DEAR KATE: I invited my neighbour’s husband to fix my leak


Dear Kate,

I know the world is full of crazy people and I am maybe one of them because I have had eyes on my neighbour’s husband… And I think did something real stupid.

I know his wife went away and I lied about having a plumbing issue so he could come over and check it out for me.

When he came to my house, I told him how I felt and advanced on him but he pushed me and I fell to the ground.

I told his wife he attacked me and that caused problems between them.

Now its haunting me because I know its not true.

Kate, I have been daydreaming about this man for years. Now he won’t even talk to me.


Dear Guilty,

You need to first go to his wife and let her know you lied about what happened.

You may want to also apologies to the man as well. Having a crush on someone is quite normal but what you did was desperate.

Besides, he’s a married man, although I know that doesn’t stop anybody from doing anything these days.

Clear your conscience. Do what is right. And leave the woman’s husband alone.


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  1. If that wife knew her husband and the neighbor she’d know if he was honest

    I don’t trust woman around my husband or with my husband. I am not giving them a chance to **** around

  2. – you should have taken the little sex from your neighbor and all now you, your wife and the neighborhood would be great.

    • He better fu***k before she do Maybe that was her karma to be had …..she could be f*****g all now…all females have two men

  3. He pushed her to the ground meaning that he did not want to cheat on his wife. What is wrong with the world? Look at some of the previous comments. Man you did the right thing. Sorry she fell but she out of order. Your wife should realize she has a good husband. Maybe the husband should tell the wife the real truth and she would start talking to the husband and stop talking to the neighbor. Neighbor go find your own man.

  4. The neighbor is wrong. I’m glad the husband is one that stood up rather than falling for the trick. Not many man out there respect their wives as to not have another woman while having a wife. The wife better forgive him and stop being ignorant. Wife you have a good husband stop listening to people, some of them only try to ruin good relationships. Neighbor go find a Man. A should a me cause me would a slap you.

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