BREAKING: Daren Matthew-Ward resigns as Observer AM host


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      • @Just Saying. Oh yes!










    • Last week, Fitzroy, wrote on this platform, an article Beedie Beedie what’s hanging over your head” indicating that very soon Kieron Murdoch’s former colleagues like Daren Matthew Ward and others will be following in Kieron’s footsteps. Shockingly so, it has really happened. Thumbs up to you Fitzroy… You seem to be a thorn in UPP’s flesh.

      • @ Bluddy Joke

        What a laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Why Putin/ Trump? If Trump was president you will be paying less for food and gas. Russian would not had invaded Ukraine.

  1. Winston Derrick had a saying “when both the ruling and opposition party are mad with you, then you know that you are doing something right!” Darren never had this issue. The Alp party and followers were always complimenting him. Hmmm did no one find this strange? He will do much better elsewhere. Observer was not the place for him. Wish him well in his future endeavors.

    • Right off the bat, I’m no supporter of the UPP nor the ABLP. I often listen to all of the radio stations in Antigua and Barbuda, and Observer radio is my favorite station in the morning. I always listen to DMW because he brought the news, views and reviews in a very balanced and unbiased way. He always seek to get the facts, not the propaganda, not the assumptions, not the politics, and that’s the reason why his show is tuned in to by Antiguans and Barbudans, and residents of the diaspora. His professionalism is a cut above the rest. His leaving Observer radio is a major loss for the station whether the management and listenership of the station wants to admit it or not. All those who are saying ‘good riddance ‘ to DMW are just bitter because the young professional chose to remain professional and not bow to unbridled and bias political pressure by those who supports the UPP. I guess the only desirables fit for the current Observer radio are the likes of Franz and Paul. Good luck to Observer radio but one of it’s major artery has just been severed.

  2. Serpent should have listened to MICKEL BRANN

    She recommends that Observer Media should do exactly what it did in 2004, when one of its founders stated that his objective was to remove the then administration from office.

    “Immediately, a clear and concise statement from Serpent indicating he is an owner and programme host, but he will be REMOVED FROM PROGRAMMING AND NEWSROOM DECISIONS, and be seen to be removed from these programming decisions, should happen. And then he should let his word be his bond.

    “The Daily Observer itself needs an editorial statement and they need to recommit to fair and balanced news process and they need to be seen to be doing that REGARDLESS OF WHERE THE OWNER SITS and what their editorial i.e. their opinion is,” Brann added.

  3. Good riddance to you Ward. I for one would not miss you. For I never listened to your show. Gaston would be sending an invitation to join his Administration,ABS and Pointe Pigs Pen FM. Welcome Comrade in Red Armor.

  4. Well finally you manage to have the balls to do the right thing. Don’t let anyone bully you when it comes to your integrity. That is all you have and all you will carry with you.
    I’m now looking at another professional like Gemma Handy, to see if she will swallow her ethics and professionalism for this buffoon that doesn’t know anything about press freedom and freedom of speech. There are certain things worth more than just a party or money for that matter. Any trained professional will stand up for their professional etiquette. Like you cannot ask a Lawyer to go to court and lie for you. Or ask an accountant to cook your books. It is those that are not trained professionals who will be found sometimes damaging the good name of the profession or those that are just bad.

    • @ From The Sideline

      ‘There are certain things worth more than just a party or money for that matter’.

      Like licking the backside of Gaston u mean?

  5. Kieran Murdoch………. RUN GARN 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️
    Darren Matthew………..RUN GARN 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️
    Kadeem Joseph………..RUN GARN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️
    Elesha George…………..RUN GARN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️
    Shermain Bique…………RUN GARN 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️
    (REDACTED)…………..RUN GARN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️
    Mickel Brann…………….. RUN GARN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️
    Julian Rogers……………..RUN GARN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️
    Gemma Handy………….SOON GARN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

  6. Dear me
    I can’t
    I just can’t
    Yesterday I couldn’t listen to big issues
    Tonight I get fed up of the crazed host
    Today vop is so repetitive
    Dlp is repetitive
    Not interested in point fm, so I guess it’s radio lighthouse for me
    Daren was right to finally leave, omg is getting more insipid by the hour

      • @school
        Yup. I kicked out of school like serpent

        I wish that the Go Green Party was a more formidable opponent
        Tired of red blue orange.
        Tired of people in this country
        No matter how much you give, them never satisfied, tired of the poor excuses for mediocrity

        ….now back to completing my thesis….DND

  7. Good riddance to bad rubbish. We had enough if you a very, very long time. Thanks for finally listening to your conscience and doing us a favour.

