Female police officer caught shoplifting asked to resign


POINTE XPRESS: The female police officer who was accused of shoplifting after a supermarket surveillance video went viral on Monday has been asked to resign.


The video footage appeared to show the veteran officer concealing what insiders say was dental floss in her shopping bag. She was shown unpacking a number of other items from a small grocery basket just moments before the embarrassing incident.


Pointe Xpress learned on Wednesday that after countless appeals to Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney for leniency on behalf of the 56-year-old corporal, the decision was taken to allow her to resign instead of being fired.


Dismissal would mean the 31-year veteran of the police force would lose her pension and any other benefits she had accrued over the years. The issue has reportedly caused friction within the force as some officers have taken the position that she ought not to have been given the opportunity to resign.


Other officers made pleas for mercy arguing that she should not be made to lose the benefits of her long years of otherwise good service over a regrettable mistake.


In recent times, the police force has taken a hardline position against officers who have brought the organisation into disrepute.


Just last week, it was revealed that officers who had incurred bad debt with civilian members of the public faced disciplinary action ranging from reprimand to dismissal.


Even if the officer is allowed to retire and retain her pension, she will not be eligible to receive it for another nine years when she attains the age of 65.

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  1. She should loose it this is nonsense stealing a dental flost how wen other person steal they would get fired this should be a lesson for other police officer who thinking of stealing,now wat lesson has she learn now sitting still getting her pension???? This lady disrespect the dam uniform come on Mon!!! Antigua a joke right??????

  2. Not in your UNIFORM sis. This reminds me of Glen Weekes the alleged XPZ sticky fingers bandit who had served for 40 years.

    I guess this means that all of us are susceptible to temptation at some point.

    We live and we learn.

  3. Please why not just let the lady pay for the item. Yes she is a police officer but she is human and can make mistake and do things out of the ordinary. We in this this country always ready to condemn people. People in high place a theif millions and you all not doing them anything. Don’t tell me about no moral principle because that is out the door in this vountry. You all love too much ulgy not because it’s an officer. He without sin cast the first stone. You double stand people.

    • I’m sick of people like you who make excuses for poor decisions. A mistake is forgetting what date it is, misjudging your step and falling… not stealing. She’s to lose every thing. That was her decision to steal. How are police to fight crime when they engage in it, IN UNIFORM and then don’t face the consequences of it?! To hell with her

      • Please when bringing down fire and brimstone judgement remember we have children..bring down judgement until its us or our dearly beloved. Sometimes I cringe when I hear peoples passion to take their pound of flesh…what she did was error in judgement we have no evidence it’s a pattern of behavior….. Suspension and a fine may have been adequate….. but to have a person lose everything.. the deep rooted Malevolence in our hearts these days is scary!!!

        • I don’t have children and if I did I would raise them right. Black people are the type to see their children raped and say the perpetrator is still a good guy.
          This hard ‘tone woman should have better judgment especially given her profession. She knows better. She should lose her job and ALL benefits. She obviously didn’t value them enough not to steal. I wish her the harshest judgment. No mercy.

          • @Chups!!! You will remember my humble counsel in the months and years to come… learn to forgive.. If not, it you could be your children or someone close to you…. learn to forgive and let things go it only hurts you!!!Compassion is a good thing. Yes be firm in your principles but leave room for compassion. It will benefit you in life including building interpersonal relationship… Come back to this post in a few years!!!!

        • Come on. This was a deliberate act. Don’t try to defend what cannot be defended. Jail time will teach her a good lesson, assuming she found guilty. It will also teach our children something about the evils of tiefing.

    • Let her pay for it and done she risk her life for so many years . The cost does not justify the end results .Let her go please

    • True thing thiefing millions and nobody say nothing its all good and they hungry so behind in this place blind people

    • Bullshit all u all talking wait a steal she steal n y’all a talk bout fire n resign not even a charge she get regardless is an officer, Protect n serve so y’all disregarding the law n no charges are brought up I bet if I did that they charge me for larceny n still carry me in front a judge

  4. some of those politicians needs the same action done to them any form of disrepute to the people or the country they should be forced to resign with no benefits. but then again all they need two terms in office and they get full benefits coverage. while the rest have to work a few decades to get partial benefit coverage. guess the poor woman money going to add for they salaries(politicians they money always sure). cause pensioners and healthcare workers did not get none

  5. Wow! If it was me, they will not considered my years service. I would be fired. I just find when the police officers get caught, they want to sweep it under the rug or have leniency. They suppose to uphold the law and they break it and no consiquences for their actions. It is only in Antigua and Barbuda. Chupz

  6. This is so unfortunate.

    We will never how what went on in her mind, or what external pressures she may have been under.

    This is a sad story.

