Genetically cloned Doberman Dog makes visit to Antigua and Barbuda Cabinet


In a surprising turn of events, the charismatic billionaire Alki David and his genetically cloned Doberman dog, Vader, recently embarked on an unforgettable adventure in Antigua and Barbuda. The pair made an extraordinary visit to Gaston Browne’s Government House and Parliament, leaving government officials in awe and laughter.

Known for his larger-than-life personality and innovative ventures, Mr. David has been a resident of sunny Malibu, California, while simultaneously serving as an Ambassador At Large for the magnificent island nation of Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda. His mission? To set up a colossal economic tax-free zone that doubles as a geotropic nature-based asset in the emerging Green Economy, a vision spearheaded by the visionary leader Gaston Browne.

But what made this visit truly remarkable was the presence of Vader, Mr. David’s trusty companion and the epitome of the World Renowned Swissx Genetics Lab based in Antigua. As they entered Government House, heads turned and jaws dropped at the sight of Vader’s regal stride and impeccable manners even when he met Attorney General!

The cabinet members, including Charles “Max” Fernandez, were so moved by Vader’s charm and elegance that they called for an immediate review of the government’s animal rights policies. Discussions were held on protecting the rights of animals and ensuring their safety against cruelty. It was a moment of reflection on the importance of treating our furry friends with the same love and respect as our fellow humans.

Dog lover Sir Molwyn Joseph Minister of Health, Wellness & The Environment takes Vader for a walk around the Cabinet office.

During the visit, Mr. David took the opportunity to share valuable insights into animal rights policies employed by nations such as Switzerland. Antigua’s government has maintained close ties with Switzerland, even establishing an embassy extension at the country’s renowned Swiss Reserve, often referred to as the Fort Knox equivalent.

Sources reveal that this unique location will be utilized to attract external investors keen on contributing to the Island Nation’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. Furthermore, the Farmers Antigua Trust Company (affectionately known as FAT), established in 2019 when Ambassador David first launched the Seeds For Swissx Harvest Hemp Exchange program in Puerto Rico and St Kitts, will also play a crucial role in the government’s ambitious plans.

As Mr. David and Vader continued their tour, the halls of Parliament echoed with laughter and animated discussions about the emerging Carbon Credit-based Green Economy initiatives. The charismatic duo, accompanied by Gaston Browne and other esteemed government officials, shared ideas and insights, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of a sustainable and prosperous future.

Sir Robin Yearwood LEFT – MIDDLE Alki David and Vader – Leroy “Cutie” Benjamin RIGHT

While the world watches in anticipation, the people of Antigua and Barbuda can rest assured that their leaders are not only dedicated to economic growth but also to the well-being of their four-legged friends.

This unusual visit from Mr. David and Vader has ignited a spark of change, reminding us all that even in the world of politics and economics, we must never forget the importance of compassion, kindness, and the wagging tails that bring joy to our lives.

As the sun sets over the picturesque islands of Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda, we can’t help but appreciate the whimsical blend of ambition and furry charm that has taken hold of the nation. With Mr. David, Vader, and their captivating vision leading the way, the future of Antigua and the Caribbean Nations at large is looking brighter than ever. Who knew a billionaire and his genetically cloned Doberman could be the catalyst for a revolution in the name of animal rights and the Green Economy?


After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.

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  1. Antigua cabinet really gone to the dogs. I am quite sure that many Antiguans were unaware that this man was some kind of ambassador.
    No wonder when he was arrested in st.kitts some time ago, for the plane load of ganja, he was released because he has diplomatic immunity.

    Since the jokers in cabinet, has a new found love for dogs, maby they can do something about all the stray dogs in St. John’s.

  2. So now am I reading in between the lines correctly? Crime is so bad in Antigua that the ministers are going to aquire guard dogs.? That’s telling us a lot. Hhm
    mmmmm. Conscience bothering you?

  3. What a bunch of losers. While garbage goes uncollected, no water, rampant crime and the people continue to suffer.

  4. So is Gaston in the middle? I thought they would clone him as a human. What is dat!

  5. Soooo is this cloned dog going to become an ambassador? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  6. Awesome, next frankendog grows to 500 lbs and kills 200 people before the military kills it.

    God, thats great…

    • Telling us about the upcoming economic zone.
      No supplies for the community clinics
      No cancer center for the hundreds of cancer patients
      No accountability for the 900+ poverty stricken Africans that were allowed entry into Antigua and Barbuda.
      No accountability for the Africans who lost their lives at sea while trying to reach their hopes of a better life that was promised to them why they took the journey to Antigua in the first place
      No regular running water
      Added taxes on food items regularly untaxed. Food prices sky high.
      Crime at an all time high
      The health dangers due to the lack of garbage collected around the nation
      The non-payment of sanitation workers as well as the lack of proper protective uniforms
      An inhumane prison
      Perversion of our laws to benefit a certain politician, while disrupting the legal landscape
      Changing laws so it will be easier to bribe the official in order to achieve their desired outcome
      Crumbling infrastructure
      Understaffed, underpaid, overworked teachers and nurses as well as under equipped
      Everything except trying to improve the lives of the people of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Always using smoke and mirrors as a deflection from the inhumane treatment of a people and a nation.

