Observer Radio Personality Sentenced For Embezzlement


Media personality, Janice Samuel received a two-year suspended sentence today for stealing money from her employer in 2016.

Samuel, who co-hosts a program on Observer Radio, was also ordered to pay $5000 compensation within 24 hours or will spend six months in prison.

The defendant stole over $4000 from Connies Comfort Suites while working there as a consultant.

She pleaded guilty last month after her former employer, Shirmique Jeffers gave evidence at her trial.

Samuel, who was responsible for collecting rents from tenants, failed to place all the money in a dropbox as was required and deliberately recorded inaccurate records of what was received.

Her employer discovered the dishonesty after comparing Samuel’s handwritten records to receipts from tenants.

Since the judge suspended the two-year jail sentence for two years, Samuel will not go to prison for this offence unless she commits another offence over the next two years.

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  1. She should have been fined and confined, because I was told that this is not her first offence, I have no sympathy for people that break&enter and for embezzlement, I lost too much.

    • Talk about pull string if this was a young youth from grays farm no doubt he would be serving time but as the pple with links 2 yrs probation smfh

      • You’re so true @timelongerthanrope. The law only have strong for the young people especially for our young men that are fatherless even by some of these same law makers and law enforcers. Everyone should be treated the same no special treatment because of their status. I heard of a first time offender young men accused of stealing a bottle of alcohol and was sentence to prison for a month.
        I heard the lady in the said article are a well educated person but not smart enough I say.

  2. Lucky.lucky,lucky.Just hoping you did learn something from this matter.To let your eyes see and your hands stay still.Live within your means would be a good place to start.You are the second person to be let off easily.In money matters bu the Courts within the past three months.

  3. Right now she be a member of all the churches in Antigua and Barbuda and am asking her to stay away from money and allow someone to shop for her

  4. I am happy that a Jail sentence was not imposed. This is the FIFTH time. Please act accordingly.

  5. People like her are impressionist, saying one thing and doing the other. Pot telling kettle it is black when they are both on the same wood fire: and she was sooooo loud and aggressive with it…..smdh. She needs help the volcano sulphur is in her head.

  6. She has what it takes to be a politician. Ironic since it’s the very people she herself likes to condemn.

    Algernon and Dave better order an immediate AUDIT of all NewsCo funds donated by the public.

    • @ Hypocrisy

      Special request to Serpent. Please play making of a politician.

      Seems as if Janice is on the right road to becoming a fit and proper politician.

      I was hearing this on Pointe FM for months no name was ever called, but reference to female snake pit staple was made. And I heard it on all the different programs.

      I tried to find out which one of the two. Now the two male hosts said they had no idea and they heard it real time like the community.

      How could this have missed Knight with all the recordings that he have from that media.

      Hearing it a question should have been asked a long time ago and the lady axed from the program.

      I am convinced that they knew, but was hoping for a not guilty out come.

      Knight got into knots when he said he heard it on Pointe FM at the depth of the damage control. Did he just ignore that accusation?

      • Of course her employer knew about it. But she probably denied culpability like she initially did in court. I wonder if she will receive a promotion next.

  7. This is nothing more and nothing less than class justice. Who you know matter. No wonder people do not trust or legal system. Next to racial justice.

  8. Lock her up! Or send her back where she come from! That would be Trump justice. We more civilized. Just lock she up.

  9. “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open”

    Luke 8:17

  10. Janice let down a lot of people and most of all herself. Hope she finds a better honest and authentic way forward. Antigua is a hard adjustment for those who have lived away but that is no excuse for dishonesty. Just because creative enrichment is promoted by the politicians, the ordinary citizen finds this kind of behavior reprehensible. Add to this the mess the court system is in and it is not surprising this has generated some pretty harsh comments.

    • You sound like you are making a LAME ATTEMPT to JUSTIFY her teefin ways.

      “Antigua is a hard adjustment for those who have lived away””

      So that is your excuse for stealing?? It’s not a case where she was naked and hungry, walking the streets and teef bread from a shop.

      This was NOT the 1st time she tekkup wah nah beelangz to she.

      Wrong is wrong regardless of who. If you owned the Suites from which she EMBEZZLED MONIES, would you have said to her “it’s ok I understand how hard it is to adjust after living abroad for so long”???

      “Pretty harsh comments” you say? This is a TEEF who gets on her SOAPBOX day in and day out and bashes other neargah.

      How she gah cho stoarn and lib inna GLASS HOUSE??

      Maybe you can hire her to handle your financial affairs since you hope she finds a better way forward.

      • If you read and take in what sweetiepie said it does not (IMO) come over as a “lame attempt to justify” her crime. There is pressure in Antigua to keep up with the Joneses and a layperson’s research shows the possibility of OCD which goes hand in hand with bipolar. If that happens to be the case then jail will rightly punish for the crime but not cure the issues indicating that psychological help is needed to hopefully get a grip on what appears to be an obsession to steal (and lie) repetitively to acquire the finer things in life, despite a history of being caught and even doing time for same. I do hope that Janice Samuel will get the help she appears to need.

      • I don’t excuse her crime.There is no excuse for it. What kind of help do you suggest? If this is a well known pattern of behavior as you seem to know (how do you know all this anyway?) how could so many have been taken in by her? When and where did she “do time”? In A&B?

    • She stealing has nothing to do with her having to adjust here after living abroad. She just thief to the core!!! She need to go jail and it will happen!!

    • Dammek she nah min fu cho nun stoarn atta nunbaddy in de fuss place. Now tell her “Go and sin no more” Tap teef!!!

      “THOU HYPOCRITE, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Matt 7:5

      She busy condemning others when her plank a diggout she oarn yai barl

      • You think she thief now? Wait until her bigger thiefing accomplishment blow up!!!

        She going to go jail!!!

    • @Knight in Shining Armour
      Are you saying that you approve of what Janice did?

      Wasn’t Janice calling out thieves and corruption?

      Mr Knight isn’t it the very thing you do call out corruption, are you saying that you are pure?

      Wait I thought you were allergic to the bible?

      Old people just say “Teaf na lub fu see teaf with long bag” perhaps that’s why Janice was so agitated….
      Truth, honesty,responsibility, accountability, humbleness, forthrightness, character, chose one and speak objectively about Janice.

    • Knight a quote bible! Well i have seen everything now. What happen to all them wind shield “dokuments” how come that slip the pit.

  11. If this was someone from the garrison community they would have been sentenced to prison. Why the so call elite always protect their own knowing……

  12. I believe that Mr. Knight is setting Us up for something BIG to follow. I have heard about a couple of things to burst the SEAMS. When this comes to the forefront I believe NO ONE will listen to the SNAKEPIT anymore . So Mr. Knight Let Us wait and see. I cannot believe that Mr. Knight is quoting from the Bible. Stranger things have happened in life.

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