Cabinet mulls mandatory vaccination for all hotel industry workers




The Cabinet invited the officials of the Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association (ABHTA) to appear before it.

The assurance was sought by Cabinet whether, like other Hotels Associations in the Caribbean, the ABHTA would have a voluntary or mandatory policy regarding vaccination and employment at the hotels.

The officials did reveal that many North Americans making bookings for the upcoming season, inquired whether the hotels’ employees were vaccinated.

The Cabinet concluded that there is a strong desire by the travelling public to ensure that the persons with whom they must interact at the hotels, the taxi drivers, the shops, the places of high historical interest, are safely vaccinated and not likely to make them ill or to infect them.

1,900 of their of 3,600 employees are vaccinated.

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  1. If you can’t come in through the front door try the back . The JAB OR STARVE or should it be STARVE MORE .

  2. Cabinet why yall don’t mull helping people that are struggling and tell the banks ease up smh

  3. Now this is the most bull crap I’ve come across in a long time these people in power think the ordinary citizens of Antigua is stupid enough to buy in to the lies about north Americans making bookings inquired weather hotels employees were vaccinated first being vaccine doesn’t prevent a person from catching covid or spreading it so that line doesn’t make sense.

      • That has been stated by all the companies that make the vaccine. What they state is that the vaccine protects the vaccinated from experiencing the harshest symptoms of the virus and/or dying of if.
        Only the Cuban vaccine actually promotes the ability to provide total protection from getting the virus.

      • If you or the covididiot would do your own research and stop relying on the government you would have known what the makers of the vaccines say

  4. Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against the coronavirus than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge.

    The measures, which include bans on the intermingling of households and the early closure of bars, come even as the country has fully vaccinated more than 60% of its adult population with two doses of Covid-19 vaccines. The curbs are similar to those last imposed at the end of 2020.

    • Clarity: Seychelles have fully vaccinated 62% of population.
      Unfortunately 59% with the still on trial SINOPHARM, which results are showing requires 3 jabs to ‘maybe’ attain a 51% efficacy. It’s too low, and at 2 jabs under WHO required efficacy.

      Fortunately A&B have thus far used AstraZeneca, which has a much higher efficacy rate in actual usage than was seen from trial data.

      Sputnik V has shown good results from both trials and actual usage.

      Various larger countries are having localized lock-downs as they re-open and unvaccinated travellers arrive, slightly lifting transmissions.

      Some countries like Canada & Grenada are only permitting fully vaccinated travellers to enter at the moment.
      Israel & Gibraltar have very high fully vaccinated numbers using Pfizier & AstraZeneca respectively, with no shutdowns as yet, and clear, unambiguous arrivals policies.

      Data generally shows fully vaccinated people using efficacious vaccines are well protected against hospitalizations and deaths, and many countries are suggesting transmission rates become lower & lower the greater the number of people that are vaccinated.

      So, no Sinopharm in Antigua thank you!
      Let’s hope PM & Sir Health can procure the very scarce WHO , CDC, PHE, EU approved vaccines and vaccination can continue here.

      • Data also shows that a symptomatic persons are more protected than a vaccinated persons as no risk whatsoever.

  5. I get hammered when I say this but if we are to return to some semblance of normalcy, people MUSR be vaccinated. There are no if’s or but’s here. I am not advocating forced vaccination but enough people must participate in the vaccine uptake for us to sit well in the long run. However it is done, whether by giving incentives or by other means, it is the only means whereby things can return to a state of normalcy in Antigua. The truth is, our prime revenue earner, tourism, would be crippled unless and until those working within the hotels and hospitality sector get vaccinated. This also includes taxi drivers. Our destination travelers will not come here until we can assure them of a certain level of vaccination locally and especially within the hotels. We (Antigua) either comply or we don’t get any tourist. Period! Government must make decisions in the overall interest of the country and people would be replaced in the hotels if they fail to get the vaccine. It’s as simple as that. Antigua is bigger than any one of us. This is not a personal matter. Covid is a Public Health matter and when people do not take the vaccine, their negligence can affect their family, their neighbours, their working colleagues and all those in public spaces with whom they come in contact. I do not work for Government and I do not have any Government affiliation. I am just a simple Antiguan.

