Family left in shock by Darion’s apparent suicide


Donella Loncke, the sister of 24-year-old Darion Patterson, said her brother’s apparent suicide left her family in state of shock on Tuesday night.


Loncke’s 12-year-old son reportedly found his uncle’s body at an unfinished house not too far from their home at West Palm Beach in Bolans.


“Last night, it was very hard, other than the two little ones sleeping. My husband, me and my son, we could not sleep, and my son, every time he get into the sleep, he jump up,” Loncke said in a TV interview on Wednesday.


Patterson migrated to the United States with family members a few years ago.


“He was doing very well, he was working at JFK and he was happy about the job but then he just get caught up with the wrong crowd, doing drugs,” the sister revealed.


The 24-year-old reportedly returned to Antigua and Barbuda to live with his sister in May.


“I decide to take him and he was doing good, he was progressing and he was showing sign of improvement for the last two weeks, I must say, and he was willing to make the change.”

The grieving sister shared this advice with the public.


“Pay attention to your kids, pay attention to the younger ones, you know, smoking is not good, it affects them and I tell you, it affect my brother a lot.”


“I just want to say, other than what he was going through, he was a very helpful child and everyone liked to be around him. He loves to play football,” she added.


Unable to hold back her tears, Loncke said, “I’ll miss him so much because he was very close to me. That’s why my mom sent him back.”

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  1. Understandable. Anybody who had a chance in the USA and messed up will be depressed. Live is not easy and even harder in a developing country. Only if USA gave second chances the world would be a better place.

    • you mean the place where SCHOOL SHOOTINGS are dime a dozen? or the place where BLACK MALES ARE 10X MORE LIKELY TO BE KILLED BY THE POLICE??

    • Bilbo sound like he needs a BullBud From All Saints 🤣🤣🤣🤣 3x across his backside will straighten out Bilbo

  2. @ Bilbo the great U.S.of A is not all that great, a wise Dane once said, “Here in Denmark we have free tertiary education, free health care, free housing and virtually no crime. Americans, well, Americans have a dream of being wealthy one day.”

    Rest in peace to the young man, only he knew why he took his own life.

  3. Bilbo, life is not always greener on the other side as it seems. Just the fact that so many Americans have to work multiple jobs to make it in life, and are almost always in credit card debt says it all. Learn to appreciate these little countries in the Caribbean. They call us third world countries, but that’s ok. If we can only stop throwing away our culture and traditions to adopt those of the US, we’ll be much better off.

    Rest in peace young man. Condolences to the bereaved family.

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