Fort Road Resident runs for his life after allegedly being set upon by a Group of men attempting to shoot him


A young man reportedly escaped being killed on Tuesday morning, December 6, after he fled from a group of men who allegedly had threatened to harm him.

A source says the 29-year-old Fort Road resident had to seek refuge at the home of an Ottos woman, who called the Police and reported that an unknown man was on her verandah asking for help.

It is alleged that some unknown men were chasing the man and attempting to shoot him.  To escape them, he reportedly jumped over a fence and hid in the bushes.

According to the source, when the victim showed up on his rescuer’s premises, he was wearing only a black vest and a pair of multi-coloured boxer shorts that were ripped in several places, but no shoes.  He also had several bruises about his body and a wound below his right knee.

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was summoned to the scene and transported the frightened man to the hospital.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 5:30 a.m. and the Police are probing the circumstances leading to it.

SOURCE: Real News

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  1. Editor, REAL NEWS is not an asset to your portal. Their articles are poorly written and lacking in depth and details.

    Please keep your standard high.

    • Where in the story said somebody was set up, set up and set upon are 2 different things, r u fu read and understand.

  2. @ Smh

    No, like how TEAR-GASSING GASTON set up Asot for jail in Europe.


  3. What the heck is going on in Antigua? I am calling on all of you with criminal intents to cease. Stop sullying the good name of Antigua. Antigua is a beautiful place,let us all keep it that way.

  4. I am very concerned with the crimes being committed in this our country yet our leaders seems to be only concerned about money. So we opened the fifth berth while criminals are plundering, youth gang violence on the increase, rape is rampant like it’s becoming a norm and don’t talk about statutory rape. Do you imagine your 78 year old mother being raped. If it’s my mother the only thing I want the lawmen for is to help find him. After that he is mine , in the court, in the cell or even if I have to commit a crime to go to prison- he is mine! Then the thieves are on the rampage too. At schools, the churches , in church parking lots, business places , people coming home from work, students coming home from school and worst of all in the privacy of our homes. Then we brag of opening the fifth berth.
    We cannot become a economic power house and a criminal state at the same time. Go to Jamaica and you see on the beaches military with high tech weapons guarding the tourist. Today St. lucia reported killings and dozens shot. The criminals are getting off because witnesses are afraid to speak our. They are talking about witness protection, and people being afraid to speak to the police. Since the people do not trust them because they too might be compromised. Have you heard the murder rate in St.Lucia and Trinidad. Are we going to become an economic power house and at the same time became prisoners in our own homes. Not even our agriculture / food security is safe anymore because the farmers are getting robbed left, right and center.
    So Mr.Pm, Mr.Governor General the only foundation you are to care about now are the safety of our people. Mr.Cabinet Ministers before you call the election please try and bring this situation under control.
    Finally I heard the tourism authorities telling the tourists to be careful and even on paradise we have criminals. Well I am praying that you don’t wait until we become gangster paradise to start addressing this situation.
    One hundred years worth of hard work and economic progress can be wiped away overnight because of criminal activities, like a natural disaster- earthquake, hurricane or volcano. This difference is that with a natural disaster people, friendly countries sorry for you and will use all their resources to assist. While if you have a criminal disaster no one is going to help snd waste their resources on you. They look at us as a bad parent and say our children should bite off our ear. Like the story with the guy when given the opportunity to say his last words to his mother, but off her ear and then said if you had spoken into my ear this would not be happening to me today.
    So stop running behind of money and let us protect our little bit of paradise or what is left of it.

  5. Two months ago,, I saw a group of men beating a young man in his late twenties to early thirties,after midnight,I pulled my car over,got out to be the voice of reason.
    STOP THIS ! I said.
    But then saw a woman holding an about twelve yr old with a passionate caring as though she had failed her child.
    I then found,,the woman was the man being beaten,,live in lover,,,,and the child ,her daughter, was whom , the men he,,,,caught he,,,with,, in an abandoned building abusing her sexually,,whilst,the mom wandered the neighborhood looking for her child.
    I too,,then wanted to join in and put foot to his ass,,,but then saw big knives and cutlasses appearing in hands that were ,,, originally,,,, slapping and punching.
    I then turned,,rescuer,to a pedophile, lifting he from the ground, telling he to GO,the POLICE WILL FIND YOU LATER.

  6. Trust me, that 29yr old is not innocent, he did something. Don’t be surprised when the real story comes out that he something evil that provoked these dudes to kill him. Read between the lines.

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