PM Browne threatens to sue Asot Michael

Prime Minister Gaston Browne:
This rotten corpse, Asot Michael, has made a malicious, defamatory and fabricated claim against me, as a distraction from the allegation of sexual assault that was made against him.
He will be hearing from my attorney in due course.

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  1. Don’t both with a lawsuit. He seems to crave that kind of attention. The poor guy is aging out. It’s time to move on. In some ways I simply feel sorry for the guy. He finish.

  2. Is there no one around this lunatic that can muster up some courage to rein him in? How much more of this can people just continue to ignore? GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!

  3. This is more than a pattern of behavior. Its simply a way of life for this Bloke… We use to laugh it off but it must stop!!!

  4. KARMA!!!!!!! Asot u going down. What goes around comes tf back round. Think everyday ah Christmas knew u would get caught and your money can’t buy u out of this one!!!!!

  5. Forge signature officer kidnapped and murdered.

    We have a situation with choksi this year he was promised to send back to India, next time we hear he is kidnapped, it appears to be alot of interference who is calling the shots?

    The way these things are reoccurring its quite possible there is corruption in high places and the MP could have been set up because a certain individual believes he is all powerful and want to be in control forever

  6. SEXUAL ASSAULT, Mr PM? Those are some strong words.
    HARASSMENT CHARGE was mentioned in the previous article by Asot.
    Mr PM tells us what was the charge levied against Michael Browne.

  7. How old was the PM’s wife ? Just asking. From what I am understanding that the PM is twice her age.
    I am not saying what Asot was accused of or alleged is right. If Asot is found guilty, he must be brought to justice. Mr. Michael needs to tell us the people how did the PM and his other ministers came by their wealth/millions in just eight-year in government on their salaries.

  8. Is this man a true PM? In my view he does not have the quality of such. He is always calling people names, now Asot who was is brother friend is now a rotten corpse, just imagine. All the work this man does is respond to every article on Antigua News Room instead of looking about the nation’s business that’s why the country is in such poor state.

  9. After all mr.asot going through, witney drink and drunk and go crash it in ah church bus and write off the church bus.
    Witney need to stop drink and drive and fix back the people dem bus.

  10. Gaston Browne wants to sue all who says things about him.He is one who says things about all others without remorse. He never find it to apologized to anyone for anything he did say.

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