Appeal in bus probe case a matter for the DPP, says Browne


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  1. I live through the PLM days; the ALP days; the UPP days and the ABLP days. I will tell anybody that Gaston Browne is the worst leader of this country.

    I want to add that the Labour Party is the most wicked party.

    The Labour Party has a Modus Operandi to try to stay in power. This is what they do:

    Put a bogus charge on the Leader of the Opposition or Party;
    Throw this Leader in prison
    Call an election

    George Walter was completely exonerated but this exoneration was not made public until after the election. An election that the ALP won.

    Sorry Gaston, it did not work this time!
    When Karma hits you, remember the evil that you did to others.
    God will deal with you.

  2. WAIT: This is the same DPP that you, Gaston Browne and Asot were talking about. The same DPP that you Gaston Browne and Asot were saying bad things about. If you Gaston Browne and Asot could say bad things about the DPP, what is the ordinary man to say about the DPP?

    This is the same DPP that took Lovell, Jackie and Wilmoth to the Magistrate’s court and lost
    This is the same DPP that took Lovell, Jackie and Wilmoth to the High Court and lost.
    This DPP want some hard work to do.
    Maybe he, the DPP should try to find out who forged the Prime Minister’s signature

  3. The DPP couldn’t prosecute the case that he had to bring in a prosecutor from Monserrat. I wonder why. Is it possible that what Asot and Gaston said is true? Waiting to see how he is going to appeal and whether he can be independent of the politicians.

  4. Dear Lord Gaston, Give it a break now.

    There are more important things, and challenges the country is facing that to keep beating this same dam drum.

    1. Fix the effing roads
    2. Deal with the effing pensioners
    3. sort out the effing agricultural system
    4. Reduce the effing cost of living
    5. Put proper street lights and marking on the effing roads
    6. Fix the effing water problems that you campaigned that you’d fix
    7. Fix up the appearance of effing St. John’s city

    Come on man, I honestly believe that you can do better that you are doing now. You have the potential, but you are distracting yourself.

  5. The forging of the Prime Minister’s signature is a most serious crime but the Prime Minister has no interest in finding out. More importantly it does not appear as if the police has any interest as well or perhaps they are waiting for a signal from the Prime Minister to proceed.

    • Gaston gives lessons to Satan as to how to be evil. Gaston is more evil than the devil. Gaston is going to the hottest part of hell.

  6. He try to demonise,dictate, distract deliberately to stay in power forever he will self destruct one day and all the evil corrupt practices will come to light

  7. Gaston Browne,do you have confidence in the DPP now? Did you write that letter about the sitting DPP? Cannot wait to see your stache being sent off to 1735.What has become of that CUSTOMS BROKER that you alleged forge your SIGNATURE FOR MILLIONS of Antigua and Barbuda people monies? Did some in your inner sanctum get some of that LOOT? ,NEED YOUR SCROTUMS CUT OUT.

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