Evangelical Alliance: Noise without Knowledge


Dear Editor:

Evangelical Alliance: Noise without Knowledge

We are pleased that the Rev. Dr. Olson Daniel, President of the Evangelical Alliance (ABEA), has shown an interest in the constitutional challenge to the abortion law (Loop News, June 11).

That is democracy in action. Of course, his source of authority is the Bible. We respect that.

However, the challenge before the High Court is the constitutionality of the abortion law. As we read our constitution, it establishes a secular state, not a theocratic one.

Let us be clear: Abortion is legal in Antigua and Barbuda. What is illegal is “unlawful” abortion. Please read the law, OFPA, Ch. 53, 54.

Further, there is specific provision for abortion when it is necessary to save the life of a woman, even after 28 weeks when the child could be born alive, Infant life (Preservation) Act, 1, 2.


So, abortion is legal but severely restricted. We want to remove those restrictions.

Dr. Daniel makes the truly absurd assertion that physicians want the law changed so they can gain financially. When has a legal transaction ever been more profitable than a black-market one?

He goes on to discuss the murder rate and population decline.

What is remarkably absent from his discourse is any mention of male responsibility or female dignity.

Apparently, women have unwanted pregnancies all by themselves. Men are absent and invisible.

The reverend gentleman seems to be oblivious of the widespread practice of abortion. Here is a little social experiment he may want to perform.


Distribute sheets of paper so answers can be anonymous and ask only men and women 44 years and older in your congregation to answer the following questions, truthfully, before God:

Have you ever had/caused an abortion?

Have you ever been forced/forced someone to have sex?

Have you ever been a victim/agent of domestic violence?

Were you ever sexually abused as a child?

Have you ever sexually abused a child?

Please do this. We expect that the results will awaken a greater pastoral, caring approach to this issue.

Sincerely, ASPIRE





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  1. I was sexully abuse as a child by a family friend then rape by someone else had a kid that I dnt regret an I have gotten over all of this no I never reported the abused I was 9 yrs old an didn’t knew if my mom would believe me I think of ways to kill that man wen I turn 13 because he was still around.
    but my family is from a Christian back ground who believe in life not abortion no child was ask to be here so if the child is here an u have no medical condition bring that child do not destroy there lives because of how they were concieve
    if you all dnt want to get pregnant then start using birth control stop killing babies because u were not ready to be a mom or because the father walk away thats no excuse to tske a innocent child life reguadless of the suitation best yu gibe him or her up rather than to disguars of it like tissue it hurt

  2. The majority of women who want abortions are women who practice irresponsible sexual behavior. As a woman, if I do not want to be pregnant I should insist that my partner along with myself practice responsible sex. I am not saying that protection is 100%, however all actions have consequences. Before having sex both partners should have responsible discussions about all of these things. It’s only after the woman is pregnant then there is a discussion about whether pregnancy is convenient. As women we need to retake the agency over our bodies and not be afraid to have these conversations with men. If a man cannot have a discussion like that with you he is not ready to take off your clothes. I am very sure that the statistics may show that most of the women who want abortions are younger women who think having a child is an inconvenience. I am tired about persons saying women should have a choice as to what happens to their bodies…what about the child that has been formed from conception? Do their not have a right to life????

  3. Seems like you are forcing a lot of children to be put up for adoption. Children aren’t just conceived from ppl who are reckless or promiscuous. The child can also come from violence and I can’t see myself keeping my rapist baby. Whether that child is innocent or not I could not just sit here and take care of it. To each his own

  4. Unborn lives matter, I get what your coming from but not all woman are as strong as you. Some may harm their rapist child or commit suicide. Pregnancy by rape is devastating and scarring. Don’t project your reaction to the situation on others. And you were from a Christian family who didn’t protect you nor did you feel safe enough to tell them. This shows me the type of “Christian values” your family has. I believe under such circumstances abortion is acceptable. I’ll tell you this you are going to lie to that child for the rest of his life to protect him. But the truth may come out one day. Some Of you ppl put religion and ppls opinion over logical thinking. Maybe they should have forced him to be your husband too, since some parts of the world a girl that is raped is forced to marry the rapist all in the name of traditions, belief and religion. I am by no means defending indiscriminate abortion but that situation you mentioned is a situation I could understand why someone would abort a child.

  5. The law is fine the way it is. Ironically, most of those social problems listed as reasons to expand abortion would not exist if people actually practiced Christianity more in this country. The most fundamental commandment in Christianity is to love your neighbor as yourself. If people were serious Christians they could not even consider hurting a child or another adult. Instead, boys and girls growing up in fully Christian homes where both parents practice properly would grow up knowing that at a certain age they would date someone of the opposite gender respectfully, then if compatible get married, then stay together with love and mutual respect for live, taking as best care of their children as they can and bringing them up properly in the Christian faith. If all people really practiced Christianity there would be no rape, incest, abuse of minors etc. and no expectations of abortion. So, the solution to abortion is more Christianity not less.

  6. One reason Christianity is not practiced more is that a lot of men stopped actively practicing. Then their sons grew up thinking it wasn’t important and barely went to church, took it seriously etc. So, now there is a generation of young men who have a very poor moral compass in knowing how to treat people to get what they want. They just resort to impatient force instead of patient compromise and respectful dialog. So, we have all these increases in violent crime and poor interactions with family members and strangers. Meanwhile some church ladies got together with these barely religious men and had lots of problems. Fewer women also follow Christianity now so the situation is even more dire now. It saddens me to see that people are so lost now that they can so casually argue against human life.

  7. They can try explain away and deflect from what Pasyor Daniel have said all they want.



  8. Yep. And what about the fathers’ say in all this?

    Before birth it is “her body, her choice” (forgetting there is a little body inside her and forgetting the fathers’ choice.

    BUT AS SOON AS THE CHILD BORN (or even before) court/law mandates that he takes care of a child he had no say in prior.

    Make it make sense…

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