Cabinet accords the Late Sir Lester Bryant Bird a State Funeral On August 26


Consequent upon the death on Monday 9thAugust, 2021 of Sir Lester Bryant Bird, KNH, National Hero and former Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Cabinet decided that he should be accorded a State Funeral and that a period of national mourning should take effect immediately until the day of the funeral on Thursday 26th August, 2021 at 10 a.m. at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.


Cabinet also decided that all flags on Government buildings in Antigua and Barbuda and at offices overseas should be flown at half-staff until the day of the funeral.


Cabinet also decided that Thursday 26th August, 2021 should be declared a public holiday throughout Antigua and Barbuda.

Cabinet further decided that all expenses in connection with the State Funeral of the late Sir Lester Bryant Bird, KNH should be paid by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.


Cabinet noted that a Special Sitting of the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda will be held at the Parliament building in St. John’s on Tuesday 17th August, 2021 to pay tribute to the late Sir Lester Bryant Bird, KNH.


Cabinet also noted that the body of the late Sir Lester Bryant Bird, KNH will lie in state on Monday 23rd August to Wednesday 25th August, 2021 at the Parliament building in St. John’s.

The body of the late Sir Lester Bryant Bird, KNH, National Hero and former Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, will be laid to rest at the St. John’s Public Cemetery on Thursday 26thAugust, 2021.


“His was a race well run.  May his soul rest in peace.”

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  1. I am hoping also that the Legal Fraternity will arrange a date for contributions to be made at the Supreme High Court of Justice as well!

  2. Why are they going to bury his body at the St.Johns Public Cemetery? What has happen to Heroes Park? I thought it is where all Heroes would be buried.

  3. I am waiting to see if the cult party break the law with this funeral. Giant Malt RIP Top Dawg hope you not going to change the law for people attending funerals. I know when it comes to Labourites are you above the law.

  4. Cant you ALL jus for once give it a rest …



  5. Let’s see the double standards now. Rules for us and rules for them.

    Let’s see if the police commissioner will allow more than 50 people at the state funeral or will they fire teargas and rubber bullets on them like they did on the people Sunday August 8th, 2021.

    I hope the Freedom Fighters organise and show up in mass at the state funeral too. Let’s see if the police commissioner has the balls to authorise the use of teargas then. Let’s see if Gaston Browne’s puppy AG Benjamin will authorise Atlee Rodney to use teargas and rubber bullets at the state funeral.

    We will see if everyone is treated fairly. No representation, no taxes.

  6. You all are just ignorant but still want to speak as if you are sages. The Cabinet already made provisions stating that there are exceptions to official and state funerals. Check the Extraordinary Gazette. You all are talking about who is above the law and whatnot when you all don’t even know it. Also, Sir Lester requested to be buried in the public cemetery next to his mom. Again, you all speak from a place of ignorance. And as for you, Knight in Shining Armour, you are just despicable. If you can’t be civil at even a time like this, it says a lot about you. This goes beyond politics, you must be utterly miserable in your own personal life.

  7. My sympathies go out to his family on the loss of their loved one.

    GIVE ME A BREAK! GIVE ME AN ASPIRIN (as he loved to say)!
    Are we going to use tax payers money to give him a grand funeral? I have a suggestion. Why don’t we ask his heirs to give us some of the defrauded money that we hear about everyday on those famous Caribarena tapes that he and Asot Michael talk about, to pay for the funeral? God only know, we can’t afford it. Pensioners have not been paid since June.

    This man got a Knighthood for the wrong reasons. He did not deserve it. He was named a national hero. He did not deserve it. He got the hospital named after him. He did not deserve it. He was used by Gaston Browne who gave him all these things to keep the Birdite vote. He fell in love with all these accolades and did not care to see the real reason why Gaston was so nice to him. His family knows it. Everybody knows it.
    Now let him depart in peace and so bring an end to a dynasty that has put this little nation into so much disrepute. A dynasty that has perpetuate itself by handing down to us Gaston Browne.
    They say speak no ill of the dead. Lester Bird is not an ordinary dead. He has hurt us Antiguans and Barbudans badly. He will forever be spoken about by us from our position of pain and shame.

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