COVID-19 tracking bracelet is not unconstitutional says Nicholas


It has finally been determined that the government’s move to monitor persons who may have been exposed to COVID-19 with tracking bracelets is not unconstitutional. This also applied to the technology associated with the tracking devices.

The first sample of the product is expected to arrive in the country shortly.

News that the government intended to utilize monitoring devices caused public concern over the legality of the move.

Cabinet Spokesman, Melford Nicholas, has said, however, that the measure falls within the scope of the State of Emergency.

“The State of Emergency still obtains and it is under the State of Emergency that these regulations come into being. The action of the ministry and the government comply with obligations and authority that come with the implementation of the state of emergency.

“We are still in a State of Public Health Emergency and the government is protected under law with introducing such measures,” he explained.

The Ministry of Technology and a Canadian company are collaborating in the development of technology to facilitate the process.

While the date of the implementation of the bracelet monitoring has not been announced, the technology minister said they are much closer to making major improvements to monitoring and contact tracing systems.

“We have been working behind the scenes to develop the capability of these devices. Hopefully by Friday, we should have the first prototype to allow us to better manage the home based quarantine,” Nicholas noted.

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  1. Good move people who refuse to act responsibly should be treated like monitored criminal offenders. You are putting a whole country at risk. If the Antigua American or wherever they are coming from cannot keep our protective protocols STAY inyour country of choice

  2. I am Antiguan and I follow all protocols when traveling if Some break it then deal with them severely. What I will not do is to be tagged like a dog n the white folks walk around like a Supreme being . I’ve dealt with a lot of that bullshit living most of my life in NY .Some will say then you can stay where you are. That’s true but tell that to the folks who’re having a hard time with layoffs who is having a hard time putting food on the table for the kids . I travel to Antigua almost every month on business and spend quiet a sum of money. Because you have the Authority doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

  3. You should not be using the State of Emergency as a precursor to abuse power.This Emergency situation has been going on now for many months.It is supposed to end in October.I personally believe it is not going to end at that time.The Administration would find some made up reasons to prolong it.It would be in effect until the next general elections,maybe 2023.Only you the people could make that change.Do you folks remembered 1968.If you are too young to remember,ask your parents and grandparents.

  4. No way am I wearing any damn tracking bracelet of any kind. Little by little, they want to chip away at freedom.

  5. “Disgraceful”
    186 years after the end of slavery, this assorted collection of ALP buffoons wants to put Antigua people back in shackles! Dem bring Spanish smaddy to cuss out black people; tourists do as they like and now “free paper” gone in Antigua. Antigua people ar’u vote fu dat! Where is the Leader of the Opposition???

  6. “To everything there is a season a time to live a time to die a time for peace and a time for war.” Sitting down and talking is not going to bring about changes in this era. It is radical times. Some of these things implemented are building blocks to control in the future not about safety only. The first method to control implement fear into the population to comply without question. The fearful will quick to agree because they can’t see the hidden agenda “the launch of the covid vaccine that is Mandatory” which they will accept wholeheartedly

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