Caricom obesity levels highest compared to the rest of the world


The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) says obesity is now a critical issue for developing countries, including member states, especially since the disease is affecting a significant number of children.

The agency made the statement as the world commemorated World Obesity Day today, observed under the theme “Every Body, Needs Everybody”.


According to the agency, the Caribbean has some of the highest rates of overweight and obesity in the Americas with adults, ranging from 18.9 per cent in Antigua and Barbuda to 31.6 per cent in the Bahamas.


It noted that, alarmingly, overweight and obesity prevalence levels in children aged five to nine years in Caricom countries are increasing, with the highest in the Bahamas at 39.5 per cent and the lowest in Saint Lucia at 26.1 per cent.


“The prevalence of obesity in Caribbean children is two to three times higher than the world. With the obesity epidemic in children and adolescents, the future seen through the risk factor lens for non communicable diseases (NCDs) looks dismal, as these young persons will be the future working generation but living with higher rates of NCDs,” the CARPHA said.


The agency said the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of people with obesity, and other NCDs.


“It is not yet clear why there is a link between COVID-19 and obesity; however an increased susceptibility to respiratory problems, inflammation, and immunological disturbances in people living with obesity may all be contributing factors. Obesity also has a number of NCD co-morbidities such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease which have also been shown to increase risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes,” the agency added.

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  1. All these fat asses come from eating too much junk food. Eating all this processed food is turning the population into blimps, and in many cases it’s simply poor choices. Eat healthy. We can grow some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables in the world.

  2. @Kristi: That is what a sedentary lifestyle would do to you.Exercise is one of many ways to fight obesity.

    • Fat is fat is fat. And it’s all because of bad choices and lack of self control. They eat too much. I have yet to meet a man who wants a fat woman. That’s silly.

  3. The biggest women I’ve ever seen in my life have been in Antigua… It’s how accessible junk food is, far too easy to eat bad..
    I mean sure, some guys like big women but this is something entirely different, I’m talking huge in some cases

    • Pure tubs of lard, huge and fat fat, walking down the streets is enough to scare the children, and drive away the tourists. What is this! We need some education here, and quickly.

  4. Cost of fresh, healthy, non -gmo foods are higher than junk food in many Nations.
    Most locally produced meats & much produce are more expensive than imported.
    Price is a big part of the education, exercise & support equation.
    What is calorie count of an average school meal? Do parents care?
    Retraining our eyes to see individual foods on a plate rather than a mountain of food, (which is perceived as ‘good value’) will take action from roadside vendors, cooks, chefs, parents.

    Obesity is a modern convenience conundrum psychologically, financially & physically that can be resolved one small action at a time.

    Congratulations to each person who didn’t usually exercise, and began walking, hiking, following a fitness app, beach walk, swim etc. during the past year…try and keep going, it’s worth it.

    Congratulations to the many people who, through financial necessity, have cut back a lot on the amount of food they eat each day. Try to be cautious as the year continues and not fall into over-rating ways again when work increases.

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