      Let’s stay focused on the abundance of issues and keep our feet on their necks.

      • Tek it up.y’all arse ! Until y’all take power in you own hands and stop running behind government’s blue, black, green, yellow, all yuh fu hab um so ! STAND UP AND TAKE CHARGE AND DEMAND CHANGE ANTIGUA & BARBUDA OR ARE YOU A BUNCH OF COWARDs DEPENDING ON HANDOUTS ? Where you taxes go? Where you beach privileges’ go? How hard is it for u get own your own land and home? When all yuh go wake up and tap chat chat chat with no damn action ? If my comment’s piss you off tough shit this is not for sheep its for real lions !

  7. Any Antiguan who want to go to the P.M.”S Office has to be well dress, but look at that man pants, would it be ok if we go to the P.M. office in that man”s pants looking like we are on the street.

  8. The top dawg the minister of health have on a leash? I heard them say Antigua gone to the dogs 🐕, that need to be correct the ABLP gone to the dogs

    • Nope I am going to take a mirror to cabinet and hope it can spark some interest perhaps Samantha Marshall will be so impressed, she would immediately ask her colleagues to take a good look of their asses.

  9. They smell money so they are giggling and behaving like impoverished children. Add whatever the gentleman is proposing, to the thirty-something failed projects because Gaston is on the verge of shaking him down early in the game. That’s why all the other investors have moved on to territories where they are able to cut better deals with more reasonable mafiosos than those that we have here in government.

  10. Antigua has the most expensively paid dog walkers in the entire world.Welcome to Comedy Central, starring the Government Cabinet of Antigua.

  11. “Isn’t anyone concerned about the cloning of dogs/animals on island”
    They read the article,,,,went to POLITICS,,with silly comments,,,and not to the disturbing act of CLONNING..
    Are we cloning people next?
    Have they done so already.
    Is there a Stem Cell research facility on island?

  12. What de arse am I seeing here? So you see why Browne and he dog-walking cronies are the laughing stock of everyone in the Caribbean and beyond? In addition to cow-towing to billionaires, that is all they are good for!
    Do you think that if Ras X had requested an audience in Cabinet with his multi-breed dawg, that he would be welcomed past the front gate?…or dog loving Molwyn would be posing for Haĺloween pictures (yes, that man is uglier than most dogs!)
    This is beyond stupid!…and they all grinning like fools in a circus!

  13. In 2023 these IDIOTIC slave is still walking their masters dog only this time they a proud of it.
    The oppresser’s education system has truly worked for them.

    Is it OK for me to take my special breed pit bull to the PM’s office without any discrimination from his security and employees.



  14. The very first thing which got me to look at this article, beyond the Circus Act was the mention of the NATION, as a TRI-ISLAND STATE, of Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA.
    The reason why REDONDA is and has always being significant to Our Economy is because it gives the Nation its NAUTICAL MILES which is vital to the BLUE ECONOMY and the BILLIONS being pumped into it, as part of the Climate Change/Global Warming Funding.
    The question now begs, WHO OWNS REDONDA?

    The next thing is the cloning of animals, and lest we forget, HUEMANS are animals too. Therefore, with the freedom to do as they please, are those involved in the stem cell industry in Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA already offering cloning services to the rich.
    As a Nation which prides itself on religion, where are those from the religious orders, to question what long term effects will this stem cell industry have on the Nation.
    We know ABORTION is a vibrant business in Antigua and will become even more so, with the passage of ANTI-ABORTION LAWS in America, therefore, ABORTION TOURISM will become, a part of one’s vacation. Now, remember stem cells are harvested from aborted fetuses.

    Another vibe coming to this Jumbee_Picknee through the energy’s of MAMI_WATA and PAPA_ELEGBA is the rise in MSSING PERSONS. These missing persons have WANTED BODY PARTS which are very significant, to the stem cell industry.

    So, my good folks, laugh, smile GRIN LAKKAH ROAST DAWG, because what is happening is way beyond anyone of US individual control. However, collectively, WE MUST BE CONCERNED. It’s our future or what will be left, once the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT ANIMALS to include HUEMANS begin to overrun us.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  15. Look at how ABLP ah skin teet’ with this man? Dem forget ’bout wha’ happen to ‘Dolly’ the sheep 🐑 in the UK?

    After all the fandango and fanfare about cloning this poor animal (BTW, where were the animal rights activists at that time?); and sadly, Dolly developed early arthritis and died prematurely.


  16. What do you reckon Pussy Salad was telling Cutie in that pic…. “Comrade Antigua so nice that dog can walk and shit in cabinet as it like.”

