BREAKING: Choksi lands in Antigua

Choksi arrives in Antigua from Dominica in July 2021/Photo by ObserverNewsCo

Mehul Choksi has just landed in Antigua.

Choksi was met at the airport by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He arrived here on a private plane and was expected to be transported to his home in Jolly Habour.

Choksi is expected to receive medical treatment locally and he is to report to the Dominican authorities on his condition and every time he leaved home.

On Monday, the High Court of Dominica granted Choksi bail so that he could return to Antigua for medical treatment.

The court also adjourned Choksi’s judicial review application and the criminal proceedings against him for unlawful entry.

Choksi’s lawyers say he is suffering from a number of ailments including cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and blood dyscrasias.

They say Choksi is also suffering from a subdural haematoma, the collection of blood between the skull and the surface of the brain.

Dominican doctors had expressed concern that Choksi’s current health problems are serious and reported that he is in need of the urgent medical assistance of a Neurologist and Neurosurgical Consultant and that this care is not available in Dominica.

This is a developing story. Keep refreshing the page for more.

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  1. Guess who’s back! 48 hours to India no come yet! That was the prediction by the Chief Deplorable. What a pie in the face moment of the professed great one. Stick to traveling abroad. You don’t no jack squat about the law or legal procedures.

    I suggest you hire Mr. Tabor and his associates to clean up this bull dung that you may have had a hand in creating.

    You’ve gone rouge. A coming town to talk to you!

    • Choksi is innocent. If you read the case, it’s clear that the current Prime Minister of India considers Choksi a political rival.

      Choski was funding the political opposition to the PM of India. Of course the Indian government will say Choski is a criminal, etc. In reality, he is an innocent man being falsely accused.

    • True…Antiguans should ensure he is investigated too by Scotland Year. This is one corrupt and dirty piece of shit.

    • So True,Tony Asthapan is only singing for his supper, I cannot understand why this man supports the Antigua Hitler and the Corrupt Government. Yet in Dominica 🇩🇲 where the Difference
      between ABLP Labour Party and DLP Is Day and night yet he supports Gaston..Only for the $$$

  2. Look a here Look a here a total 🤡 show on display for the world to see .
    The THIEF and LIAR Gaston thinks his word is gospel .
    How he and the other little RAMBO PRIME Minister in Dominica is NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION IS BEYOND ME . This is another reason why a Government Minister should not be Attorney General under a ruling part IT’S CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN OVER DOSE

  3. He is back where he belongs. He is a bona fide Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. When Mehul Choksi got his Citizenship. It was reported by the CIU that he passed all vetting. So he had no issues legally. Or else it should have been flagged by that CIU of the CIP. CIU– Criminal Investigative Unit, CIP-Citizen Investment Program. Or as I call it,SABP- Selling Antigua and Barbuda Passports. That is what that program is all about. They should give those Passports to the Hucksters down at the Bridge. They in my opinion would do a much better job than that CIU. Them Hucksters a dee bess.

    • Choski is 100% a citizen of Antigua and he was only politically persecuted in India after he was granted Antigua citizenship.

      In Antigua you are innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. Thank God Antigua is still under the Privy Coucil.

      • So true, but Choksi seems to be running away. Innocent until proven guilty can only happen before a court of law.

  4. Welcome back Choksi welcome home
    .You as a fellow Àntiguan can continue to enjoy our and your country foods ,beaches , weather and rights just as the first day when we took your money which we already spent .

  5. Lie no hell hurst will probably say that’s an old photo, with choksi, them people just blatantly lie like they are speaking to dead people that are in a hurst

  6. And no ambulance met the very sick Choksi at VCB? guess he missed that trick…..

    No police met him at the airport, so he could help them with their investigation and to inquire how he left the island?

    Operation “Currypot” mop up….

  7. Why was he met by officials of the foreign ministry. If he is so seriously ill why was he not transported directly to the hospital on arrival? Was this just a plot to get him out of Dominica?

    • The question you should be asking is why your adolph hitler moustache n Dominica Rzmbo kidnap the man. You there talking irrelevant BS

  8. Dominica PM bail out from world dictator traitor tyrant liar human trafficker Gaston Browne but it’s too late. He will be met with the full extent of the law. Gaston Browne next.

    Choksi finally back in the country of citizenship. Compliments of world dictator traitor tyrant liar human trafficker Gaston Browne.

  9. Hey Gaston, you now have Choksi right where you want him. So now call the Indian government and have them bring their plane to Antigua so you can personally put Choksi on it.
    Skerrit nah got the heart. Show the people who a the real Don-D-Ball. The Top Dawg!

  10. That little fat guy should not have been met by a representative of the foreign ministry. He should have been met by the Chief of Police with handcuffs. What’s going on here?

  11. Clearly you have highly creative lawyers here. Cause I certainly didn’t see this one coming. I thought this story would have ended in Dominica. What this also shows me is that there is a clear separation between the Judiciary and the Executive and the Police. A case always made by some when a judgement is not in their favor. if e.g. Choksi was denied seeking medical attention abroad, many would lambast the judiciary of being at the mercy of the politicians. But as the saying goes, Time longer than Rope. Like Leroy King has found out after years of running from extradition. And Justin already indicated that they will use every avenue available to them all the way to the Privy Council and therefore this case may take the next ten years before it is settled. All depending on the court’s outcome for or against Choksi

    • Money talks, BS walks. Did someone get paid. Forget the Judiciary. They most times do as they are told.

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