DPP files appeal in bus case involving UPP 3

Anthony Armstrong


The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution has filed to appeal the judge’s decision to dismiss the bus conversation matter against former government ministers Harold Lovell, Jacqui Quinn and Wilmoth Daniel.

The prosecution will appeal on 12 grounds that will indicate how they believe the trial judge Colin Williams erred in law.


Appeal in bus probe case a matter for the DPP, says Browne

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  1. We know he is squeezing your nuts and you have no choice. But this can spell the end of your career.
    “Remember, there are persons who have the dirt on you. Remember the teaser that just recently came out about you that you did not, could not answer to?
    You play with the devil, you get burn. You need to be on your way.
    This appeal will hasten your departure.

  2. Charles Tabor November 29, 2021 At 3:15 pm
    BOB.Q there are no assets to collect. The buses were not the assets of the defendants. They were donated to the government of South Korea to Antigua under a assistance program (KONICA) between both countries. Under a plan devised by Prime Minister Spencer and Ambassador Ashe, the buses were to be used by the parliamentary representatives to provide transportation to senior citizens in their respective constituencies… To this day the defendants are not the owners of the buses. I understand because of discussions that Daniel had with Ambassador Ashe that he is personally claiming ownership of his bus. I totally disagree with that….

    Since the UPP spokesperson on legal matters has voiced his disagreement with the verdict re ownership of the buses, and whether a elected politician is a public official, one would logically think he would support the DPP decision to appeal. However, knowing his two faced nature, ofcourse he and his party would argue against a decision that could only be good for the country, in terms of good governance. Political party first not A&B is their leaning.

    • TENMAN we will see if when the Court of Appeal gives a decision in favour of the Defendants whether the Prosecution will appeal further to the Privy Council.

    • Wasting taxpayers money is a prime example of the RATTA CONDOMINIMUM at East Bus Station blocking the breeze and robbed our youth of their sporting grounds. Of course this CANT PARK is the brainchild of the legendary Wilmoth Daniel. The irony!

      • You people have no vision and write political crap. Why doesn’t the labour government complete the building which they time and time again say they would do? I guess you are happy with the traffic congestion in St. John’s. I guess you choose to not know why the building was not completed under UPP.

        • Evidently you believed fork-tongue, disrespected by his own party Baldwin Spencer when he declared that “the engines are NEW” lol lol You also bought into the lie that you would experience “gov’t in the sunshine” lol lol. You poor thing. Do you sleep in the Ratta Condo at night?

  3. Avatar photo Lol Director of public prosecution more like Gaston's public prosecution office. Keep throwing darts one will eventually stick.

    🗣️ Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and and and and .

    🤔 Hmmm they believe there are 12 reasons for for an appeal but which of the 12 is the Heil Fuhrer I mean Gaston’s own ?

  4. The mud throwing continues. I wonder which senior legal officer who holds a public office was accused by an MP of being corrupt. Hmmmm.

  5. Thought the original case was a waste of time, however since after the dismissal the politician went to ‘CLAIM’ the vehicle then in my opinion the legal grounds have put things in motion for an appeal. Mr. DPP take it all the way to the PC, hopefully it can get there before the next general election. Should any opposition form the next government we can expect a withdrawal of the case.

  6. I’m just waiting to see what will be the outcome of all those buses situation, but I’m not a Judge,even though the evidenced are there to say how those buses were donated and to which Government department…

    Let’s see what happen next…

  7. Eyes wide open
    The fact that Daniel collected the bus is further evidence of misbehavior and corruption.

    I agree the bases were donated, I agree the cost of the case is increasing, I agree there was no intent on Lovell and Quinn to do wrong. Daniel different story.

    One cannot say that the allegations are mischievous, with such overwhelming evidence….

    Why would a country donate a school bus to a government minister? Remember UPP made the point the Five island school should not be turned into a University likewise the donated school busses should not have been handed over for community use…

    Pearl Quin said the bar, bathroom and pole in Daniel bus was there because he likes nice things. Pearl credibility is likened unto Hurst since the whole country knows what Daniel bus was advertised and used for,

  8. When you hear stories about the corruption in government and the judiciary, the Antiguan people will be better served if both Gaston and the DPP were removed from office. The justice system should not be used as a political tool.

  9. Lovelle is the target, he must not run for any Elevations that is what causing the pressure. The DPP should go back to Jamaica and leave us alone here, Antigua has plenty corruption in recent times but Jamaica has more than us.
    Why didn’t DPP investigate the allegations of corruptions by a certain MP?
    – Lands swaps by father and son
    – the ADAMS building
    – the buildings west of YASCO,
    – the Free zones
    – Global Port
    – land sale on Lower North St and buildings thereon?
    Could go on and on but too many.
    Bill have strong for waterish function but go ahead the water will get in your face. I thought you had guts but I am disappointed. Gwane go way you come from you fraid

  10. NO! There is no “target”!!!!
    If you believe that the PRESIDENT of SOUTH KOREA donated these 3 buses as PERSONAL GIFTS to those 3 politicians, then you done buy plent pig-in-a-bag already.

  11. The Circus is coming back to Town. Ringling Brothers,Barnum and Bailey Circus would be there with a full parade of animals. The DPP would be the Circus Master Bater,of that Clown Show. Is this the same person that a letter was circulated about some months ago. It was allege that a top level Politician wrote that letter in circulation. I wondered what the Stache one is now saying.

  12. This DPP need to step down and take the next plane, one way ticket, to Jamaica. The ABLP always uses the non-nationals in certain position to create Hovac

  13. The three Daewoo buses the South Korean Government donated to Antigua & Barbuda as part of Grant Aid in 2008.

    How did these GRANT AID buses become private property much less stripclub on wheels?

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