Choksi reportedly aware of another attempt to abduct him

Mehul Choksi

REAL NEWS: Beleaguered businessman Mehul Choksi is being targeted for another attempt at removing him from Antigua and Barbuda, a reliable source has revealed.

Reportedly, plans for a second abduction are underway, with the objective, this time, of transporting him to Guyana, from where Choksi will be deported to his native India to face criminal charges.

Ironically, the former diamantaire travelled, two years ago, to the Indian Embassy in Guyana, where he reportedly renounced his Indian citizenship and surrendered that country’s passport.

The source says that Choksi is aware of these new abduction plans, which come only months after he was kidnapped from his Jolly Harbour neighbourhood; physically assaulted – as photos and medical reports proved; and taken by boat to Dominica.

In that case, however, plans to hand him over to the Government of India failed, reportedly because the aircraft that should have taken him out of Dominica arrived late.

In the interim, his wife raised the alarm, and a series of missteps by the Dominican police, as well as the quick response of Choksi’s lawyers here and in the Nature Isle, short-circuited his removal.

After weeks of legal maneuvering and time spent in both jail and the hospital, Choksi was returned to Antigua to seek medical treatment.  Since then, no further word has been heard from either the Magistrate’s or High Court in Dominica.

Most interesting, however, is that Choksi has told another media outlet that, to date, no official police report has been filed regarding his claim of abduction and torture.

This is despite the fact that his claims were verified by a report from the Johnson’s Point Police Station and investigations by international media and human-rights organizations.

Choksi has said repeatedly that he is innocent of fraud accusations and, at present, is fighting attempts to deprive him of citizenship and to extradite him to India.

But Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made it clear that he wishes to be rid of the Indian man and resisted early attempts to have him returned here, where he could claim the rights of citizenship.

However, pundits have argued that there can be only one class of citizen; therefore, persons who become Antiguan and Barbudan by this route are entitled to all legal and constitutional protections, they say.

Accordingly, this reported second attempt to abduct and remove Choksi could undermine the value of Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship  by Investment Program (CIP).

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  1. Who wrote this trash? Smells like Magic. You have the usual speculation, statements with no foundation, then a leap to judgement. If the government of A&B wanted him gone this badly, like others in the past, he would have recived a knock on his door, taken to the airport, placed on a plane and Indian authorities would be waiting for him at the receiving end

    • It doesn’t work like that. You don’t take people and put them on a plane and send them to another country. The individual is an Antiguan citizen. If it could have being done it would have happened already. The matter have to go through the judicial system. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and then harm come to the country.

      • Like the US government did with Aristide? You recall any global condemnation?

        “WASHINGTON — A day after a U.S.-chartered plane spirited him from his strife-torn country to Africa, exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide charged Monday that the United States had forced him to leave in what he described as a “coup d’etat” and “kidnapping.” Aristide Says U.S. Forced Him to Leave BY PAUL RICHTER AND MAGGIE FARLEY
        MARCH 2, 2004 12 AM PT

        • Tenman:The story is about Choksi. The man said they kidnapped him from Antigua by boat to Dominica. What the hell this has to do Bertrand Aristide. This is a Choksi,India,Antigua,Dominica and the Courts matter.

        • @Cornel Tenman Hues – and, the government of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA were guilty of assisting the same US Government, by allowing the plane with Aristide who was kidnapped, to land and refuel at our airport before making the cross Atlantic to Africa.

          There was #condemnation, but of course the media and the government’s hit squad made sure to propaganda to throw the people off, and in time it all died.
          The Choski story is at this point, don’t mean shit to Antiguans.

    • Magic the CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER?? Hide your little girls and teenage girls from Magic. Especially if they just start puberty. #ProtectOurYouth

    • Now that’s the real rubbish!! If it could be done in that vigilantes style , GB would have ordered that type of removal in the same manner of the first attempt.
      If Antigua is a gangster country and not one where it’s citizens have rights under the Constitution, it can be done in the manner
      Of your suggested rubbish.

  2. Is this a publicity stunt? Why is this guy still here? I’d urge him to take a holiday in GUYANA, and do so immediately. India will get their man sooner or later, and they will give him a fair public trial. What has he to fear?

  3. Who are these people buying Antigua passports? I would bet most of them are criminals who need another passport so when their crimes catch up with them, they have a country to offer them protection. I thought it was suppose to be citizenship by investments, where are the investments. From what I hear the government is so desperate for money that they are peddling Antigua passports for as little as $45,000. All kinds of people are flying around the world with Antiguan passports in their briefcase to sell. Antiguans may not realize it but there are probably as many foreign passport holders as native Antiguans. How many billions have they said been realized so far? Do the math.
    The government will not deport Choksi unless they have the cover of the courts because Antiguan passports will be less desirable.
    You know what, I would be very happy if people stop buying our passports as at the rate this happening, foreign criminals will soon replace us.

  4. MAGIC should be still in JAIL. MAGIC a Convicted sex OFFENDER is the SPOKESPERSON for UPP. Why the hell UPP can attract soooo many CRIMINALS ( MURDERER , CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER , THIEVES and the list goes on and on.

  5. @GORDO: Have you taken the time to look at Gaston Browne and his Bad Of Merry Men known as the Cabinet? There is not no one person inna Antigua and Barbuda more thief than those inna that CABINET.

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