  8. “Winston and Fergie Derrick must be spinning in their graves. No longer can listeners rely on sober and reasoned discussions to controversial and troubling national issues.”

    “Observer radio has decided to trample on free speech and freedom of expression…the hypocrisy is glaring and blinding!” Massiah continued, “it can now be officially confirmed that the Faithful Nationals, the Movement and Observer/NewsCo exist for one sole reason – to pursue their ill-fated mission to attempt to resuscitate a near comatose UPP”

  9. They are now working for a media house that is politically aligned. Don’t see anybody telling Gaston and Colin who to have at Pointe Fm. Everyone there sings from the same hymnbook.

    Also look at the major media houses in the US. MSNBC, FOX. Both aligned. Even CNN is espousing the anti-Trump rhetoric because Trump is a horrible person who is dangerous to the country. Gaston is also a horrible person, dangerous to Antigua and Barbuda.

    Observer is carrying the fight. Whoever is still talking about the independent nonsense should either get on board or resign.

    Or they could go to an independent media like ABS to work.

    Pardon me, did I say that ABS is independent because it is owned by the people, be they red or blue? No sah, ABS is totally red because the red people keep everybody else out.

    You all are just a bunch of naïve, self-righteous, mealy-mouth hypocrites. Everything is OK for you all until UPP starts to fight back. Well get ready for a lot more fighting back.

    Way to go, Serpent!

    • Please don’t you forget….it was the Serpent 🐍 who declared that Observer is an independent Station…
      But it’s just the matter of time …

  10. Bye Bye Birdie! Just admit you were too biased.
    I dare U to go to ABS, Pointe FM, WTP and utter one negative about ABLP or Gaston Browne. It would be one swift kick in your backside. So take your Harvard degree elsewhere.

  11. The 🐍 🐍 🐍 can nydah manage a radio station are 26 ACRES of land. Only thing he good at a FARMing FOOL with 1 pupah chee. OLD STOVE, OLD FRIDGE, RUBBISH AND SMELLY PAMPERS he can plant on 26 ACRES as Shadow Minister of Agriculture.

    Tin Skin DICTATOR 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

  12. On many occasions I sensed that Daren might have been an undercover ABLP operative on a station that has been in the line of fire of the ABLP. It wasn’t a good look so he did the right thing by resigning although I think he should have been let go a long time ago. I suppose he will have a voice elsewhere but I won’t be listening and he may probably be missed in someone else’s mind, just not mine.

  13. “my door is open to more resignations.” (serpent watts)

    Daren Matthew Ward has been subject to repeated attack by Observer night host Dane Knight.

  14. Well, Observer’s loudest supporters can continue to operate within their echo chamber. Daren has been at Observer since 2013 when blue was in and continued for years while Labour is in power… and only now you all saying he’s too biased? He was there when the UPP lost twice!!!! Now all of a sudden Daren is the bad guy, biased and a bunch of rubbish? It’s the bitter people like Serpent and Knight who’ve directed the station into a vitriolic machine alienating others who aren’t that way.

  15. He can go where he have lie-no-hell Hurst and miss Wickham who overplayed his ego and was FIRED from Brasstacks in Barbados today.

  16. Chups, save the vitriol for the ALP and ABS where hypocrisy is the order of the day. Ohhh and people have been saying he’s biased for YEARS!!!

  17. What a tangled web they tried to weave when they wanted to deceive.

    Dear Darren & Keiron,

    We knew you guys were posing as Fair and Balanced Journalist.
    Go follow the 💰.
    It is Halloween, it was the right time to Unmask!! Tek dat am out. So Long!! Now we can Breathe.