    • Agreed. But I understand the hesitancy to get an AtsraZenca shot — the only vaccine now available in Antigua.

    • The bottom line is this tell the people the truth and maybe then they will take the vaccines

      • @FedpUp tell which truth again….that statement that you are advocating that may be hidden is known to all. So what truth again that is hidden?

      • Reduced???
        Covid-19 has a 99.9% survival rate you idiot. Stop trying to fool the people!
        The VIRUS was created to PUSH the JAB. Don’t take it.

  6. I too do not believe that booking crap about one being vaccinated. If they are vaccinated upon arrival they should be safe enough to be around the unvaccinated.
    The unvaccinated are the ones at risk. So please stop trying the scare tactics. Stop the treats of not gaining employment without been vaccinated.

    Did you set measures in place to protect our hotel workers and others working in that industry when covid was hot in the UK, USA and other source markets? The answer is no!
    This tells me their lives are more important than ours……… Total mental enslavement!!

    There hasn’t been any mention of covid cases for the last week or more and the excuse is ‘ there’s been a problem with the dashboard’.
    Give me a break! Information could have still been disbursed.

    How I see it if there are no case to report, things are good and no need to hastily vaccinate the populace.

    • How can they be safe if you all WHEN CONVENIENT continue to harp on the fact and as the literature has CLEARLY SAID you can still catch covid if you are vaccinated? You see the point. You all anti vaxers aint know what you all want and simply tie you all self up.

  7. audley phillip why dont you shut the hell up.. why would i take a vaccine that doesnt protect or prevent me from catching covid, if you take the vaccine you can still catch covid that does no have any logical sense to me… no human can protect me from death when ever my time come il go with a smile.
    we shall have a revolution on our hands soon and alot of people will die for what they believe in.. so chose your side wisely

  8. People who are vaccinated you feel safe when you got the experimental jab, some people had different reactions, if you are protected why worry about the unprotected thats why you got the jab so you will never die, you love them so much? People are hungry, homeless, jobless, where was the love? Every man has a right to choose.Respect people choices once they havent committed any loss, harm or injury.

    Fear has captivated the minds of the people they still not awoke, it could have been 5 years in the pandemic and 1 death we still wont use our sense and see the fear the leaders is trying to instill in the people to control. Even if everyone was tested here in Antigua and they are all negative, wear your mask it stops the spread they will still be stressing.

    Someone is tested before they enter the country its negative the arrive its negative, they have to be quarantined

    All we hearing look at india cases, look at the cases in America. Have the cases in china disappeared?

    Viruses exist and so does corrupt politicians, preachers and the media
    We are not to live in fear but live in faith

    Build your immune system the wisdom of God surpass the wisdom of man, man have an agenda to fulfil his selfish desires.

    We are been lied to from our leaders dont trust them they are wicked people in high places, they love us so much that if we don’t get vaccinated we should not live, starve to death is what they are saying

    • meanwhile covid continues to killl – preachers, politicians and even the ones who have built their immune system.

  9. A thought: will it become mandatory for everyone working in health and care facilities to be vaccinated? I hope so. Our health & care professionals are too precious to their families and all of us to be at such high risk.

    Barbados just had a big outbreak in the psychiatric hospital – an unvaccinated worker is thought to be the source.

    I hear people are currently resisting going to MSJMC for routine appointments etc. because they afraid to catch covid-19 there.

    • Mandatory for health care workers???
      Some doctors are saying that they expect to see 75% of the people who took the jab to be dead within two years!
      We NEED the health care workers… Don’t EXPERIMENT on them.
      Make sure ALL the politicians get the jab… then it’ll be no great loss to society when they keel over.

  10. The mentality of people in Antigua is that they are looking for handouts and stimulus to fight covid. ie they want free living. How could that possibly work?

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