Cabinet says young Senator was “viciously attacked by a UPP supporter”



Cabinet invited the youngest Senator now on the floor to appear before Cabinet in order to applaud him for his intervention in the Budget Debate.

He was viciously attacked by a UPP supporter following his intervention.

The Cabinet explained that the political institution which appointed him to the Senate had three separate generational levels.

Youth are provided opportunities to show leadership in preparation for greater roles, as they mature.

The young senator’s selection was also matched by the appointment of five females of varying ages to the Senate.

The object is to capture talent early and to strengthen gender equality.


LETTER: Youth Senator’s Budget Presentation Flopped 

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  1. Oh bwoy, here comes more dead cat narratives to try and deflect away from the tragic deaths of the 3 Africans the other day.

    Wow ABLP, how low can you go? Remember people lost their lives on that capsized vessel.

    Oh, BTW, where’s Gaston?

    • @Brixxy…. We all know how low you can go.. by the way where is Harold lovelle and why did serpent jump ahead of the Jamal with a statement about the issue this upp party is really in a leadership mess … Be honest with us who do u support for leader


  2. UPP are demonic, badminded, envious & bitter. They attacked the head ( Gaston Browne) but failed miserably and now they start attack the tail ( youths ), which is a disgrace. No weapon form against the Labour party shall prosper. Time will tell. Those UPP members in parliament who were once ” men of the cloth ” are playing warri with God. Soon they will end up and get no seed…..

    • Again, not much sympathy from @ Bluddy Bloke and @ Curious towards the loss of life from those Africans that the ABLP government – and not forgetting the massive input from Gaston Browne
      – brought to our shores.


      • Hey, and what’s your take on Gaston Browne’s disappearing act, when he should be addressing the country who wants answers to the recent boating disaster and the lies about the airline collaboration with Marvellous Mike and Nigeria 🇳🇬

        Come on you can explain it @ Curious and @ Bluddy Bloke – I could do with a real belly laugh …

        • … Brixtonian continually raising the bar on ANR threads with debates, discussions and plenty plenty discourse. Nice!

  3. What or who is a UPP supporter?

    How can you ascribe such a subjective description to someone? Are you in their head, know their thoughts?

    So once someone wears red they are an ABLP supporter?

    What ridiculousness 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Cabinet obviously have nothing to discuss.

  4. Can we please keep the cabinet notes clean so people can pay attention to what our elected leaders are doing? What made them a UPP supporter? Were they wearing blue? Did they have a UPP card in there pocket? What is the person’s name? Height? Nothing? What type of attack was it, A kick, tump, or wad a of paper to the head? Were the police contacted? Is there an active investigation? Can we leave the distractions and propaganda for Fakebook or twitter please?

  5. Just another lame effort at deflection. If he was assaulted, where are the police? It is ALP operatives who are criminals, consistent with their leaders. History is replete with the tear gassing, bomb threats, and a host of civil rights violations typical of ALP. Scandals go right along with them.
    What budget speach? That was just the most inept display of grand standing and chest beating. No supporting data or numbers consistent with the consistency of logical thinking minds. Not worth beating up any useful idiot over
    On tap is the Antigua Airways, dead Gaston Browne African immigrants. Gaston Browne and whoever was in in this with him i
    are fully responsible.

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