Gaston Browne’s Visit to RastaLand in Antigua Shines Spotlight on Genetically Engineered Doberman Clone, Vader


In a momentous occasion for Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, accompanied by his wife Maria Bird Browne, recently visited the RastaLand project in St. John’s, Antigua.

The project, a joint effort between the government and the Farmers Antigua Trust Company, (FAT) aims to empower citizens and create a sustainable future for the country.

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During the visit, PM Browne and a host of local celebrities had the opportunity to witness the remarkable work being conducted by the Antigua Sovereign Wealth Fund for the Environment. This newly established non-government agency, in partnership with Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph and his team from the Ministry of Health and Environment, is making significant strides in environmental conservation and protection.

Adding to the excitement, billionaire Alki David joined forces with the Gaston Browne government to develop a groundbreaking sustainable theme park and carbon credits registry. This innovative approach to combatting climate change not only focuses on reducing carbon emissions but also creates economic opportunities for the country.

The carbon credits registry operates through the collaboration of the FAT Registry and Carbon Base, a renowned Swedish governmental agency led by world-leading geneticist Olof Olsen. Working closely with Alki David, Olsen has utilized cutting-edge genetic cloning techniques at Swissx Genetics Labs, based in Antigua, to preserve and revive various endangered animal and plant species.

With the United Nations estimating that 70% of all life on Earth has disappeared in the past 65 years, the programs developed by Swissx Genetics aim to restore extinct species back to life on RastaLand, located on Swissx Island. This ambitious endeavor not only contributes to the protection of biodiversity but also serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

Through the combined efforts of the Antigua Sovereign Wealth Fund for the Environment, the Farmers Antigua Trust Company, and their partnership with Alki David, PM Gaston Browne’s government is taking bold steps toward sustainable development and environmental conservation. The carbon credits registry, along with the revival of extinct species, demonstrates their commitment to creating a thriving, resilient future for Antigua and Barbuda.

Excellency Gaston Brown, accompanied by the genetically engineered Doberman Vader, embarks on a captivating survey of RastaLand, generating intrigue and capturing media attention. Vader, a remarkable carbon copy clone meticulously crafted at Swissx Labs Antigua, has been the focal point of numerous news stories lately.

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  1. Craziness beyond the imagination has come out of Antigua and Barbuda
    The lamas for Barbuda is one such.
    So Antigua has a cloning lab now where Olof Olsen is working closely with Alki David, Olsen has utilized cutting-edge genetic cloning techniques at Swissx Genetics Labs, based in Antigua.
    The origins of the COVID pandemic have been a subject of intense debate since the virus’s appearance in late 2019.
    The theory and arguments that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 escaped from a lab in China, and the science behind them.
    How in the world is Rastaland affiliated with cloning? This man has gone mad

  2. Such vagueries in this article have shown us nothing substantially credible we can disect, or believed… to be good for Antigua.

  3. We’ve been duped. This is what passes for an economic powerhouse? How does the Rasta community benefit from this niche market? This government is really a waste of time. Probably chasing another legal loophole.

  4. OMG. This idiot has lost it. Can someone check if his prescription ran out. @Dell, I agree with you 💯 %. This article is an infinite deal of nothing. I can see no tangible benefit for Antigua and Barbuda here. We have a mad dawg running around already, dragging this country down into the dust of corruption, human trafficking, crooked investors, stealing people’s 120 million yacht and on and on, we don’t need potential cloned mad dogs running around as well.
    Desperation is something. This fool has done nothing in 9 years and is drowning in failures, so he will grab onto anything to appear credible . Wow!

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