Cheryl Thompson charged with more human trafficking offences


Police reported moments ago that they have arrested and Charged Cheryl Thompson of Paradise View with a number of human trafficking offences.

She faces five counts of Human trafficked, 5 counts of debt bondage,  5 counts of using the services of trafficking persons.

These offences allegedly occurred between November 2017 and February 2018.

She is expected to appear in the St John’s Magistrate court  today to answer these charges.

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  1. The police are clearly harassing Cheryl and nothing will ever become of all this. She is a COMRADE and has great influence in the country and on ABLP. She is usually a polling clerk in St.John’s Rural North (Yorks) If the police is not prepared to properly prosecute the lady, then stop harassing her. Everyone knows how prostitutes come into the country and how they are assisted by those in power and our gracious immigration. The whole notion of human trafficking is a farce and a disgrace because it has open and government sanctioned. We need to stop running a poppy show country

    • Been saying the same thing the girls come but they must repay them tickets and pay for them room …..just leave the woman …antigua party life is made up of these clubs

    • @Stop the Poppy Show action-You seem to know a whole lot that’s going on..Maybe you should call out the Immigration officers and Government officials who are assisting the Prostitutes..

  2. Smoke Smoking mirrors she got away from the other cases this is just to help antigua look good in the public when it comes to human trafficking……we all know she is not doing that shit the girls know what they getting themselves in u must pay her back simple easy but they used that to get citizenship and probably remain in the country

    • Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Now when I hear human trafficking her name comes to mind instantly. Chups.

  3. Every Tourist destination must have adult entertainment. Exotic dancers do not have $4000 to travel to Antigua, so, they agree to her terms. Debt bondage is no different to taking a bank loan.
    This is different to tricking ladies who want to Get to America. The ladies who arrive are very experiences with the appropriate costumes and tall boots.
    Cheryl should really be left alone.


    Somebody dropped the ball.

    These charges are neither ‘…more’ nor ‘…new.’

    These are the very charges that were ‘…Struck out for want of Prosecution’
    by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh on September 18, 2018.’

    The Police were not ready with the Case File to meet the date fixed by the

    All that happened here, is that on the direction of the Director of Public Prosecutions
    (DPP), the charges were simply ‘…re-instituted.’ This has been the normal practice.

    The defendant, however, would have been required to enter into ‘…a new recognizance
    with the same bail conditionalities.’

    No alarm; …No dramatization; and …No sensationalism.

  5. So now they can bring back the officer to hear his case he should not be back working as a police officer

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