Family of Tim Hector outraged that ‘vile and senseless social media personality’ awarded something referred to as a Tim Hector Award


Press Statement from the Family of the Late Tim Hector and the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee


Family members of the late Leonard Tim Hector and members of the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee are outraged by the claim made recently on a popular radio station that a certain vile and senseless social media personality had been awarded something referred to as a Tim Hector Award for Journalism.


Not only do we disassociate ourselves completely from the ridiculous suggestion, but we find it absolutely offensive, and a direct affront to the memory of a man who was held in high regard internationally, for his journalism, his intellect and revolutionary activism.


We ask that persons desist from unauthorized use of the name.



Tim Hector.

Che Hector (son)

Lawrence Jardine (Chairman – Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee)

Nov. 07th, 2022

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  1. The things the vile and senseless person brings more light to the nation than what Tim Hector ever offer,Tim was more fighting for power,this guy is opening the eyes of the sleeping antiguans that Tim didn’t do…………..WERE YOU THERE???

    • Ratings. comes with Reducule
      Some Times Folly Make US fool fool.
      Humor can Validate Valor
      Hence a Catalyst peowessing Power .
      Allow DEM to “” Open Can Of Worms”
      Conspired Peludively as Communist Leftist.
      ” CHE” miss HECTOR” music Teacher
      Mg Aunt.
      This Does not Take Away
      Much Respect ” U were There”
      When mommy Disappear
      Rip.PERE. .Were u There

      A Prayer Love is in De EAR.

  2. That loudmouth, degenerate and Tim Hector should not even be used in the same sentence! Editor, I hope you move this article to the fron of the queque.

    That troubled young fool is a disgrace!

  3. In my opinion, Tim Hector was just as vocal but not with the same choice of words or delivery… we need to realize time has changed and people are more outspoken now… All the tear gas he ( Tom Hector) and others took is a result of the fact that we have Freedom of Speech….

  4. My best friend have a daughter with his late mother that past away and I learned that he didn’t went to his mother funeral

    • Really the guy was at his mom funeral nobody at all can tell you that. Why people love to spread false rumors on people sickening. Hating the youngman for talking truth is so wrong. Some of you do worst than him like you’ll don’t talk badwud and fornication. Give the youngman a break big up yourself J’Truth. The family do well to have an issue if the man was alive I don’t think he would be man, but dead people can’t talk I will leave it right here. J’Truth don’t let them frighten you at all keep up the good work you are doing educating the voters of Antigua and Barbuda.

  5. J Truth is not a journalist first and foremost, he is a social media personality. I don’t think someone liking him or not comes into play here. Also, the issue isn’t even the fact that he got an award more than it is the fact that Tim Hector’s name was misappropriated to do so. Would it be ok for someone other than the owners of Michael Jackson’s estate to create a Michael Jackson Music Award just because they felt like it? It’s absolute nonsense and outside of the statements about his character, the family has a right to be upset.

  6. BEGGY BEGGY 4 CashApp$ always BEGGIN CASHAPP$$
    tek vaccine secretly. laugh at the ppl he told not to tek the vaccine

  7. All the family is asking for the removal of Tim Hector’s name from the award….that’s all. IF UPP WINS THE NEXT ELECTION…..LET’S MAKE J’TRUTH AN AMBASSADOR TO THE U.N

    • Make him a Senator where??? UPP already set the bar low with the 16 emptyhead clowns. You want dem to go underground by making the CUSS-BUD a part of the UPP officially?

  8. Goodness…Gracious… Have we lost our fuk… brains to even have the thought to mention this moron in the same sentence of LTH. You guys have truly lost your brains in the outhouse better known as shit house.

    • @ Boom-Bye-Bye aka Ameen Diaz aka J’Fool

      Dr. Mathurin not around anymore, but you can try Dr. King…

      “J’ Truth told his followers on Facebook that he’s SEEKING HELP from a PSYCHOLOGIST to deal with personal issues that he chooses not to speak about publicly.”

      you need some CLOROX to wash out your dirty mouth too. Hope the psychologist office next to Christos supermarket. You can run across and buy a big bottle a CLOROX after your therapy session.

      Bye-bye-PUNKARSE COWARD! BEGGY BEGGY 4 CASHAPP$$$ professional BEGGY BEGGY Ameen Diaz.


    • Boom… please. Express your views without any personal attacks or insults to the name of Tim Hector. You are too young to have known him personally.
      He may have been many things, but a PUNK he was not.
      Please be respectful to the dead. There is no need to be like that. Leave Tim Hector and let him rest in peace.

  9. worse than Gay Truth is the person/s who nominated n selected him. Even more worse is Jackie Quinn sitting with a straight face bigging him up in the UPP-aligned Observer radio station. sumting wong wit Jackie Quinn head jack.

  10. My apologies to the Hector family for having this indignity hoisted upon you. Unfortunately, Antiguans continue to allow foreign trash to come here and denigrate our history and national heroes. Hopefully, we’ll soon put an end to this national affront.

  11. How they can just use a person’s name without getting the necessary permission first ?? What a joke!! Little boy you sure you want to be part of the 🤡 show?? Return the bogus “award” 😒

  12. d amount of RH he said before saying thank Fu de FAKE award… DISGUSTING bai😖😖

  13. “VILE” – 1).morally bad; wicked 2).of little worth or value; 3).extremely unpleasant.
    “SENSELESS” – lacking common sense; wildly foolish.

    accurate description of Ameena. he graduate secondary school? way he daddy?

  14. J’Truth go watch ya gyal and stop mind nearga business, the one from Willikies say you just cum too quick and have erectile issues, them royal honey na work for you. Don’t let ppl think because you have 3 children you’re a stud when your a dud🤣🤣

    Use the beggy beggy monies to get a proper mental evaluation, a decent hair cut and fix your crooked dirty teeth so when you hold your imaginary seat in parliament in the next 100 years you have the right peronality and image dumb f*ck.

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