Fall Flowers: 8 Beautiful Flowers That You Should Plant in Your Autumn Garden


The fall season is when the breeze starts to get cold and chilly, and the trees are like shedding to prepare for the winter season that’s coming. A season in between summer and winter, fall is a time for everyone to enjoy the many activities such as having fun in a fall festival, baking a pumpkin pie, or simply jumping in a leaf pile are what defines the fall season.

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Another popular activity in the fall is gardening! What’s a better way to enjoy the fall season is to take care of our lawn and help us maintain beautiful scenery in our yard, or even inside our homes! It can also give us a sense of accomplishment the moment we finish it.


Suppose you’re asking for the best flowers to plant during the fall season, whether houseplants or lawn plants,  then you’ve come to the right place. Read below to know more.

1.    Winter Pansies

With the emergence of the cold wintry breeze, cold tolerant pansies are the right plants for you. Winter pansies prefer cold temperatures and can certainly withstand the winter chills. They also come in an assortment of colors, ranging from white, red, and multicolored ones. It’s safe to say that there is a winter pansy just for you!


Also, winter pansies are low maintenance. You only need to water them down even during snow, and the months September and October are the best times to plant winter pansies.

2.    Dianthus

Dianthus loves the cold weather, especially the Odessa white dianthus; that’s why it is the perfect plant for your autumn garden. Dianthus comes in a variety of colors, including pink, lavender, and white. It also releases a sweet fragrance that will surely excite your nostrils and grow up to 6 inches tall, depending on the variety.

3.    Sweet Asylum

This cold resistant flower is an excellent addition to your autumn garden. It is easy to grow and is a great attraction for bees and butterflies to pollinate them. Sweet asylums come in the shades of purple, white, and pink. It can add designs for your garden when they are over walls or hanged in containers.


Sweet asylums are honey-scented flowers that give a more aromatic feeling in your garden. Have one of these planted, and you’ll surely be asking for more.

4.    Marigolds

A very hardy plant, marigolds can withstand cool breeze and even a light frost. These sunshine flowers can bloom throughout the year until a hard freeze. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. Colors include orange, white, and yellow. Marigolds can undeniably make your garden even brighter! Also, marigolds are insect-free. So, you don’t have to worry about it much.

5.    Chrysanthemum

Also referred to as mums, chrysanthemums are a popular flower for the autumn garden and have vast colors. Colors such as red, pink, orange, white, yellow, and even bi-color ones are available too! What’s fascinating about mums is that they are sold in ready-to-bloom form, meaning you won’t have a hard time planting them.


Besides, mums are also known for their sturdy built, and they can handle a light frost too. They are easy to grow and can last up to years if properly taken care of. Other varieties of chrysanthemums are used as a houseplant as well. It is the quintessential flower there is!

6.    Croton

Crotons are probably the most common house plant because every household has one. Although considered a house plant, crotons can thrive in your autumn garden as well. They are perennial plants because they can last for up to two years! Crotons are usually container plants, meaning they are typically planted inside flower pots.


This eye-catching plant comes in the shade of orange, yellow, red, white and can even be variegated. Whether indoors or outdoors, crotons can surely give life to your home.

7.    Aster

Another perennial plant, aster, can live longer than most plants and blooms simultaneously as chrysanthemums. They can also add color to your garden as they come in the shades of blue, pink, purple, and white. Aster plants have rich nectar that butterflies love. That’s why they attract bees and butterflies more than any other garden plant. It’s like getting more than what you asked for in the first place!

8.    Celosia

Celosia, also known as cockscomb, has been part of autumn gardens for most times. One feature of celosia is that they are relatively easy to grow and can also be planted inside containers or positioned in your garden borders. These flame-like plants come in many colors, including pink, lavender, red, and bright yellow.


Also, celosia plants can give you rainbow-like foliage that will undoubtedly bring life to your garden. Plant these babies on your lawn and have the most festive garden of all!



Although the season fall is popular with its falling leaves and whatnots, it can also be a season of bright colors and lively gardens, especially if you know what plants to include in your lawn. Use this season to cultivate your garden with colorful, fascinating, and abundant flowers that will make your fall season the best there is.

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