Dominica Open To Antigua’s Plan To Reorganise LIAT


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica says he will participate in a LIAT shareholders meeting today during which Prime Minister Gaston Browne will make a case for the reorganisation of LIAT.

The meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m today.

Skerrit told Dominicans last night that he is open to the idea of reorganisation of the airline.

“As we are aware the shareholders of LIAT, late last month, took a decision to liquidate the airline. In Dominica, we are currently exploring a number of options for travel for our citizens.

“Yet there are outstanding matters to be ironed out and a proposal is on the table to reogransise LIAT. Dominica is open to an assessment of this proposal to determine if the plan to restructure the company and restore its viability is feasible.

“As I said before we recognize the important role that LIAT has played in the region since its inception but despite the challenges it has served the people of the region well. And if a reorganised LIAT can continue to provide service, we are open to this discussion.

“I wish to reassure you the public however, that our primary interest at this time is to identify safe and reliable transport for our citizens,” Skerrit said.

Ahead of today’s meeting Prime minister Gaston Browne has shared his plan for the re-organisation of LIAT.

The plan dated July 13 was submitted by the government of Antigua and Barbuda for consideration by the majority shareholder Governments of LIAT 1974 limited.

It outlines that the reorganisation of LIAT requires new capitalisation up to EC $108 million of which the government of Antigua and Barbuda is prepared to underwrite up to 50 per cent.

It is expected that the remaining $54 million will be shared by other private and public sector entities including existing shareholder governments.

A plan for the re-organisation of LIAT

Also noted was the proposed lowering of airport taxes throughout the region, which should result in at least a 20 per cent increase in intraregional travel.

The plan points out the reorganisation will preserve the value of LIAT for the airline and its stakeholders, unlike a disorderly liquidation and the chaos and confusion that will come with the latter.

The document urges reconsideration of the proposed liquidation and adoption of the reorganisation plan in the interest of preserving safe and reliable air transportation and the integration movement.




  1. There are livelihoods on the line here. Whether we’re talking mechanics and pilots, or customer service reps and dispatchers, these are high paying jobs that will NOT be replaceable in Antigua if LIAT is allowed to fold. Every dollar earned is circulated seven times in the economy – are we ready to loose that Antigua? LIAT needs to be saved. I don’t agree with everything the PM does; but I congratulate him on this matter, and hope that the other stakeholders will see the importance of saving LIAT in the region for economic reasons. Good luck!

  2. But Dominica doesn’t have any money to contribute they are always having and handout, do ofcourse they would be open because they aren’t footing the bill

    • Dominica doesn’t have any money to contribute? Says who? Dominica is one of the major share holders in LIAT and that happened because they like Antigua, Barbados and St. Vincent invested millions of tax payers dollars in LIAT. If Dominica has to participate in a reorganize LIAT it has to invest millions to stay in the game. As of now Barbados and St. Vincent have folded on LIAT. By the way all them islands depend on handouts from whatever source they can get it, China, Taiwan, UK and others, you name it.

    • Mellie shut up, do you what Dominica 🇩🇲 has and not have? People like you ran to Antigua because you were given handouts. Nonesense talks from Dominicans.

      Dominica stands ready to assist and invest and finally we’re investing our monies into something viable.

  3. Is this really about reorganization of LIAT or saving Antigua or Browne himself even if the shareholders did agree to from a 2020 Liat it would be foolhardy to based it in Antigua to run it like a welfare system the only chance for LIAT to survive as a business is to be run by a private company and not by politicians Browne must remember when you go on radio and say things you cannot take them back right now he’s not looking that trustworthy to the other shareholders and another thing what is he doing for the 500 unemployed antiguans at this time that hasn’t been paid since March are there under gag order why Haven’t any of them come forward and say what’s going on what about the unions in Antigua.

  4. In business, the fast eat the slow!
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