Housebreaker terrorizing Upper Gambles for Weeks


Social media images show a bold housebreaker who has been terrorizing Upper Gambles for weeks.

He reportedly strikes between 11:30 pm and 3 am.

He watches each property carefully and is fully aware of the activities of the surrounding homes as well.

He is not deterred by barking dogs and alarms because he knows the neighbors only look out, see nobody, and go back to bed.

He wears a full ski mask, so cameras are NOT a deterrent. In fact, he is brazen enough to look at them.

The police are unable to identify or apprehend him.

When you hear the dogs barking constantly, he is the cause. Don’t go back to bed. Wait for him to move and … don’t miss.

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    • So what is this every time you keep repeating your self every body knows that so please say something else I am tired of reading the same thing over and over come tell us something we don’t know .

  1. Exactly … if they know someone is breaking into their homes, are you going to do NOTHING??? Antiguans are so lazy… organize a neighborhood watch … sleep with more lights on … out some kind of system in place where.. if you hear dogs or alarm.. they call the police but also another neighborhood and quickly patrol the block .. Protect your piece of the rock.

    You are fully aware of how this burglar moves and y’all still go back to sleep .. then I guess you need your beauty rest more than anything

  2. Tell the hospital keep a look out for someone with a bullet wound or a chop. Might even want to alert Barnes and Straffie’s too.

    He will learn.

  3. Not because the article says ppl look out, dogs barking, ppl go back to sleep an all that bla bla,bla, that does not make the story true. Wait Man….you making plenty sense, but after Straf and Barnes learning class dismiss.

  4. Upper Gambles is a middle class community. Nobody has a licensed firearm in the community to blast his behind? People are afraid to sleep at night with these people terrorizing people and taking what you work hard for. The police can’t catch them so the people should finish them off.

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