DNA Political Leader clears the air on merger with UPP


Political Leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Joanne Massiah, has stated unequivocally that there been no proposal from the United Progressive Party (UPP) for the “coming together” of both parties to contest the next general election constitutionally due in 2023.

Her response follows a news item on Observer Radio today concerning proposals to this effect. Massiah said, “I can confirm that there has been no correspondence from the UPP requesting any meeting with the DNA. I certainly have not been contacted by or spoken to anyone in the UPP.”

Massiah continued, “in 2017, when the DNA was launched, we promised the people of Antigua and Barbuda a party which was new, fresh and dynamic…one which would bring transformational leadership in its approach to governance generally.

The party is poised to unveil its candidates shortly and has promised to bring real change to the citizens and residents of the country.

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  1. AMEN! Let the UPP die a natural death! They keep going after the DNA in public but trying to snipe members in private. Maybe the DNA isn’t as irrelevant as the UPP wants people to believe!

    • CONFUSED I believe you missed the fundamental point that two senior officers of the DNA i.e., the First Vice President (Bruce Goodwin) and the Chair (Malaika Parker) could make such an important statement that the leader of the DNA is now distancing herself from the statement. It simply shows that the Party is not speaking with one voice and this incident underscores pure obfuscation 😂.

      • Meanwhile….Algernon has *26 ACRES* of land “FARMING” THE FOOL. What a calamity for the wannabe minister of Agriculture.

        Sympathy to all the people who got belly gripes and runny 💩 from eating his melons 🍈 grown in a NARSEE, DUTTY, WUTLISS environment.

    • No need to be confused! Whether UPP & DNA merge or not …. the harder they come the harder they will fall…. DNA will certainly make a better opposition on their own in parliament and allow UPP to descend in the dust bins of Antigua’s history..

  2. Good on you Ms. Massiah! Stick to your guns. The UPP is like stage 4 pancreatic cancer. DO NOT BE LIKE THE DO THAT RETURNS TO ITS VOMIT!!!

    Remember how Mr. IMF badplayed you for party leadership and called you a “T-R-A-I-T-O-R”
    He has NOT changed. He is still the same spineless coward now “lying in bed” with snakes and CONVICTED PEDOPHILES and LIFE TAKERS.

    Let Lovell die his natural political death. Embrace the inevitable. LOVELL IS A “SPENT FORCE”

  3. UPP know that DNA could easily become the official opposition this time around. When UPP goes down in total defeat, DNA will pick up the pieces. Harry would love to swallow up the DNA, but they not foolish.

  4. I think tactically, a coalition or merger is a good idea. Firstly, it would shake up ABLP, their complacency, misplaced ARROGANCE, and the political machinery as a whole.

    It is now time for all governments to come together and put their citizens first – POLITICIANS forget that they serve the people AND NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

  5. (N.B. * That is not a recent photo of KING LYADD LOVELL LIMPY JOE IMF ROMANTIC RHYTHMS WADADLI POWER CAN’T ABST HOTEL RIPOFF. The Limpy Joe medication has aged him out significantly.)

    Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd you gah wait Lang fu DNA link up with you. Longer than your failed political career and wayyyyyy longer than the pole in Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

    Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd you a reap what you plant – seeds of DECEIT, BETRAYAL, CORRUPTION, LIES, BADMIND, FORK TONGUES and DISMAY.

    You are smack dab on the precipice. One final kick will send you pitching over the cliff. Brigga-Ding-Biff.

    Line up the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 to give you a ride home and enjoy your retirement. Bruised. Battered. Shipwrecked. #IMFisYourLegacy

  6. PoliTRICKS make strange #bedfellas, especially when they’re power hungry and have cuddled together, in the same beds before.

  7. A divided opposition can never win a general election in Antigua. Antigua is too small for 3 major parties. Joanne was rash. If she waited her turn, she would be leading the UPP into the next election.

