DOMINICA: Skerrit calls snap General Elections for December 6


NATURE ISLE NEWS: Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has called a snap general election in the country more than two years before its due date.

In an address to the national Skerrit announced that he had written to the President and advised him to “dissolve the House from November 7, 2022.”

“Nomination Day is November 18, 2022, and the people of Dominica will go to the polls on December 6, 2022.


We NEED A NATIONAL RESET if we are to fully recover from COVID and put this country back on a trajectory of real and sustainable development over the next 10 to 15 years. 10 Towards this end, we have done our own internal analysis. I started first with myself. I have been your chief servant for 22 years. I am eternally humbled and very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to serve. I hope that my efforts will be judged fairly and within context.

On this occasion of National Reset, I have listened to the views of all, and I have made a personal decision, which I have shared with some of my party elders. You have given me a mandate that constitutionally allows me to remain in office as your Prime Minister until April 2025. I do not intend to go beyond that date. I have run my race and I intend to finish the course, with Dominica safely back on a road of sustained progress and prosperity.

That is why I am calling for a National Reset! I would like, however, to preside over a peaceful and dignified transition of Prime Ministerial leadership to someone of my party and my colleagues’ choosing. We have as a party and a government to prepare for the next five years of covid rebuild and rebound. It will not be easy and will require commitment, dedication and perseverance.  There is a need for a blend of experience, energy, youth and a positive attitude. This is the desired formula for carrying Dominica over the proverbial line. It is my intention to stay on for another two and a half years if it is your will. But some of my colleagues who have been with me throughout this journey, and others whose stint in elective politics has been much shorter, have collectively agreed that the time for renewal of the team is NOW. We need a refreshed Dominica Labour Party team, for these very unpredictable, unprecedented and very challenging times. Following the changes we made in 2019, there shall next time around be other changes, to ensure the continued renewal of our Labour Party frontline, and maintain our continued relevance and the achievement of the visionary goals that we have set for ourselves and our country.

The Dominica Labour Party must continue to be the beacon of hope. It must be the option for those who wish to see our country progress. The challenges that we face are Now…they are already upon us. We cannot take chances with the future of this country.

We have set ourselves on a progressive path of development and growth, that will see prosperity for our people and our country. I shall be honored to use the benefits of my 22 years of experience in politics, to lead the Dominica Labour Party and this country, through this period of global social, political and economic uncertainty. We shall be the change that the country requires as we continually reshape, adjust, and correct course, as we move steadfastly towards that Dynamic Dominica, a resilient Dominica. With that in mind, I shall lead a new-look Dominica Labour Party into fresh general elections that will be held at the soonest possible time. I want the year 2023 to begin with a fresh mandate, given to a fresh Labour team, to commence the work of building post-COVID Dominica. With this in mind, today I met with His Excellency the President and advised that he dissolves the current Parliament of this country effective immediately.

I have asked that a fresh writ be issued on Monday 7th November 2022 for the holding of general elections in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Dominica Labour Party will reveal its new-look slate of candidates in Mahaut on Tuesday, November 8th. Nomination Day in Dominica shall be Friday the 18th of November. General elections day in Dominica, the day on which the Dominica Labour Party will be seeking a fresh mandate, with a fresh team, is Tuesday 6th December 2022. May God Bless us all. May God continue to guide and bless the precious nature isle of Dominica.

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  1. Skerritt you are not given a mandate by the people of Dominica when you keep tricking them and “winning” the elections. If you trick the electorate you cannot turn around and claim that you were given a mandate.
    You keep talking about chief servant; you are only chief servant until you win! After that you’re chief slave master! Dominica shall overcome some day, and I hope it’s during your lifetime and mine!!!

  2. Wow 😲😳 wow Wow Prime Minister RS yes it is a surprise on the opposition you see why it is important for fix date for election to much power is in the hands of the Prime Minister in the Caribbean As for you enjoy it I’m not sure how long that you and Prime Minister GB of Antigua and Barbuda I’m looking at possibility that you all will be tried in the Haigg for crime against humanity FOR THAT YOU AND EACH OF YOU IN THE PARISH OF ST JOHNS ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA AND THE COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA DID TORTURED MAUIL CHOSKI A CITIZEN OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA . ALSO HUMAN TRAFFICKING.. Both of you will see money can’t save you

    • Definitely agree with you. Constitution MUST be amended to present a FIXED DATE for General Elections. It is high time that politrickians are not allowed to play their politrikal tricks to remain in office. This criminal act must be ended.

      Incumbent governments refuse to use put forward this constitutional change because they want to be able to manipulate the elections in their favor. They love the corrupt system as they themselves are corrupt.

      It is a real shame that the people have not been pressuring their governments to implement these constitutional amendments.

  3. It sounds to me as if the dominica prime minister and finance minister sees some hard hard days coming for dominica and dominicans.

    I had a look at the i.m.f. latest information on dominica and I suspect that the prime minister and finance minister knows that hard financial decisions will have to be taken and the country will go south under him so he wants to get out ahead.

    I understood him to say that even after the next elections he will not continue in government pass 2024 or 2025.

    Isn’t this interesting? I will not be surprise if dominica goes into an i.m.f. program. Time will tell.

  4. What does #HFWL and lennox Linton have in common? By the way December 6 is a good date. Its that date four years ago my husband said he will no longer have keepers!

  5. Wow, these politicians taking clear “advantages” of cracks in the constitutions right in the public eyes. IF they can do this of the cracks in the laws in public eyes, imagine the cracks that they take advantage of, behind the public eyes.

    But GOD sees everything, and lots of these politicians and their supporters will have an account to give.

    • @ Sad But True

      Since they are on the same footing, why don’t you and Gaston get it over with and call the election and let the people return you to power.
      I have never seen a government behave like an opposition so much in my life? they behave as if UPP is government and UPP is opposition. They cannot even defend their record, from day 1 up to now they blame UPP for everything when UPP not in power. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH UPSIDE DOWN POLITICS.
      Something is wrong. ABLP HAS TO GO. GET RID A DEM HOLLIGANS

  6. That is a matter for the people of Dominica. We in Antigua and Barbuda have our own issues here in the systems of Governance. Where by Elections could be called on the whim and fancy of one person. That should and must be stopped fast in its tracks.In my opinion,snap Elections creates Dictatorships.

  7. Skerritt I know your end has been drawing near for a while now; but could this be it? I have said to you before, since Dominicans seem not to have the will to rid Dominica of its plague it will happen by your own doing. Don’t forget my words, keep them in mind!!!!

  8. It’s true that the constitution in Antigua needs to be reformed. Dominica PM called a snap election which is a shocker. Antigua PM allowing the election to draw closer to the due date inch by inch and the opposition in Antigua is getting burnt out in energy and financially. A fixed date will surely solve that problem.
    I have a next problem, whereby politicians of other countries going into others and interfere by speaking on political platforms. I am not a violent person but in this case I suggest that they should be stoned and sent back to their country. They especially do it where large amount of people from their country live . So Jamaican and Dominican politicians should stay out of Antigua politics or be stoned.

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