Fraudster Janice Samuel sentenced to 6 years in jail on recent conviction


Newsco: Janice Samuel has been sentenced to 6 years at Her Majesty’s Prison.


Her sentence was handed down in the High Court by Justice Colin Williams today.


Mid-last year, the 48-year-old was charged with 14 counts of obtaining money by false pretenses from the company, H2One Limited – where she worked as an office assistant – between March 15 and July 7 2019.

Samuel allegedly stole $107,119.27 from said company.


Samuel’s employer reportedly began looking into her actions and his accounts in July 2019 after news broke that she was convicted of embezzlement.

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      Hope KNIGHT and SERPENT will make sure that Janice CO-HOST the SNAKEPIT from Her Cell . Why UPP attract all these CRIMINALS ? Another One of The UPP / SNAKEPIT ardent CO-HOST bite the dust. SHAME SHAME.

      • @Bing. Prisoners like to sneak in cellphones into the prison. So she can get one and go Live on Facebook

    • Why don’t the govt build a lunatic asylum & a prison cell for the UPP candidates & their famous radio host Dunston Knight whose mouth suffers from political verbal diarrhea

  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Editor you’re killing me with your word choice. Why not something a little more dignified for the snakeSpit lady. Maybe “Gluey Fingers” or even “Klepto” 🤔

    FRAUDSTER sounds like Bernie Sanders or the Wolf of Wallstreet.

    Her GLASS HOUSE came crashing down. Best she min wait for one of the starter homes made of CEMENT.

    • @Have Mercy is to send a signal to the rest who might be thinking of doing like her. she showed no mercy to people who trusted her. she busy on Observer Radio cussing people evry night.

  2. Evidently UPP has a love affair with CONVICTS!

    a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, Ian Magic Hughes
    a CONVICTED KILLER, Sherfield Bowen
    a CONVICTED FRAUDSTER, Janice Samuel

    Editor, do u know:
    -will Janice Samuel be promoted to Campaign Manager from behind prison walls?
    -How will she fare with the Vampire Killer?
    -Will she be allowed to work on the prison farm if she behaves herself?
    -Will she be placed in the same cell where Sherfield Bowen dwelt when he shot and killed TESSA BARTHLEY?
    -Will she be a prison correspondent for the snake pit?
    -Will her co-host SERPENT visit her?
    -Will he carry a bag full of produce from his farm as a gift during visiting hours?
    -will she be a mother-figure to the men in 1735?
    -will she finaly COOL HERSELF and STOP TRYING TO BRING DOWN OTHERS knowing that she aint no saint?

    Maybe the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE and CONVICTED KILLER can prep her for prison life. Give her some tips and tricks.

    Hopefully she wont try to steal anything from the other prisoners ………..

  3. Talking about fraudsters.

    Citizens of Antigua, today is the 4th of May 2022, and there is 149 days until the implementation of the ISLAND-WIDE water system promised by the ABLP government and Gaston ‘Gassy’ Browne.

    Is our Prime Minister an Honourable man or a fraudster?

    The oncoming election or the 149 days will reveal all about his leadership qualities and REAL ambition for Antiguans.

    Again, we are watching 👀 you boss man!


  4. I guess those in power wanted to get her. I know a lot of People who have a stolen more from banks and got a few months or maybe a year imprison.

    • Oh dear! always BLAMING SOMEBODY ELSE!

      1). “The proprietor of H2One discovered he was defrauded after Samuel was convicted for embezzlement in a separate matter in 2019. This information prompted him to review his books and, through the audit, the scam was detected”

      2). “it was revealed she embezzled thousands of dollars in 2016 after she was given the responsibility by her employer, Shirmique Jeffers of Connie’s Comfort Suites, to collect rent from tenants and to keep proper records of the financial transactions.”

      Put her in charge of your accounting!

      • @hmmm You are right. They talk these compassionate crap when they are not on the receiving end.

  5. I have looked over most of your comments. There seems to be a level of hatred towards that lady. I do not know the reasons. However,there is a Lawyer who committed fraud in a Passport Matter. He was rewarded with a very Senior Position in this Administration. I did not see that same level of scorn towards him. By the way,an ordinary lady from Grays Farm went to Prison in that same Passport matter. He as a Lawyer,had a client from Switzerland. She sold a property in Jolly Harbor. Those funds from that sale were given to that Lawyer for his Client. He held on to the Client’s money for about 3 years,plus. The lady took the matter of her money to Court. The day of the case,the Lawyer in question met her with her Lawyer at the Court and paid the lady her money. Why he was not vilified for doing that. Where was the Bar Association in both matters with that Lawyer. My guess,they were very busy at the Bar,drinking of Red Sauce.I am not condoning what she did.However,the Laws should be adjudicated blindly,not based on who you are or your status in society.

  6. Some of you of the red type are rejoicing. Warn all of you be careful.
    She did wrong and she is being punished. At the back of your heads and ours is the fact that you all have all those embezzlers and money handlers that got caught and nothing for it. They still moving around like nothing happen. You all have no shame. They are still walking amongs us big and bold. But patience is a virtue. They will be passing her on there way in while she is on her way out.

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