J’Truth says he’s ending FB live shows to seek psychological help


Popular social media influencer J’Truth told fans yesterday that he would end his live appearances on social media.

In an emotional video posted below J’ Truth told his 8.5K followers on Facebook that he’s seeking help from a psychologist to deal with personal issues that he chooses not to speak about publicly.

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  1. May he find Jesus the way, the TRUTH, and the Life, he fill find peace, I prayed for him already.

    Bless God

  2. I commend this young man for this step he has taken to address the problem that he feels he has. I have never really followed him or even listened to his live casts but I have heard about him. J’Truth, I hope you get to read this.
    You, and only you and The Good Master, knows what your inner struggles are. Please, I beg of you, please, keep your appointment with your psychologist/psychiatrist, whichever you are seeing; pray and pray earnestly, God answers prayer.
    As you have come to realize, is not all skin teeth is laugh. Hold your head up high, son, walk out in faith, you will need a core group of persons to help you, not immediately, but eventually.
    To anybody who knows this young man, try to be a positive influence for him as he goes through this battle, for it is a battle. Be respectful of his decision for himself. Be a shoulder he can eventually come to lean on, instead of a crotch that can be cruelly jerked away to leave him floundering once more. Be kind to him. Value his privacy and his space.
    J’Truth, I do not know you, but I have love for you and will be praying that you find the peace you are reaching for. May God walk with you, son.

    • It’s obvious the man is not well and need professional and spiritual help. He didn’t realize that the people were just laughing at him like he was some kind of an emotional wreck. He needs to stay away from the social media. He’s confused and he’s sowing seeds of confusion.

      • You sound like an ass. The truth he utter out of his mouth like bothers you because you’re not transparent. You and the evil people will see GREAT things to come. Every setback will be his greatest comeback. As my grandma would say wet your hand and wait for him.

        • Smh
          You wish your child come just like him- excellent role model for your son , best husband for your daughter..

          Sound so foolish
          Politics really turning people foolish

    • Well said, I do hope he gets to read your comment. He made a great and bold step, first in thinking he may be the problem and then to seek the help needed.
      I do wish him all the best and that the sessions are of help to him.

    • I usually just read the comments n stay silent, but I must say that I was particularly impressed by your comment!! In it had hope, inspiration POSITIVITY encouragement compassion and most importantly HEART. Is comments like these that will help persons who are going through sensitive issues and difficult times which obviously this young man is, to get healed. Stay blessed!

  3. This wannabe really thinks he could be prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda?? Put all the Cashapp and PayPal money to good use by getting some beard oil for your patchy beard, a proper haircut and a real job. I can’t believe people actually wasted their money contributing to your nonsense. Cancel all your accounts too!!

    • He is working on him which is extremely commendable. I doubt any amount of help can help u with ur hateful heart. We love JTruth and will forever support him! Shut ur dutty, narsty, tinking MSHole!!!

        • How is that funny? Talking about a child being inappropriately touched isn’t a laughing matter. Your comment just shows how disgusting and desensitized you are. You’re clearly uneducated.

          • Was he sensitized when he’s disrespecting all these people on social media including our prime minister?? i don’t care he has no respect and needs to hush his damn mouth

        • U should not be allowed by this site to post horribly ignorant comments, what a Teri lie thing to say

          • Mark you haffu you lub man. When he a disrespect all these people on social meida do ya’ll tell him to stop?? Please get a life

        • You can tell you had experience you need some help I wonder what happened to you that is still going on. We LOVE him and the New York crew will be in the wings waiting. People like you outside people don’t count you’re there to mind our business and learn from behind the scenes.

          • what business? Y’all that follow this guy’s cult so hypocritical. He cursed every and anybody but now want the world to feel sorry for him?
            Remind me of Serpent(the worm)

      • This guy is a bigger man than i thought he was, am really proud of him and i wish him all the best

      • It’s obvious the man is not well and need professional and spiritual help. He didn’t realize that the people were just laughing at him like he was some kind of an emotional wreck. He needs to stay away from the social media. He’s confused and he’s sowing seeds of confusion.

      • So he got a computer, i-phone, baby items, car parts, a drone, camera and accessories, air-conditioning..now he’s subliminally begging clothes for himself and kyb shocks. He chat pure nonsense, disrespect people and live luxurious off a people hard earned money?? Great path to being a po-lie-trick-shan right lol? The people that support this guy are weird as hell ya’ll should also support him when he really needs it like coming out in your numbers and start a revolution for the injustices that he speaks against in our society?? People behind the seens watching and supporting the live soley for entertainment purposes and to nosey. When y’all are supposed to really show up y’all don’t do nothing because y’all scared and don’t want to stand up for nothing but rather other people go face the fire.