  17. Is this a situation that Cabinet has gone to the dogs or the dogs have gone to Cabinet? I need to find out.

    • Cabinet has been a Kennel since Asston Clown stewardship. Take a visit, you will smell the dog sh_t

  18. You know these jean wearing foreigners go home after meeting with these guys up on the hill and have a good laugh. They really have to stop and take a long look at themselves. I can only shake my head in disgust.

  19. Tek it up.y’all arse ! Until y’all take power in you own hands and stop running behind government’s blue, black, green, yellow, all yuh fu hab um so ! STAND UP AND TAKE CHARGE AND DEMAND CHANGE ANTIGUA & BARBUDA OR ARE YOU A BUNCH OF COWARDs DEPENDING ON HANDOUTS ? Where you taxes go? Where you beach privileges’ go? How hard is it for u get own your own land and home? When all yuh go wake up and tap chat chat chat with no damn action ? If my comment’s piss you off tough shit this is not for sheep its for real lions !

    • Typical IGNORANT and UNCOUTH response by the illiterate Gastonites – I didn’t expect anything else; and you guys harangue the Honourable Jamale Pringle for the way he speaks!!! Jokers.

      Look in the damn MIRROR @ where ya born … 😂😂😂

      You NEVER born in Antigua, because autochthonous Antiguans are highly intelligent.

  20. I thought Robin the Hood was a Back Bencher.Why is he attending Cabinet Meetings? What is his Portfolio?

      • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

        Brix, obviously the Gastonites and the labourites are disappointed in their leaders upon reading this article.
        No comments at all from them

  21. A presentation to Cabinet. Why? Why is the government interested and would have entertained a presentation of genetically cloned dog? Look past the dog a sniff out the plan for the canine interest.

  22. Alki will soon see how corrupt these idiots are and run out of here. I’m sure they’re milking him for all he’s got. Ambassador of what? Better off partnering with local clinics and local businesses in need first. Another special economic zone? I smell yet another money grab…when did Antigua even start caring about animals?

  23. First of all this man is NOT a billionaire. That was a PR scheme he cooked up when he fled the UK for California and tried to rebrand and gain Hollywood fame. He failed royally and is a pathetic laughing stock throughout all of southern California.

    Now he stayed somewhat sober enough to visit Antigua’s cabinet and they grinned and welcomed him like a pack of fools while his photographer snapped away.

    I hope the person who wrote this ridiculous article at least got paid well.

    I guess this disgraced, washed up, billionaire wanna be knows Antigua has always been a haven for crooks and foreign ne’er-do-wells. With Gaston’s party in power, I’m sure the red carpet will be rolled out to welcome whatever crooked scheme he has planned.

    • I just pray Gloria Allred and Joseph Chora come and get him before anything like that can happen.

  24. I am a bit concerned with all these people going missing in this country and never having a follow up by law enforcement. Is there a connection between that and the stem cell research center here? And now maybe this dog?

  25. A dog??? In a Cabinet meeting where they supposed to be running the affairs of the country?? What if a poor black man had tried to bring his animal to Cabinet? They would have locked him up right away!! Stewps

    BTW…was his open arms reception have anything to do with the fact that he’s renting the PMs beach home at Jolly Beat??

  26. Gaston Browne,do your deep due diligence on that man.It is not always about the money. Sometimes,it is about one’s character.

    That man Alki David was arrested May 2019 in St.Kitts and bailed for $300,000.The Law Enforcement folks in St.Kitts found over 5,000 cannabis plants worth $1.3 million on his private jet. Is our Government going into bed with that man? He has been known to have mental issues for years. He was charge with sexual harassment and sexual battery against a former employee. He had to pay $58 million in damages in the Sexual Harassment Case.When you bed down with rich dogs,poor dogs,begger man dogs,genetically altered dogs. Changes are you would arise with fleas,TAP DAWG.

  27. 🤔 so this is what it means when they say dog better than you? Hey a business idea just came to mind. Dog Food factory
    The name for the brand is ABLP Dog Food
    And for advertising i would need the pictures in this ad and below would say ABLP Dog Food Mek Dog live like Man

  28. This has been the trend of this Gaston Browne administration from the get go. Look back at the pattern folks. YIDA, Saab Moarn, Xiao Jianhua, WEIZ, Peter Singh Virdee, and the list goes on. These tooted billionaires are in mostly in jail somewhere, all claimed by Gaston Browne as friends. Indeed, this man can sniff out crooks. Why? Is it because he is one? Hmmmmm. This is nothing new folks, nothing new.
    However, we have to be concerned with cloning being done in our backyard without our knowledge. I just cant fathom how corrupt and debase this country is. We have to rid ourselves of this failed experiment, permanently or Antigua and Barbuda is in serious trouble.

  29. Cutie needs to do 150 laps with the dog after Molwyn had done his. By the way how is it that the leash is attached to the tail like that?

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