Carty picked up on bench warrant and remanded to St. John’s station, while court bailiffs evict him from Greenbay home


REAL NEWS: Political hopeful Anderson Carty reportedly was picked up on a bench warrant today, January 20, and was evicted from his Buckleys Street, Greenbay, home this morning.

The eviction order was signed by a magistrate.

A source tells REAL News that Carty had previously failed to show up to court for a civil matter, forcing the presiding magistrate to issue a bench warrant for his detention.

Following the execution of that warrant, Carty reportedly was taken before the court.  He has been remanded to St. John’s Police Station until Friday morning, January 21, when he is expected to reappear before Civil Court Magistrate Craig Christopher.

Meanwhile, earlier today, at least three bailiffs from the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court, along with an attorney and others, went to Carty’s home.  There, they executed a Warrant of Possession issued against him for the non-payment of rent.

The aspiring politician, who hopes to run in the Rural West constituency, reportedly has lived in the property for about 15 years, and a source says he should have moved out since 2015.

Reportedly he has not paid rent for a number of years, and, as a result, the landlord took him to court.  An order was then made against Carty for the $25,000 he is said to owe.

The court reportedly had given him until January 15, 2022, to vacate the premises, but he failed to do so and, therefore, had to be forcibly removed.

A handful of people gathered on the scene as Carty’s possessions were being removed from the house.  A Mac truck was parked in front of the premises as items, including a mattress, a refrigerator and a television stand, were placed in the yard to be taken away

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  1. Why Carty ??? My Brother very sorry things reach this stage.

    What about Alister Thomas who live in a house for many years and allegedly in the same position

    Alister Thomas is next in line.

    • @ Sam:Always speak on what you know for a fact,not what you hear or heard.By the way,since the story broke yesterday in this medium. I knew it was Carty. He is the only Political hopeful living on Buckley Street,Greenbay.

    • You’re rejoicing at one’s plight? Ok! That’s how politics got u heartless????

      I’m guessing you don’t have children n grandchildren cuz these tables do turn🥲

      • His plight was self creating. Besides who the hell would vote for such a clown who won’t even pay is damm rent. He is obvious trying to get into politics because he is incapable of doing anything else. That dude is a total wreck. He is a grown ass man. if he can’t be responsible for himself how the hell he is going to take care of other people. He is a GINAL! Get that clown out of here

  2. I don’t know him personally, but from listening to his public interviews, he comes across as a person of integrity with strong moral values and sound ethics. Hopefully this can be cleared up.

        • Get the hell of Harolds back. I would not want the publishers to have to choose to publish or not so I’m keeping it clean. I went to school with him and have known him for years. ALL politicians in Antigua & Barbuda say things that are not true…ARL so keep SM(Y)H and SDFU. YOU POLITICAL HACK

          • Skyewon’t your claim to fame is that you went to school with Lovell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that alone is enough to know that you are not to be taken seriously. On top of that peddling 2 soursop leaves here and there like a cotton-picking wannabe hussla makes you one big ass sham 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just like you’re “classmate”, you larse you marnin and now a try regain you attanoon 🤣🤣🤣 Two soursop leaf won’t cut it boss lol 🤣😆😄 wheel and come again SkyeWONT

  3. Doesn’t he sponsor sports teams and deal with labor matters? Why is he so far behind in rent and why were 3 bailiffs required?

  4. Don’t let the sound of integrity fool you this is outright wickedness how can you want to represent ppl and Rob them at the same time. if this is the kind of act pertrayed now imagine if he was elected.

      • @Zackie, do you know or even understand that you’re the kind of hole that begins with a capital ‘A’ with ‘ss’ attached? Anderson Carty has NEVER been a ‘representative’ of the Labour Party in Antigua. As a matter of fact, the man has never even contested a single election on any party’s ticket, but you, A** HOLE, try to insinuate that he somehow be associated with ALP.

        Dunce element you are.

