DNA says election is on March eight


The political leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) says the hiring of election workers solidifies her belief that elections will be March 8, 2018.

Joanne Massiah told a local radio station this morning that “we have heard definitively from inside that elections are now slated for March the 8th.”

“Yesterday the electoral commission put out a press release to invite persons to come to make applications for polling clerks etc.These things are not done a year and a half before an election because the training period is not that extensive,” she said.

She described the three and a half years of the Gaston Browne administration as “unprecedentedly poor.”

“They have more failures than achievements,” Massiah added.

She accused the prime minister of forcing early elections because “he is fearful of being a one-term prime minister, which he will become.”

“He is so obsessed with power that he wants to hold on to it at any cost and he couldn’t careless when people are suffering or whether businesses are continuing to fail,” she told radio listeners.

The DNA leader said her government will make good on a pledge to fix the date for general elections here.

“As part of our thrust towards constitutional reform we will fix the date for elections. The people deserve to have some comfort in knowing when elections are due,” she said.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said elections will come like a thief in the night. Since then, all political parties have been on high alert for an election.

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  1. Since Ms Messiah knew the date of the election to be March 8th as she indicated, wouldn’t it have been better that she stay quiet and do all her planning and strategies and preparation, so that when the date arrives, she would be ready. The Prime minister can, and I know he will change his mind from March 8th to another date, since it has already being revealed. A still tongue keeps a wise head

    • I agree. Loose lips sink ships, which is in my view a big part of this woman’s problem. I suppose she wants to “show” that she has the intel, but really she is simply showing that she cannot be trusted with intel, and who knows what else.

      I would absolutely love to have a female PM, but this one nuh mek it at all.

  2. I really don’t see how calling an early election will benefit the ABLP, if the PM iS fearful of being a one-term Prime Minister and obsessed with power, anyway what do I know.

  3. The DNA ought to focus on ensuring that it has a FULL SLATE of candidates. The UPP already has 17 candidates. Why is Mp Massiah not focusing on her own backyard??

  4. “He is so obsessed with power …”

    1. Isn’t it the same POWER that YOU yourself want?
    2. You sought to become leader of the UPP, but Lovell badplay you in the whole process. Is that not seeking POWER Ms. Massiah??

    A sure fire way is to place a solid DNA candidate in the City West constituency to give Gaston a whooping!! That young tweedle-dee you unveiled nah ready yet. Someone of your stature should have been the chosen candidate. No disrespect to the young fella, but I don’t think he will defeat Gaston. Take a page from UPP book – they sent Wilmoth there.

    • L-O-L @ she should have been running in Gaston’s constituency. You mean you expect the leader of the party to take on such a challenge?? She would NEVER, EVER. She was afraid to even allow a by-election knowing fully well that she only won her seat on the UPP ticket.

      I agree with you though. It shows strength to send even your deputy leader up against the PM, I must say.

      Massiah does not, even remotely to me, seem to have that mettle or fortitude. Nor do I for a second trust her to lead this country.

      The PM can and easily should just change the date, even if it is one month later.

      Can you imagine someone on the “inside” CONFIDED this date to her, and she is so petty and immature that she REVEALS it to the media? This is someone wanting to lead the whole country and handle sensitive information??? Give me an aspirin!!

      • You do have a point. Why release the information to the public?? Why not keep it internal and use it to your advantage?? Why are you letting your opponent be aware that you know their tactic?? They will simply change tactic on you!! She is NOT using her head at all this time around.

  5. Ms.Massiah’s party is really the DNA of the UPP. No fundamental difference except she didn’t get the opportunity to lead rhe UPP. Her party was formed out of “sour grapes” and is a reflection of the UPP philosophy.

    • Sour grapes??? Or did Lovell badplay her resulting in an UNFAIR process in the runoff for the party leadership??

      • Sour grapes. Sore loser, cry cry baby that didnt get her way. Let’s face it, the membership of the UPP just was not ready a female leader. The membership of the UPP felt Lovell deserved the chance to lead after being a loyal soldier to Baldwin when Baldwin defeated him in 2001. She had a chance to be deputy amd possibly leader, when the time is right, but she blew it. Her political career is OVER!

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