    • Oh🤬🤬eat your heart out you don’t have cashapp or PayPal 🤪. He is NOT going to close his social media because his supporters will be in the wings waiting. At lease we’re not stuck on stupid we do our research maybe should have gotten a brain of your own so you can decide for yourself and stop drinking the cool aid and join the bandwagon and stop singing for your supper 😱😱

      • Maybe you should go to the same psych people he’s going to see. You seem to have some serious problems yourself.

  4. You are now admitting vthe truth that you need help. Happy you recognized that and also that you were running the person’s who really cared about you

  5. Any body who had a little bit of life experience could see this man was going through something from the start. Hope he gets the help he needs to be better

      • No, it’s not a joke, but it is a FACT that the msn is a serious mental case. Most of us could see that clearly for a long time. He’s such a mess. Hopefully he can get the help he needs without having to be institutionalized.

    • Hey, life is so unpredictable that you don’t try to be insensitive when it comes to mental health and struggles.

      Plenty people have problems but are in denial. One of the ways to recovery, is accepting the fact that you need help, and that is what he is doing.

      Sometimes the ‘come back’ is greater than the ‘fall’ for the power of God can wonders in our lives; He is not done with us yet.

      Na get cocky!

    • I think 🤔 the biggest 🤡 👉 ? people like you that support the thief and and never do no wrong Dictator Gaston . Because he’s stressed over something means he’s a psychopath ? LOL What a BIRD BRAIN !

    • Had he been a psychopath… he wouldn’t be able to identify he’s probably the problem. Please educate yourself and stop making it out to be that admitting to having a problem means just one thing.

      • somebody told you that he identified it himself? When people gives you ultimatum, its easy to claim being enlightened.

    • Admitting is the first step that’s what makes him a good leader and that’s why he has us to support him and will be waiting for the relaunch. Maybe the people in government would take a page out of his book and learn something. They need to have a love for the country and transparency. Look and learn go back now and watch the lives and learn and open up your coconut brain. Use your noodles and get some knowledge🤓🤓

      • Sharon, you need to check the same professional that your leader has contracted. Its a clear you have serious issues
        It was a Jim Jones in the making
        SHARON should do her research on Jim jones and come back and tell us the similarities to your J(jim jones) truth

    • Every piggy has his Saturday! Today is J’Truth’s; next might be yours! There is an invisible line between sanity and insanity!
      He recognizes he has a problem and he is s
      eeking help. Chances are you don’t even know that you have a problem, too!

  6. Move ah you tinkin dutty rasshole! Top bash di man in ah you rasshole! Praying for you J’Truth, bless up!

  7. I read a few of these comments and it beckons the question as to who are we. These persons sound so heartless it leaves one to wonder if them too need psychological help. I have never followed this young man but I have heard about him and if he is man enough to know he has a problem and seek help, who are we to judge. Good luck sir I hope you receive the help you need.

  8. First live i can watch. Happy to watch a whole video without all the indecent language . All the best on recovery. Be blessed!

  9. I am happy that He is seeking help. I could not understand anyone in Their right mind could behave in this manner. Praying for you my Brother. Hope you have Family support.

  10. I knew this already. His anger, the way he expressed himself… not the profanity but the way he would open his eyes so wide in absolute rage, I knew something was wrong and least he knows it too and is addressing it. Better than what most will do.

    • He has a mental or emotional disorder, and he needs spiritual and professional help, otherwise he’ll likely end up in the mental hospital.

      • What all do you have? How u get to diagnose him? You need more help than him. Genuine & super intelligent he is, what u will never be!

    • Something is wrong with you people opening his eyes mean something is wrong. What about your pm who tear his ass so what’s wrong with him and degrade people what’s wrong with him?

      • Who is talking about the PM? Maybe you should seek a psychologist too since I left a comment about one thing and you are bringing up the PM. Obsession is not good. And yes, you can tell from a person’s eyes that they’re angry. In the same way you can deduce that someone is angry when they clench their fist or destroy things. You are clearly obtuse and have an obsession with the PM that I cannot help you resolve.

        • You have your pm and Jtruth is OUR pm and we love him and so when the politicians curse and degrade people and their in authority he’s a citizen and he speak his mind. Some people say it as they see it and Antiguan have the most to say and don’t standup for what’s right. If I’m crazy I’m in a place where I can get the help because of property health care. You need to check yourself and then pick the beams out of your own eyes

          • poor you Sharon… you met USA, and you will die and leave it without making a mark…. hope your neighbors remember you when you die

            Foolish – speak about a medical system that has nothing to do with you- worst covid affected country in the world- and if it wasnt for the irresponsible behavior of the USA, the world would have been better off…… more homeless people than any other country- more mentally challenged people than anywhere else in the world- USA has the most mentally challenged veterans of any country in the world

  11. Many of us saw there was something seriously wrong with this man. It’s good to know he is seeking professional help. He’s a sad case, and many were deceived. Be careful.

