Harassment accusation unfounded and totally false


The accusation of harassment at Dry Hill making the rounds on social media is based on a complaint to the Police that does not name me specifically, but cleverly suggests that the accused is Hon. Asot Michael. In the interest of justice, I wish to set the record straight.


On Monday December 6th, 2021, I was experiencing difficulty breathing and called EMS for assistance. My vitals were very low – blood pressure of 90/40 and heart rate of 137. I was attended to at my Dry Hill residence by two employees of EMS for about ninety minutes from approximately 6:00 pm. They stabilized me with oxygen and Ventolin and I felt better.


During the afternoon of Tuesday December 7th, 2021, received a call from one of the EMS workers who assisted me the previous evening. He asked how I was feeling. I told him I was not feeling too well. He then offered to come to my residence in the evening to set up the oxygen tank and mask and to demonstrate to my friend Clarence Ounku Edwards and domestic assistant Virgie Torio how to use the oxygen equipment and administer the Ventolin.


He arrived at my residence at approximately 8:30 pm and came to my room where the equipment is located. I was resting on my bed at the time in conversation with Clarence Ounku Edwards. My secretary Barbara Wright along with assistant Rodari Galloway were also at my residence when the EMS employee arrived. The EMS employee set up the oxygen equipment and proceeded with how-to-use instructions for Mr. Edwards and Miss Torio.


At all material times during the visit of the EMS employee who left at approximately 10:00 pm, Mr. Edwards, Miss Torio, Mrs. Wright and Mr. Galloway were in the room with me and the room door remained wide open. I was never ever alone with the EMS employee. I interacted with him verbally, but did not interfere with him physically in any way shape or form.


The accusation of harassment made to the police more than 4 hours after the EMS employee left my residence is therefore unfounded, totally false and extremely defamatory.


I have been advised by members of executive of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) that the EMS employee was engaged to set me up with this bogus accusation to see me, a fellow comrade of the ABLP “rot in jail”.


When he turned the guns of the State against members of the Labour Party from the St Peter’s constituency wishing to enter the Party’s Headquarters on North Street for an Executive Meeting a few weeks ago, I never imagined he could have stooped any lower in his campaign to destroy me. I was wrong.


Having failed in his efforts over the past four years to cancel me, he has entrenched himself in the gutter with this despicable, desperate attempt to succeed in his evil scheme. The EMS employee is now demanding two hundred thousand US dollars (over half a million EC dollars) to withdraw the trumped-up claim maliciously calculated to end my political career in disgrace.


But it will not work. Extortion is a criminal offense. The truth will prevail. And everyone who was at my residence in the evening of December 7th, 2021, during the visit of the EMS worker (including the EMS worker himself) knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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  1. We all can agree this is a cheap political shot ,we all know asot ain’t into that . Good try tho Gaston 😂

  2. His party member wants him out, we probably going to hear alot more things soon

    When one love power and cannot take constructive criticism one will betray his brother at all cost

  3. Okkkkk…who paid who to fabricate a story ….the levels gas dog will go to ruin his chances of remaining in the FIRM….



    When dem kno u weakness dem lib in it…
    Im sure she was PAID to make this and any allegations.

  4. Give me a break.

    I have heard the word on the street and I tend to agree with Asot on this one (He is being set up).

  5. My Father’s, I am not for one party or the other I just say as I can imagine.
    . Karma is very real. Lady you have a God to glorify.
    When one digs a hole for another, did two, one for the person and one for yourself which must be deeper and wide. God dislikes a liar. God does not sleep, he see and knows. I hope you are not fabricating a story. Please be clean. Lol

  6. When they clear the first turn. Asot in the lead. Bring a ding e ding. As they approach the second turn. Asot still holding on. Bring a ding e ding. Coming down the third turn Stone coming on strong. He say Asot nar run pan fu he ticket. He can go all the courthouse and plead he foolish case.

    Clear the way Asot coming back. We in the homestretch and Asot firing back. When he tek the lead here come an accusation. He go get some licks at the convention. Asot waiting you with a hammer in he hand. When he done with you. He will be party leader. So clear the way Asot coming back. Jump and wine Asot coming back.

  7. We all think he is being set up. Do you believe the police and DPP also know this or are they going to be carrying out orders?

  8. Nothing will happen whether the allegations have merit or not..

    He know how his gambling vice gers funded!!!

  9. But why didn’t he call a doctor? On both occasions?! Is it extortion or the ABLP at work? Make up your mind!

  10. What a travesty.. this ABLP leader is desperate, clutching at straws.. what a loser, defeated already and election don’t call yet.. sad so sad.. get a life PM – fight battles you have a chance of winning.. Asot is an intelligent man who cannot be beguiled so easy.. cheap dirt lying shots.. chuppzzzz Gaston – you setting yourself up to fail.. shame on you

    • Hope you are going to help pay GB for defamation. You are a hypocrite and have no credibility. You guys have no decency and integrity.

      • Well well Colonbo, my number 5 mangina. I thought I had worn you out so much you didn’t have the energy to get on here. Glad to see you back. We have to get together again for another session. I am sure your blackberries miss swinging rapidly to and fro. Hope your woman has been taking care of you in the meantime.

        You “open” for a good riding session tomorrow?

        Looking forward to another riding session Colonbo

        • Idiot. Have you read the book of Proverbs as yet? Oops I forgot you and the bullers are members of the same passi. The former PM and, Zester and the rotten mango tired clean out your filthy behind. They say your stinking dirty mouth they can’t deal with it anymore cause it’s smell like cooks dump. They say don’t no more riding cause every time you fart too much and lub to do do. Tell the world how you feel when I take away your wife. She says you alone like to take it in your rear end. You piece a shit.

        • Yes Colonbo I have read all about ProbeColonbo. It said to ram him all the way, max him out and don’t stop. That’s why you are always smiling when I have finished riding your manwife. Oh and that was great when you farted as I pushed forward into your mangina. I think I have been riding you too hard as your memory is lapsing. You can tek and hab all the woman you want. I don’t want any. I only love dealing with manginas such as your sweet sexy manwife self. Mmmmmmm

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  11. Who is also trying to make sense of all this.
    3-1..if what Asot is saying is true with all those folks being around him it will be interesting to see how this allegation stands up.

  12. Decency and people of integrity that believe anything he says are just playing their usual unethical political games.

    • Colonbo don’t worry about that. You are have a very ethical mangina that’s in need of another riding session from me. I can see you leaking right now at the very thought of our next riding sessison Colonbo

  13. I hope the PM sue… An EMS is now a doctor to deal with someone who claims have a heart rate of 130+. All train EMS would recommend that patient to see a doctor immediately or visit the emergency room.

    • Hey Colonbo, I don’t have a problem calling you Sue when I ride that luscious mangina of yours. And you’re in luck too. I can be your proctologist doctor at the same time I ride you. It’s a win – win for you Colonbo. Are you getting erect yet? I’ll call you shortly if you don’t call me first.

  14. “Don’t test me” are some strong words of a man that will do anything to remain in power. Self destruction will hit at a time least expected .

    “You will not run on another ticket under my leadership”

    Watch the pattern of statements made and we will see who this man is

    • Do you really think ANY party would want Asot after all of this nonsense. The guy is history. Time to face the truth. ABLP will soon announce his replacement.

    • That is what majority of people in Antigua and Barbuda awaiting, and also around the world are waiting for. Mr. Asot, please tell the nation (people), where did the PM get his wealth from he and his wife and son.

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