First Carnival Event July 16. Here’s How It Will Work For Those Fully Vaccinated

Melford Nicholas

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has decided to allow first Carnival event on July 16 on the condition that all attendees are vaccinated.

In this video Information Minister Melford Nicholas answers questions about how this will work.


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Fete promoters agree vaccination of their patrons, and their guest artistes is a prerequisite to holding fetes during the Carnival holiday period and beyond

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  1. What is the sense of going to fete to social distance. I can imagine in the middle of a performance where the promoter have to ask the dj to remind the highly intoxicated patrons to social distance.

  2. Absolutely nothing about this covid and the vaccination is making sense. I have a gut feeling that it’s all a scheme. I wanted to believe everything, but it’s just not making sense. Now as far as we know, being fully vaccinated does not prevent nor cure covid, it only suppresses the symptoms. It means therefore that you can pass it on to others if contracted. Yesterday I saw in the news that the CDC is now saying that fully vaccinated persons can move around without a mask. Is this all a joke? Was this all about the big pharma making billions through vaccination? Now back to Antigua. So in essence, you are allowing people to go mindle at carnival activites to spike covid, unless covid doesn’t really exist or you’re trying to make money off of sick people, or trying to make money from those who might wanna travel for the carnival. Nothing is making sense. God sees and God knows. God help us all.

    • Do you paid for.vaccine? Antigua Goverment paid for Vaccines? So as far I know, the Vaccines in the Caribbean countries are given for free..non of our countries paid for it…and we complain about it…stop bullshit and roll over, covid is more publicity for people like you than bad as it….Over 40k people die daily due heart disease, over 20k die daily due Diabetics, more than 5k die daily due tragic accidents, more than 3k die daily use firearms, and you worry about covid?? is more hance to die due car accident than for covid….stop fear about covid..there is a lot killing more and we just talking about the thing that is killing less

  3. 3 months or 2months intervals between shots ??? Because you just might not be fully vaccinated In time

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