    • Move to the head of the class if I was her I would fight the accusations… all these Jesus people on here act like they never went into a store and walk out only to realize u have something u didn’t pay for … think about this how many pen u already stole from your work place… by simply carrying it home .. it wasn’t intentional but its stealing … but u still work there … give the lady a chance… all a arwe thief … don’t get me started…

      • That’s a damn lie. It’s not true that “all a arwe tief”. In the real world only TIEF tief! No excuses. What you sow you reap.

        • Secondary X u Full a shit when u were stealing there were no camera … you camera is call Jesus… I throw 1 stone in the pig pen and u alone squeal u tiefing fool look how I call u out and you answer u tied.. now go confess your sins tief

  7. Please why not just let the lady pay for the item. Yes she is a police officer but she is human and can make mistake and do things out of the ordinary. We in this this country always ready to condemn people. People in high place a theif millions and you all not doing them anything. Don’t tell me about no moral principle because that is out the door in this country. You all love too much ulgy not because it’s an officer. He without sin cast the first stone. You double stand people.

    • Bullshit!!! If it was me one regular woman pan the streets me would spend one night or two at St. John’s shitty smelling police station and then would haffu answer to one magistrate. The fact she ah teif inna government uniform and she should get one chance u haffu mad. Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! *in my Trump voice*

      • Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!
        People saying, “she didn’t mean to steal anything” and wondering about her mental state. We can also apply those arguments when a person steals a tv, car, breaks into a home or commits another crime. When and where does it end? Lock her up!!!

  8. …a fu floss de hair and dem fram, de pork skin, dat no scarl aff, and get cook up, innah de hairy burger and stick innah she teet!

  9. Guys come on. I really dont know the lady but all this could be a mistake. Yes times are very hard. Regardless to how much money a man may make a week, every forth night or a month. We dont know what debts they have to pay when they pay comes. Which could be mortgage, loans etc. We are quick to judge. What if God was like men? Sometimes the devil sends his full force to do alot shit. If you are weak and you dont pray it will over power you. Take it from me. What we need in this Country right now is prayer , love and unity. Ever so often we fight against one another. God will forgive you every time. Why cant we forgive? All am saying it could me,it could be you, it could be your youngest son or daughter. Remember that.Its a New Year. Too many crazy things have happened within a short time. Give God thanks.

  10. we are all humans first before anything, bad mistake on her part for some petty dental floss,while the politicians and their cronies are embezzling millions. A temporal suspension without pay and not this cruel firing/resignation for that petty stuff.Striking out the poor lady before even the first count is very cold and cruel especially when the punishment puts all her years of service and career in jeopardy.The consequence must proportionally match the action.

  11. Oh Lord, I don’t know who she is but I’m begging for her. Things happen. People make mistakes. Temptation is real. The devil is bad and he tempted her to do that foolishness. Please forgive her. Don’t let her lose her benefits. Don’t let her lose thousands of dollars because of a $5, $10 item. Everybody makes mistakes, from the P.M to the common man. If Christ can forgive us, why can’t we forgive others?

      • The devil had nothing to do with this. Corrupt, wicked flesh did. She is fully responsible for her actions.

    • I totally agree. We all have come short…
      But because of the fact that she’s a law enforcement officer, that’s why so many people are hard on her…but she’s human first.
      Please, let her have her job back. She was caught up in an unguarded moment. The devil is busy.

      I assign my signature on her behalf..

  12. Hell yes, she should be fired. Hopefully she is under arrest and is being held in one of the police station cells. Lock her up. This is crazy.

  13. You all are a bunch of hypocrites.
    Why should the book be thrown at every one else and not a police officer.
    Times hard for just her?
    Is their leniency in the court for stealing due to the pandemic?
    We make excuses why, because she is an officer and should have known better?
    If it was a regular person on the street what would you all be preaching.
    You all notice no name was called?
    Some of you all just need to put take on you all mouths.

  14. I think she should face the full force of the law. They haven’t even released her name. That’s a privilege that many don’t and haven’t gotten even in their young days. She is a veteran officer, how many has she brought to justice throughout the years. She should know better. This is just a reflection of the sick society we are, from head to toe.

  15. Please it could be a mistake we all make them on a daily basis.
    Its unfortunate that this happened..Why would this lady paid for everything else and leave a bull shit floss?
    Give her her job back and reprimand her but not fired..
    We all make mistakes and that’s part if life..
    Give her a chance..
    Stop being so hard on this young lady..

    • Big Mack, she had “a chance” and shew blew it. Jail time might her to see the error of her stupidness.

  16. Today is amnesty day for all criminals including allegations of skullduggery and creative enrichment practices by politicians who agrees?

