e-Books, the biggest scandal in Antigua history says, Lovell


United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell is not letting the nation forget sum spent by the government to purchase ebooks for students.

Lovell addressed the issue while speaking at the UPP campaign launch this week.Listen to him here:

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  1. LOVELL pulling at STRAWS. You did not win in 2018 with EBOOKS NONSENSE. Lovell bring back the same NONSENSE???Lovell let’s talk about the $75 million overrun of the RUNWAY. The findings of the investigation will reveal shortly. Also remember you are in court for the BUS SCANDAL. You might not be able to run in 2023. Get ready RICHARD LEWIS.

    • What did you say about the ADOMS overrun? Or was it the misuse of funds from the CIP that you were referring to? No, that wasn’t it, you were mentioning about the $200 million annually that Yida promised sinced 2014 that has not materialized.

    • BAB, why don’t you face reality? That sum of money WAS SPENT on ebooks which the children does not possess. THAT IS THE TRUTH.

  2. The Antiguan people will continue to be robbed blind because they are not paying attention to what’s important. The eBook scandal is still important just like every other scandal because it’s money taken away from the people to build their wealth.


    When are you all going to act sensibly? How blind, deaf and dumb can you be to not see the DAMAGE into perpetuity that ABLP has done and is doing to OUR NATION?

    All ABLP supporters are WORSE than their MPs. Somebody is cutting off your, arms, legs, head and chopping up your torso and you provide the means for them to do so and cheer them on in the process!!


  4. Can you imagine how useful these eBooks would be in a pandemic. The youth have been robbed of an education and this government couldn’t care less. Money down the drain!!!

    • Like the money the UPP spent on fences and the Can’t Park at East Bus Station? Like the “new” engines for the WADADLI POWER PLANT???

      • @Smh The UPP paid the price for all of those mistakes but aparently now that the ABLP is messing up the country, mismanaging the CIP funds, ADOMS overrun, no water after a 14 days to fix promise made 8 years ago, the 200 million annually that was promised by Yida that has not materialized, No increases for government workers, No severance for terminated Liat employees, roads literally falling apart due to neglect, unemployment above 30 percent, residents tear gased for standing up for their rights, vaccine mandates after promise of no mandatory vaccination, and how can i forget 500 low income homes have not been built to date.

        • Nice try but weak tactic. Everyone knows the track record of KING LYADD LOVELL LIMPY JOE and his dire effect on our economy.

          You can’t explain away the BLATANT FAILURES of KING LYADD LIMPY JOE LOVELL not even if you wrote a thesis.

    • Mr Cut and Paste is back. Are you a robot??? You get an A for consistency!! But an F for content. Give us some variety.

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