Fish Dance Wins Road March Title, Insane Is Band Of The Year


Results 2019 Antigua Carnival

Junior CarnivalWinner: Good Samaritan Preschool

Princess Carnival Winner: Mia, Rockers Mas’ Troupe

Prince Carnival Winner: Rockers Mas’ Troupe Golden Cobra Snake

School Troupe Winner: Sunny Side

Cheerleaders Comp Winner: Xplosion Cheerleaders

Float Winner: National Solid Waste

First Jam: and Revo Band

First Steel Ban: Geminities

Sweetest Sounding Jamband: Revo Band

Largest Jouvert: Caution

Best Portrayed: Flex Mas Troupe

Best behaved: Wadadli Brew Master

Monday Wear Winner: Myst Carnival

T-shirt Mas Winner: Insane Carnival

Small Band of the year: Xclamation

Medium Band: Exclusive

Mini Band: Nava Carnival

Band of the Year: Insane Carnival

Road March Winners

33 times Tanya by Menace

37 In Yuh Face Tian Winter

Winner: Fish Dance 117 times played



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  1. Fish dance song is just on another level. The soca competition was just unbelievable the judges did an excellent job and i know it was a very hard job ,all artist had a chance. Great material


      Ah ha! You are watching lyrics.

      Good observations.

      Write as much as you like.

      A ‘…Dunce’ has passed the stage of a ‘…Bat.’
      Better believe it.

      But just like bacchanal, what is carnival without those?

      Whether for ‘…Dunciness or Fish Dancing,’ yo’ aint going to wear no crown though.

  2. Wow Tian 0/4 tral man
    U lose in caplyso, both groovy and jumpy monarch and road march
    No man after u gwan and even bring Mackrel ya better luck next year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      So what did the ‘Calypsocanians’ (new word) had with ‘Mackerel?’

      As a side dish, the artist may very well have brought some ‘Ackee’ for brunch.

      Maybe some jerk chicken with festival too.

    • TIAN WINTER IS FINE, ANTIGUA IS THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM BCUS U GLORIFY PURE BULLSHIT. KFC song a few years ago was a DISGRACE and still HAUNTS today, our music has been on an upward climb and he just come with a song my flipping 8yr old could’ve wrote and because a nation wants to HATE on a SUPERB ARTISTE for ALWAYS making the grade with hits after hits them run and side with this TRASH. I’m DUN with Antigua Carnival. I went to St.Lucia with my crew for their carnival bcus they didn’t want to come home and looks like we will do that again next year. TIAN WINTER WILL ALWAYS BE GREAT WITH OR WITHOUT ANTIGUAN BIAS PEOPLE SUPPORT

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