  17. The store should not have released the video to the public. It should have been handled privately. All people are innocent until proven guilty no matter what the pretrial evidence shows. They publicly humiliated a person. We need to stop publicly shamming people. It doesn’t help except making you feel as of your on some high moral authority. Pray for her and give her the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. We are made in Gods image. God is all forgiving. We are not animals we must give a person a chance to ask for forgiveness. All over some floss? Her losing her pension. The consequence that she is facing doesn’t seem to fit the crime. It’s overboard. Let her pay for and and publicly apologize for making the police force look unprofessional.

    • If they didn’t do that it would probably have been swept under the rug. She seems to have a lot of friends in the force.

  18. This police officer was caught doing something wrong and people are asking for leniency and forgiveness but my question is this…….how long has she been doing this before she was caught? Every day bucket go a well one day the bottom WILL fall out. The thief will always have the loudest voice when the shoe is on the other foot. She most definitely should face the full consequence of her action which is inexcusable especially since it was done in full uniform and who knows maybe on our/government time. It is a big shame.
    There are others working for less money than a police corporal with small children to take care of, rent/mortgage to pay plus numerous other bills and they live and survive within their means. Dental floss is not an essential item. There are alternatives. Sewing thread can be a substitute.
    No matter how hard things may be, there is no excuse to steal. Period.

  19. Reading these comments of those who believe in forgiveness. It was the same supermarket a pensioner was caught stealing and he was not forgiven by the business, only the judge had leniency but it was embarrassing and the man was arrested.

    Is this how we intend to forgive Politicians .

  20. Compassion is needed for the Police Officer, alot of persons dont know what they have done, many of these situations are spiritual matter, I feel very sad for her, we need not cast stone, but pray. God will help her and see her through, she have serve, she have help many civilians, so, I do think, she deserve another chance.

    • She is working,she gets a monthly pay check. There was a senior who went into a supermarket and picked up food items. He did not pay for some of them and was arrested and charged for shoplifting. He told the Magistrate,he did not get his Social Security for 2 months. He and his sister were very hungry and had no money. The Magistrate slapped on the wrists and let him go with a warning. I applauded the Magistrate for her understanding. Even though I do not condone what he did, I fully understood his plight.In this case I really do not understand why she, a working person in the Police Force could not pay for those non edible items.

  21. The store owner could have dealt with this matter differently, why go to the public, we need to be like Jesus, we need each other to survive, we need to love and learn to forgive thar healing will come to Antigua.

  22. The World is filled with kleptomaniacs. They come in all colors,responsibilities and sizes.If someone wears a uniform does not mean they are above being a Klepto.Let your eyes see and your hands stay still. Crimes do not pay, especially when it being done by someone employed to enforce the Laws of the Land.This is a very poor representation of the Police Force,by this Officer,in my opinion.

  23. I hate police but this woman should he warned, pay for the item and told never to enter that supermarket ever. Resignation or dismissal seems harsh… please show compassionate. Other have done worst n got away with it

  24. I knew of another police woman that is a compulsive thief. She ended up in prison in England for drug trafficking. I am in support of making here resign. Look we have a PS that was caught red hanged and now he is rewarded. Our politicians rip of this country left right snd center snd they get full pension after serving just a few terms while they rob the nation and sell us out . Not saying she is right but she has to wait for almost a decade ( 10 long years) to be pensionable.

  25. Up front I do not endorse wrong. One of the tenth commandment is,”thow shall not steal’. She is an elderly person, Law Enforcement Officer and should have known better and a 31yr old Police Veteran. What could have cotten in her head to do what she did. From the above comments I would like to ask persons who have never committed a sin especially stealing, to cast the first stone, no one will. People in high, high places are stealing and have gotten away. Every second Supermarket owners are stealing from us the consumers with the high cost of items and they go free. THE OWNER OR WHO WAS INCHSRGE AT THE TIME COULD HAVE DEALTH WITH THIS MATTRR DIFFERENTLY. SHE WAS WRONG. THERE ARE SENIOUR JUNIOUR OFFICERS IN THE POLICE/and FIRE who have done far worst and are just asked to pay back the their potion monthly. Yhem open shop,, buy vehicle. House full of Air Condition UnitI guess dog and busy luck are not the same. Some open shop. Full them house with Air Condition Units and by jeep. GOD DOES NOT SLEEP PEOPLE.


  26. This woman should pay like any other person for her crime, good decision from the police force in letting her go and retain her benefits; we all mess up sometime and must remember it could have been our own close kin, if it were a more heinous crime then it should be dealt with accordingly, but just this petty crime, why be so hard in driving her in the ground? Is that what you would like for yourself or a brother or sister? guess not….if you say yes you deserve to be burnt alive with no clothes on in public !

  27. Have mercy on the Police Officer, father you dont condemn us, you always show mercy, I ask that mercy be shown, also one of the thing that we need to realize is that we should always show compassion and not be hard on each orher.I plea the blood of Jesus in her situation

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