Child removed from care of adult after being filmed smoking


The Police Force and Social Transformation Ministry are engaged in an intensive probe after a disturbing video surfaced on social media involving a minor.

“The police are fully aware of an incident surrounding a minor seen on a video appeared to be smoking.

The matter is currently under investigation, and mother of the minor is now in police custody assisting with the investigation,” the police said.

The girl is seen in the video coughing from smoking what appears to be a spliff while in the presence of an adult.

It was only last month that a similar situation was being investigated in Jamaica.

The police and the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) caught wind of a social media video showing an infant smoking and later drinking what appeared to be an alcoholic substance in the presence of adults.

The mother of the child seen in a viral video smoking and drinking was taken into police custody.

According to the police, she was picked up in the parish of St Catherine.

The child is in state care.

Advocacy groups expressed alarm at the video and called for the prosecution of the parents.

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  1. It was found pon king Solomon grave ! Give back the child so she can touch knowledge from the ancient of days and red up she lickle eyes dem with wisdom.

  2. …habits, become Norms!
    …norms, become a Way Of Life!
    …a way of life, defines a People!
    …a people, defines a Culture!
    …said culture, will predicate!
    …this culture, shall dictate!
    …with, some Degree of Accuracy!
    …the directions, said People take!
    …since, Life mimicry’s are cyclic!
    …as, #Time leaves us in a #Space!
    …whereby, nothing! As in, no thing!
    …’tis, the only thing, which happens by mistake!
    …#ALL others, are by; default! design! destiny!

    Now, before I jump overboard, what was wrapped in the, whatever, she was smoking?

    Children in Antigua, in more ways, than one, have always being involved, in #GrownUpBusiness!

    Me dare, anywan a R U, fu say, annah #TruDat!

  3. So how is it the police do not protect adults from the cruelty meted out to them by politicians…..

    This is a strange world…..

  4. i cannot believe this is happening in Antigua. So many have lost their way . No conscience no compassion , no respect for God, man woman or child. they should make an example of their sorry selves.

  5. I just may sound a bit controversial, but did we flip the coin and look at it that the smoking might be a ritual, practiced by the said mother…..? Now, what is good for me as a mother, i would expect it to be good for my child or children especially if it is connected to my faith. The substance has been decriminalized and I can’t recall hearing that there was an age limit to smoke. So, if it one’s faith or belief that smoking such substance aids, there is no doubt that the children will partake of the same practice…..

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