  12. Why are you people so NASTY?? He is seeking and trying to get the help he thinks that he needs.Many of you on this medium should try and do the same thing.I do not know this young man. I do not have Social Media.What ever is that crap.I have no intentions to get involved into that.Good luck young man.Your future is in your hands.

  13. On the road to #Enlightenment, one will come to many crossroads where things such as #Realization! #Awareness #Anger #Truth #Fear #Happiness #Bliss etc. resides and can mimic each other, as they move in, out, through one’s thought processes! The balancing of the #Being(Spirit-Mind-Body-Soul) must be aware of what it takes and the direction one must take when leaving these encountered #CrossRoads.

  14. I am really impressed with this Young man. Hope DANE KNIGHT and SERPENT of OBSERVER RADIO ( SNAKE PIT ) will realize that THEY are just like J’ TRUTH. Dane Knight and Srroent must have PSYCHOLOGICAL problems. How can They operate a TALK SHOW by CUSSING every night. DANE KNIGHT and SERPENT need help. BIG UP J’TRUTH for your HONESTY.

  15. Wish him well. Many who claim they support him closed their eyes to the obvious, I am reminded, its a true friend who will tell you the truth. Truly hope he gets the help he needs in finding the truth

  16. Wish you the best, J’truth. Glad you are reaching out. You are setting an important example. Be well!

  17. Are you like Serpent?
    Is this your first step towards political goals?
    Will this be with the one day winning Upp?
    Or will this be your own thing?
    Just asking?

  18. Is this for real or another attention seeking video?
    Impaired mental health is not a joke so be sure to follow through. Thanks for not using an expletive.

  19. This definitely is not good news for the opposition as he was one and probably remain one of their operatives. Who knows maybe all of this is orchestrated by then all.

  20. You know what is so mind bugling how this media outlets didn’t post the charity that’s he giving his support and the food drive. That’s why I always say Antigua people tear down their own that’s why the Jamaican, Guyanese, Dominican, Chinese and the Spanish make the Antiguan like just come instead of born there. He didn’t bang no water come there and he has no support. Report something that people wants answers to. Why some people coming into the airport without going through immigration? Report how construction going in a country with Chinese and not one Antiguan working. How the heck foreigner have more rights that Antiguan? Every top positions in the country is held by outsiders? Go and interview people in town how the city is stink and dirty that’s news. Get out your chairs and do some investigation journalistic some real work.

  21. People are strange. He say whatever he like about people and people cant day as they like about him? Strange. SMH

  22. Perhaps if he’s institutionalized he’ll finally get the help he needs. This is a sad case, indeed. Who did this to him????

  23. UPP encouraged J ‘ TRUTH with this NON SENSE. Next will be VENOMOUS KNIGHT and SERPENT if the SNAKE PIT. You remember the tongue lashing NNIGHT gave to DARREN MATTHEW WARD.

  24. Ah wha dis me ah hear yah now! Me always ah hear bout dis J Truth but me neva min know ah who. Now me ah see an hear de bredda fu de fuss time, an me ah wonda if ebrybady listen to wha de bredda juss seh. De bredda juss admit dat all de stupidness and kyah kyah and kee kee dat he min ah kyary an wid pan de social media live all de time was juss fu tek he mine away fram all the struggles an crazyness dat ah min go an in ah fu he life lang time. De bredda juss admit that he tink ah he min ah de problem an willing fu gee back he spansa an dem dem money dat dem gee he. Ah wha dis yah?
    De only passative me tek fram dis whole scene yah is dat de bredda a wan strang an kanscientias bredda fu admit dat he ah de prablem an willing fu get help.
    Me big up de bredda fu bein honest wid heself an me wish he all de best.
    Juss show how Antigua nearga an dem lub melee.
    Me garn ya.

  25. This one is on fire 🔥 welcome to Antigua where every body degrade each other there is a lack of encouragement in this little Island

  26. poor you Sharon… you met USA, and you will die and leave it without making a mark…. hope your neighbors remember you when you die

    Foolish – speak about a medical system that has nothing to do with you- worst covid affected country in the world- and if it wasnt for the irresponsible behavior of the USA, the world would have been better off…… more homeless people than any other country- more mentally challenged people than anywhere else in the world- USA has the most mentally challenged veterans of any country in the world

  27. KNIGHT and SERPENT will follow J’TRUTH . At least J’TRUTH is honest. I like how PRIME MINISTER described SERPENT ( CANDIDATE NUMBER 2) on POINTE FM on Saturday.

  28. The sicko was back on live hours later so it’s clear he was just seeking attention. By the way, those of you who don’t know, he is anti-truth and the bible says if you’re anti-truth you’re also anti-man.

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