    • Excuse you! What a very demeaning thing to say “wait her turn ”
      As you can see the people OVERWHELMINGLY REJECTED the puppet Lovell. For a party that touted “ LEADERSHIP MATTERS” and then to be DEVOID OF LEADERSHIP is 100% HYPOCRISY!

      Harold is suffering now because of his POOR CHOICES! It is an open secret that Richard Lewis, Prinlge and others are waiting with baited breath for him to get his final beating from Melford Nicholas so that they who remain can attempt to salvage the party. Once Harold Lovell is beaten, he will finally retire and the “ ELITIST ELEMENTS” will follow suit. This is the deepest desire of the majority within the UPP. They are just pretending to be “united” while looking forward to the final blow for Lovell.

      • You just reach? Harold offered his resignation after the last election, but Joanne had already left and started her own party. Harold lost to Baldwin and served in the Baldwin administration. Joanne lost to Harold and packed her bags and started her own party. She should have waited her turn.

        • oh please Mr. Byam dont tell me that you believe Harold Lovell. He is trying and failing miserably to paint himself as some sort of hero/rescuer of the UPP. Joanne Massiah left *AFTER* Lovell BADPLAY she and called her a TRAITOR!

  8. UPP & DNA need to stop fighting each other and recognize their common enemy is ABLP.
    An agreement to create a coalition government would be a good idea. Come together for the good of the whole country.

    • Actually the “common enemy ” is HAROL EDMUND LOVELL! He is a Clear and Present DANGER to the economy of Antigua and Barbuda.

      He has done more than enough damage, some irreparable, to our fair land. His “sell by date” is loooooooong gone. No one wants expired goods.

      • OK, following your distorted logic and criticism of the right Honourable Harold Lovell, should we honour Gassy with a SAINTHOOD?

        • Harold LoveLIE is neither right nor honorable. He is a LIAR and a LOSER! IMF will remain branded on his skin til the day he takes his last breath.

      • The RED/BLUE divide is childish. Much like the story of the crabs trying to escape the bucket but they keep getting pulled back in by the other crabs.

        Party politics is just a clever scheme to hide it’s true nature of DIVIDE and CONQUER. Just keep the people fighting each other and they’ll never realize that they are being ROBBED.

  9. What does the DNA bring to the table? Do they bring a block of votes? Would any of their candidates receive their deposits back, including their leader?
    The DNA as an organization, will never be a viable alternative to the ALP. Their only chance, would be the same as what ACLM did but am afraid it will not happen because of their egos.

  10. The day Harold Lovell decide to bring back Joanne Massiah, Malaika Parker and even Anthony Stewart into the UPP would be the day that his political career done. The members would throw him out instant. Some of you making comments don’t know how much UPP people don’t ever want them again in their party. You all don’t want to accept or believe why UPP throw out Joanne and her imps. Nobody want them back. Nobody from UPP asking them for any talking. Even some of their own people move out from them.
    And all those fools who is talking about how UPP do stuff to Joanne Massiah for the Leadership don’t know dey a**s from dey big toe. Joanne get she kin wash in the leadership contest and she run. I have long memory. She get beat bad in all first four branches and after they came up by us in St George and she get such a beating, that was the last straw. She stop the contest and start telling people Lovell is not playing fair. That was bull-shirt. The Members say no suh to Joanne.
    So all of you who calling for Joanne as leader, ARYUH NUH KNOW THE WOMAN. If you all want she so bad, vote for she.
    And SMH, you have it bad for Lovell. You sound funny to me. All you want to talk about is Lovell private parts and Daniel pole. You sound to me like yuh jealous.

    • Lovell is a “SPENT FORCE” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Jamale Pringle and Richard Lewis are patiently awaiting Lovell’s final shelacking.

  11. Joanne is not a team player. Her party bring no votes to the table. Pure waste of time to discuss a merger. Where’s her value? She go around talking big with no backing. Years now and she can’t even field a full slate of candidates. This is not a popularity contest. This is about running a country. People should stop discussing her. You give her meaning when you do which she doesn’t deserve. She need to eat some humble pie. She is so full of herself.

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