Missing woman found murdered


Police Investigating Homicide at Burma

The police Serious Crimes Unit are currently at the Burma Dump conducting investigations into an apparent homicide.

The body of 25 yrs old Neltah Telemaque of Hosford Hill was discovered around 7:17 am on Sunday 5th December with what appeared to multiple wounds about her body.

A livestock farmer came across her body while tending to his animals and notified the police.

A medical doctor arrived at the scene and pronounced the woman dead approximately 10:12 am.

Further investigations are ongoing .


Family members devastated following murder of Neltah Telemaque

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    • The same shit that goes in in Britain United States of America France Africa Europe Jamacia Trinidad St. Kitts Barbados and all over the world chups Antigua in not immune to a man killing a woman

      • @ Chupz Damn, it ain’t that serious .
        Take a cup of tea or coffee and breathe in and breathe out.
        Oh and while you’re at it and so anxious to be disrespectful with your MINI RANT PUT A COMMA AFTER ALL THE COUNTRIES THAT YOU SPEWED OUT OF YOUR MOUTH..

      • @CHupz:Please curtail your stupidity. This matter has not one darn thing to do with anywhere else. We are commenting on what is going on in Antigua. Antigua is our house.We need to clean up our house before we tell others to clean their houses.

        • It is very sad what happened to the young lady and I am glad you responded the way you did. It seems for some comparing evils is their solution. It must be ok because USA and UK is doing it as well. We do this with just about every ill. We need to change us.

    • Brixtonian I am just asking myself the same question. Condolences to the family. It appears as if life to the perpetrators of these heinous crimes is meaningless.

      • CT I am happy to hear you are wondering the same thing can only assume that you have a stoic objection that a murderer of a WOMAN is on the UPP’s ticket. Have you called that out?

        • JUST SAYING you know that we do not know the facts of the present apparent homicide. We are however fully aware of the facts of the unfortunate accidental death of Miss Bartley by Mr. Bowen. The matter was fully litigated and Bowen was exonerated. It was an unfortunate accidental death and I really cannot understand why you cannot accept that and put the matter to rest. From what I am told the Barthley family has moved on from the tragedy. Why can’t you?

          • Yeah “accidental” like pole in Daniel stripper bus “gifted” to him by his childhood friend who happens to be the President of South Korea 😒

            You and Chaku Waku nak wan head

          OH GOD MAN.

      • For some time now I am wondering why the death penalty has almost virtually been ruled out because of legal obstacles. IMO this murder was done by a person with a deranged mind, not least of all the total disrespect of dumping the body near the Burma dump…I can’t even imagine how devastated her mother and family must be. It cannot be right that this young woman’s vicious killer will be sitting in jail and fed by the taxpayer on a life sentence that may or may not result in a release after a couple of decades all because his (and others) appeal appears to have been manipulated (some time ago) to take over the five years therefore cancelling any chance of death by hanging ever taking place! P.s. I am not a lawyer so if I am misunderstanding the process I apologize.

  1. This is a very sad matter.Condolences to her family and friends.Yesterday,while listening to Observer Radio,a lady called into the Station and said the young lady was missing. Now this very sad ending to a young woman’s life.When would it end? The abuse and murdering of our women in Antigua.

  2. What is going on? This is the 3rd young woman to be murdered in a matter of months in Antigua. Two from the Customs and now this one. What is really going on?

  3. Watch all u fugging hypocrites talking about what’s going on. It is nothing new for lovers qurrell lead to fugging murder sorry the young lady died but it is what is mek da popo do dem work jah man

  4. This is too much man, what’s going on. People’s lives are not important anymore, especially women. Over the past years too many young women have lost their live by men. Chupz above said it happens all over, that does not make it right. God alone gives live and he alone should take. stop the comparison and thing of Antigua/Barbuda. I heard the appeal for her return from a caller yesterday and now this. Condolences to her family and friends.

  5. Like a person can’t have one option now inna this place ya and when ya option is not one for the masses dem vex. Ya wan fu know what going inna Antigua here it is just like all over the fugging world man ah kill woman simple as dat I said wtf I said

    • @ Chupz . As they say you really can’t change stupid.
      Maybe you head is to far up your ass to realize it. it’s not about your opinion but the way you come off. Glad to hear and respect your opinion but why be a dick to others.

  6. Women are not our daughters if u can’t agree walk away n cool off if they push it walk away and leave them the hell alone. All of us came from a woman’s crutch.

  7. Please, God gave life but He doesn’t take it. The Word says that the thief (devil ) came to seek, kill and destroyed. The entire Bible shows the wages of sin is death.
    Religious customs have taught us that the Lord give and He takes away. The Bible says that religious customs make the Word of God become to no effect.
    Remember that God gave the life of his only Begotten Son so that we may have eternal Life.
    Everyone has to die and when you do if you’re saved you’ll wait for the Lord Jesus if not you’ll move on to hell after judgement.
    My condolences to the bereaved family.

  8. Sixteen days of activism of gender based violence has been declared by the United Nations and runs from 25 November to 10 December. This year the focus is END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS. Since the start of this period two women have been murdered allegedly by their male partners. These people are killing and if they get caught and brought to justice, they then become the responsibility and burden on taxpayers. They sit at the pleasure of the queen and then a smartass lawyer files an appeal to have the sentence reviewed and reduced so that they enter back in to society to enjoy life. I think it is time that the government either reintroduce the death penalty, whether it be by hanging, lethal injection or whatever means, as a detetent to all the would be murderers in the future. I think these people do not have any respect for life, the right to free choice or women. Shame on them and shame on the lawyers who defend them knowing they are guilty and should suffer the same fate or worse as they inflicted on their victim. After all they didn’t give life so why take it

  9. Sorry to hear about this young life taken way to o soon, the police need to get their s111t together, and act like the police and start figuring this s111it out. Our Antigua will turn into all the other places. My condolences to her family.

    • Why are you blaming the police??? This was a DOMESTIC issue. Can the police predict when a person is going to take the life of another????? Do YOU know the exact date, time and circumstance regarding when YOU are going to die????? The police IS doing thing their job in this sad incident.

  10. Condolences to her and family, this is very sad and heart breaking news. May the Most High Yah surround them😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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