  18. All I have to say is Daren Matthew-Ward: great and honorable decision to leave Observer Co. You were a cut above the best of them. I wondered though what took you so long. Blessings enough to you sir.

  19. Evidently, the Observer/NewsCo management and board members have shamelessly abandoned its stated motto, “Let there be Light”.

  20. Daren Mathew-Ward never had an opinion. His favourite saying was to ask his guests “what do you think”. He was like he was afraid of offending especially the people in the labour government. For this reason There was not much gained from listening to his program. A good journalist has an opinion that he is not afraid to share. I got the feeling that he was red at heart, just working undercover.

    • idiot no one is interested in a journalist opinion but rather the honest opinion and voice of the people, that is why freedom of speech is vital,

  21. I honestly like the two gentlemen that resigned from observer radio station. However, I think in their effort to show that they were balanced they went overboard and to the point that they disrespected their employer. Why did Ward brought on the young lady from DNA to deliver a press release about the resignation of Murdoch. That by itself was disrespectful to the owner/ serpent. As much as I like his morning show , I said wow to myself. Similarly he went after his boss when he made poor remarks about Samantha. Shortly after the young lady from Wallings called Samantha Ugly on his show and he did not call her out.
    In the name of integrity are you going to work at point FM, where the likes of Troy abuses people. Where the owner abuse people and call them all sorts of names. Are you going to take your balance journalism to ABS where the opposition tax payers are not allowed time on the STATE OWNED RADIO AND TELEVISION.
    I heard the young lady from DNA said to DW that she goes on Point FM. So has she been on Observer but at point she don’t cry down the ABLP.. in fact DNA seem to be a second arm of ABLP now. DAN cannot command 1% of the votes in the upcoming elections. Can you imagine that someone that almost could have become Antigua PM will loose her deposit against the like of two of the most corrupt politicians. Do giving DNA time on the radio says nothing because DNA not going anywhere. DNA is like West Indies Cricket, na go no way.
    So Mr.Murdoch and Mr.Ward the only way you can keep your integrity, honesty and professionalism is to own your own radio station.
    Mr. Serpent the lady that did the big issues did a good job on Sunday and can grow from strength to strength. You now have to find someone that can hold down the morning show. Serpent you have thrown yourself in the political ring. I think that you need to use all tools you have available, including your own radio station like Gastón Brown is using his.
    You do not have state own assets to appoint people on boards and senate. You cannot appoint anyone to get paid 5000.00 per month at the ministry of agriculture to do absolutely nothing, except to go on your station. Your stance might be a hard one, an unpopular one but history will remember you as being a honest Antiguan. Stand up for A N T I G I A .
    All Antiguas that believe in honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability need to support you and your station. The lands at Indian town 30 plus acres was sold to a business that a ABLP politician own for 2.00 EC per Square foot. Stand up for Antigua and when the road get a little bumpy still stand up. GOD BLESS OBSERVER

  22. Chups, Clearly neither do you. Persons like Julian Rodgers were exemplary journalists who were not afraid to ask difficult questions. Frankly Speaking, Well Said! Well Said Indeed!!! Standing Ovation!

  23. Ward and Murdoch believe that them bright. Them too bright. George Ryan na bright in the sense of your bright he is Antigua most successful businessman. I can call out 100 of Antiguans most successful people and they are not considered “ BRIGHT “.
    When Observer radio station was going under it was Serpent and Dave that put up their hands. He erred with a statement with Samantha and allowed you guys for an entire week to go after him. That was cruel- karma will take it’s course.
    Is Antigua a truly democratic society. Then why only party supporters progress.
    We are in election season and your employer took a simple stance and you two bright guys could not respect that.
    By the way did Mr. M. Ward make this press statement on Observer radio station about your resignation. This is so disrespectful and a good warning to any future employer.

  24. Man garne,man yah,inna you macca-zima. Everyone can be and could be replaced. No one is indispensable. Observer Radio will go on into the distant future. For persons like me would not see Observer go off air. Who wants to leave,may go now.

    • yes Algernon is THIN SKIN! a little WHIMP trapped inside a “farmer’s” body. if thats how he behave at work, sorry for his wife and children dem

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