Brittany Jno-Baptiste Charged For The Murder Of Jane Finch


Press Release from the Police.:

Jno Baptiste Charged with Murder

Police have charged 22 yrs old Britney Jno Baptiste in connection with the alleged murder of 66yrs old Jane Finch of Piccadilly.

Around 9:15 pm on 4th October 2021, Jane Finch was found dead inside her Piccadilly residence with what appeared to be multiple wounds about her body.

The accused was subsequently arrested and taken into custody by the police and was charged with Burglary.

She appeared before the Court and a psychiatric evaluation was ordered to be conducted.

Jno Baptiste is currently on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Brittany Jno-Baptiste/NewsCo Photo

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  1. @ANR Editor…. “State Media” actually have a proper name and it’s ABS.

    I don’t ever see you referring to Real News as “UPP Media” or PointeXpress as “ABLP Media”. Why do you insist on doing that to ABS? It comes across as being very disrespectful on ANR’s part. Whatever tiff you had with them in the past, be professional and do the right thing in giving the media house credit for their work.

  2. Rest in Peace Violence
    Rest in Peace Turbulence
    Rest in.Peace Pedtilence
    ALL Criminal Elements..
    Competitiveness Lust & Greed
    Every Need Has an EGO to FEED
    It’s A World Crisis
    Let’s Try to Conflict Resolute
    Lust & Greed
    Wants & Needs..Mystic 🎤

  3. I do not condone violence, crime of no sort much less to murder. However, something here I’d wrong. My reason for questioning: why it took so long after this young lady was caught on the seen . Is she known to have a history of mental illness? Was she involved in criminal activities before this ?

  4. Last question: if she did it , what was her mental state when she did it. She is probably getting treatment now. Was she getting treatment when she committed the crime if she was known to be mentally ill. I ask if she was known to be mentally ill before because people fake mental illness after committing murder. We’re they acquainted with each other. Heard the deceased was a kind person- was she helping this young lady.

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