recovery when they apply
  • Physical property damage when it applies
  • General damages for pain-and-suffering
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Negotiating Your Claim

While some elements of a personal injury claim will consist of economic items that carry definitive dollar amounts, the most contentious area of any claim settlement is evaluation of general damages for ongoing living problems. Insurance providers always want to request a full release for further medical responsibility, but that comes with a price. That price is the general damages component of an accident settlement where claimants are actually made whole in financial damages when the case is over. No novice injured claimant is a match for a trained professional insurance claims adjuster when general damages are being discussed, including contesting a comparative negligence defense. All drivers in an accident are assessed for personal contribution to causation when a case goes to court, and the percentage is then used to discount the value of any financial claims. This is the primary defense in an accident injury claim, and an aggressive personal injury attorney will know how to craft a case for minimum personal fault and maximum financial damages for long-term pain-and-suffering.

How to Help Your Attorney

There are a few steps an accident victim can take to help their legal counsel in maximizing their injury claim value. One is taking notes. Keeping a daily journal of what pain is experienced and how it affects other components of coping with the injury and living a normal life is helpful. Many injured claimants do not realize that they can be required to give depositions in some instances, and there is no such thing as being too prepared. Keeping a file of all medical bills is also important because medical facilities will send them to you very often instead of your attorney, and all documentation is essential when the case is being assessed by both legal teams.

Be Conscious of Your Actions

This is a component of an accident injury claim that many victims will not consider. Insurance companies are well-known within the legal industry for sending private investigators to observe claimants regarding the seriousness of their injury claims. As intrusive and underhanded as it sounds, this does happen. Insurance companies are primarily focused on reducing claim values because they are obligated first to stockholders and clients, and they are only obligated to claimants with respect to how much they are required to pay. There is no technicality that is too small if it will reduce the amount of a claim settlement.


Never attempt handling your own accident injury case personally because accident injury claims are much more valuable than realized in most cases. Multiple studies have shown that accident victims receive considerably more compensation with legal representation than without, and you only have one opportunity for financial justice. Always make that opportunity count with an experienced and aggressive attorney who understands how to build your case for whole financial compensation.                                                                                                                  

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