Fete promoters agree vaccination of their patrons, and their guest artistes is a prerequisite to holding fetes during the Carnival holiday period and beyond


Five promoters of Carnival fetes and other kinds of large-group entertainment events were invited to Cabinet by the Minister responsible for the Creative Industries, in order to seek approval for the conducting of the large public gatherings in the months ahead especially at Carnival.

The promoters agreed that vaccination of the promoters, their patrons, and their guest artistes is a prerequisite to holding those parties and fetes during the Carnival holiday period and beyond; it is agreed that Covid-19 will still be a challenge to Caribbean civilization and tourism economies until, and even after, herd immunity is achieved.

The promoters/organizers were accompanied by a Superintendent of Police, the Chief of the Festivals Office, and the Ticket Sales Agent who are integral to the holding of these large public events.


After intense discussions, it was agreed that a vaccine regime for all fans and events organizers, requiring the presentation of vaccine certificates and a government-issued identification, in order to enter.

Tickets are to be purchased in advance of the events and the names of the purchasers and the date of their vaccination must be provided in order to purchase the tickets; there will be no switching and the patrons will be provided colored bracelets upon entry to ensure that they can mingle freely while obeying the protocols established.

If all the systems are put in place, the first of these events will take place on July 16, 2021, the start of the Carnival season.

Everyone is encouraged to be vaccinated, and everyone intended to attend these fetes must also be vaccinated almost immediately and not wait until days before the events.


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  1. So we are talking about a tyrannical draconian state now? Cool. Let’s forget everyone that is allergic, religious beliefs. But all In the Name of money right?

    • This will never hold… It will definitely in the long run plunge these blind guides into bankruptcy…. You will reap alot of losses , popularity and the interest of the people!

  2. So ppl coming to Antigua for the carnival season
    Still have to do the 14 days quarantine
    Even if they were vaccinated in their country

  3. …It may not be #MANDATORY!
    …but, it sure is #COMPULSORY!
    …and, even if in meaning
    …there’s a slight difference
    …the messages are clear
    …no VACCINE!
    …you’d better keep ass out of here!

  4. I hope the Fete promoters understands that they need numbers to turn a profit regional and international acts are not cheap.

    Jumping to this solution because they have not worked for a year is tantamount to making a decision under duress.

    Never a good business decision to enter into any agreement from a perceived disadvantage position.

  5. What a joke. Even if people get the vaccine, they can still get the COVID. Nature’s laws dictate survival of the fittest. It doesn’t care about politics or anyone’s opinion. It simply does what it does.

    Pharmaceutical companies cashing in with this windfall and all the idiot sheeple willingly giving in to the experiments.

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