      • Zackie you truly have a beef with ALP. Are you a UPP member who is now out of bread due to your party not being in office? You have nothing else to fall back on? You remind me of Isaac. Life to short to hold the level of bitterness you holding. Also not healthy

        • Tenman, I had a beef with ALP since I was 10 years old. My father was a labourite and never could tell me what principles ALP holds. Up to now nobody can tell me either, with a straight face.
          Add to that me passing by a ALP meeting in 1978 or 79 and hearing an almost dead ALP politician say, “All dey can say about me is that I love little girls”, to the delight of the parents of those ‘little girls’. Not to mention the corruption that followed, and added to that now, “Self enrichment” This is a wicked cult my brother. One that can take us nowhere but down. I love Antigua and Barbuda and it saddens me to see St Lucia passing us by and now little St Skitts and Nevis; they are more of a country than us. We are now just a little corrupt dot with a mass of people from everywhere just marching to the beat of politicians who are getting richer while we collectively get poorer. This is wrong and if we continue to vote in ABLP, even Haiti will draw close.
          I appeal to you my brother. This is not about politics for me. This is about your grandchildren and mine. Its about reaching for change. Any politicians who don’t appear to be about lifting this country before themselves must go and by this ABLP must be removed. But I assure you that any political party that succeed them with a similar demonstrated mindset must be removed as well.
          I will support UPP because that is how we will remove ABLP, lawd I cannot wait, but I am not and will never be a koolaid drinker for any party.

    • You make a lot of sense but don’t make it only about before going into office, because elected MP are doing the same thing. Example
      1) taxes payers cover their utilities
      2) taxes payers cover their housing
      3) taxes payers cover fuel for their vehicles
      4) taxes payers cover their vehicles
      5) taxes payers cover their travel expenses
      Should I continue? Oh and tax payers pay the magistrates and judges salaries also. I think it would be a beautiful day if the tax payers stop supporting them and their life style and just maybe they would work honestly. TALK ABOUT LIVING FOR FREE

  5. Dealing with other people’s business and leaving his unattended. Being evicted will the rent owed be paid: no moral integrity.

  6. Well I have a civil case in court for 5 years now. I wish the judge would make a decision. Someone has been in my house in Bengals illegally. I don’t have any political pull so my case will sit there.

  7. I consider Carty a person of integrity. However, politicians in the Caribbean have a culture of spending that they don’t own to get elected . Those in power use the state resources or some investors they are giving away our countries to , to stay in power.

  8. why a government school bus half full with white kids going to a school in Buckleys village, couldn’t pick up group of black kids in Swetes village going to Buckleys primary school during a thunder storm.

      • the suffix ist denotes a proficientcy to the original word. If one is proficient in chemistry or biology for example, one is a chemist or a biologist.
        if one is proficient in the oppression and exploitation in one’s race, one is a racist in the positive sense. The racist in the negative sense of the word, is something else. Which one am I?

        • That’s nonsense, and you know. All racists are evil. You need to go back to your dictionary (or google it). Chuups.

  9. I hope this is not another situation which puts into question whether the Magistrate exceeded his jurisdiction. Magistrates powers must be clearly permitted as per statute. I have not checked it out but a Bench Warrant in a civil matter?? I thought that issue came up before in another matter and it was questioned as to what statutory powers the magistrate possess. If the magistrate is wrong then Carty my well bring a constitutional action

  10. One could be arrested on a Bench Warrant in a Criminal or Civil Matter. For contempt of Court,or failure to appear for hearings. That is the Law where I am living. Is it the Law in Antigua and Barbuda?

  11. The system is there to keep the Carty’s of Antigua down with a knee always in his neck because he is independent. Antigua cannot appreciate non-red/non-blue persons, although tacit support is given by one party to a vote-splitting party.
    The arrogance of the Court against local black people comes down heavy !Meanwhile every May a colony of expatriates fly off owing rents, while we wait in Court until they escape.

    • He did not pay his rent and he missed court…..He is a bum. They did not pick on him, the landlord want his money. The court did not go looking for him. he went looking for the court. The court is REACTING to His actions. DISCLAIMER: I’m not RED or BLUE #UNBOSSED

  12. Mental illness is to find happiness (feeling good about ones self) and laughter over one’s misery or misfortune.

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