BREAKING: Rapid testing at the airport ends Friday after only days of operation




15th July, 2021


The Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority wishes to advise that it will be discontinuing the operation of its Rapid Antigen Testing Facility at the VC Bird International Airport with effect Friday 16th July, 2021.


We encourage travelers to make use of the readily available services on island to get their Covid-19 tests done in time prior to boarding their flights.


The authority remains committed to providing the traveling community with the best possible passenger experience for all our guests and visitors.

Also read earlier report:

Rapid Antigen testing facility opens at the VC Bird International Airport

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    • @tired – absolutely correct.
      All about power plays & $$$.
      To heck with outbound travelers.
      To quote a well known MP, ‘SMDH’

  1. I was so happy to get a test at airport for so much less than the overpriced cost at mount saint john.
    We need price control on these rapid test. If airport authority could charge $150 and you get the test result in 20 minutes, why must we be paying upwards of $200 and wait hours to get the results. This is highway robbery!!

      • @Aloenso…regardless COVID-19 is a business.
        It’s the biggest #ConGame ever played by the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, their henchfolks(politicians, the media and the church), and HUEmans are the biggest #MARKS.

        COVID-19 is a very, very, very profitable business venture!

        • You know the world’s economy was thriving before Covid right? So you are trying to tell me, that all these world leaders some home came together to concot this “game” that caused their own countries to crumble and some of them to lose power? You know what irks me? People who have no expertise in Science, Economy, nor world politics, but flaunt the little charlatan knowledge they get from a few youtube videos.

      • Bozo Aloenso I said RAPID TEST. I said test results do not come back in the requisite 20 minutes at hospital, they sometimes take hours. You must be one of those people benefitting from this SCAM. All the scammers do is talk, overtalk and use psychobabble in an attempt to justify taking advantage of COMMONpeople because we want to get a break and travel out of this corrupt place.
        I am going to call Prices and Consumers Affairs, this highway robbery must stop.

  2. Not surprising at all. Another shit job done by the shit govt we have.

    Our nation has had enough of these assholes in power and all must be removed.

    They have even gone as far a murdering Nigel Christian to cover their asses. They also control the police. Not even useless fat Cutie Benjamin “Attorney General” could open his mouth.

    • Someone need to explain this. The airport CEO was once chief financial officer so she is moneywise. Why would she now be saying to please go to that time wasting place on michael mount or to the doctors who charge 300 dollars for rapid testing in town. I remember a particular doctor on friars hill road charged five thousand dollars to do private covid testing on one person at the start of this pandemic. Various charities and health agencies are donating reputable rapid test kits to that time wasting place on the hill, yet the price for doing the rapid test is still so DAM high.

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