BREAKING: Angela Bassett’s Lawyers Demand Antigua Government Cease Using Her Name and Image for Tourism Ambassador Role


Attorneys at law Fox Rothschild LLP, representing Angela Bassett, have advised the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to immediately stop using the actor’s name and image in connection with the Tourism Board’s marketing or promotional efforts.

This comes after the government of Antigua announced last week that Bassett would become the country’s newest Tourism Ambassador, despite no formal arrangement being made.

In a letter dated 10 May 2023, the lawyers requested discussions with the Tourism Board regarding the duties, responsibilities, timeframe, and approvals required of Bassett for the Ambassadorship position.

They also accused the Department of Tourism of using Bassett’s photos for commercial purposes without prior approvals.

The letter demanded that the Tourism Board stop using Bassett’s name, image, and biographical information in association with the “Tourism Ambassador” designation until a mutual agreement reflecting Bassett’s acceptance of the position and outlining her obligations and protections is reached.

The Department of Tourism has until 15 May 2023 to acknowledge receipt of the correspondence and confirm that all uses of Bassett’s name and image have been removed by the Tourism Board or its licensees.(First reported by Antiguan Trumpet)


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  1. Lol! When dem quick fu ge people ambassadorship but they can’t give the local. I mean, simply put as soon as a celebrity come they are quick to give land or national status or title to them and they shit on the locals but when hardworking people here do a greater good, even students, they don’t even get ambassador. Think ALP think.

  2. Gaston and his goons cannot do anything right. Even when its something that could advance the image of Antigua & Barbuda, they find a way to screw it up. What a failed experiment.

  3. After all the fanfare and hullabaloo from this useless out of touch government. Whatever next?

    We’ve had fanfare for housing development; fanfare for road and water infrastructure; and don’t forget the fanfare for the African Airline collaboration … and now this with Angela Bassett?

    Another embarrassment for Antigua & Barbuda.

    Other Caribbean countries can see it, the South American region can see it, the European Union must wonder how and why we re-elected such an incompetent government, and the rest of the global audience were absolutely right about our political blind spots.


  4. What a grave indignity this is for the government. Perhaps the government was too swift to announce them as tourism ambassadors without first putting the necessary agreements and other formalities in place. This is a real black eye. I hope that the instruments, though perhaps only verbal would be quickly removed. In order to prevent and further shame. Already I can see that this spells trouble and embarrassment.

  5. Mi glad. Y’all too nuff and edge up. Aru nar go Aru heroes of Antigua them kinda rewards for the hard work they produced, but this lady just come and y’all naming her for what? What did she do here in Antigua? This Government sick mi stomach.

  6. This is comical.Look at the photo above. He looks as if he is hugging both ladies and Picksy on the outside.I wondered where is that G O A T ? LOL

  7. One really can’t blame Angela for putting her guard up when it comes to dealings of any kind with Antigua and Barbuda. She got home after being treated like a queen on island and relized she’s got caught up in the moment and now wants out.

  8. What’s Love Got to Do With It? You can just use people name so without permission. When they said she accepted the position without compensation, it was too good to be true. Poor Angela Bassett is probably now hearing about the human smuggling and wants nothing to do with Antigua. Can’t blame her.

  9. All of this goes to show how wishy washy and watered down this whole ambassadorship has become. A person becomes an ambassador and there is no terms of reference…hmmm maybe it is just based on looks.

  10. I had to tell my girlfriend, no more Crime Shows(SNAPPED, Forensic Files, Dateline, A Killers Mistake, The First 48 etc)after 7:00pm because, when I fall asleep, I dream I’m in the crime scenes, as the detective and be fighting my ass off, like Panther!

    PM….you’re watching too many Pimp Movies!
    Tabor should’ve being your lawyer, he’s trying to get his groove on, ah back, I mean since, his boy Harold lost by six, just six, one single six runs shot, and then you Mr. PM, not only bragged about transferring votes to whop people like Harold, you were hugging on Angela and girlfriend, chest wide open like, he’s Jim Browne, with Maria-Maria peeking around the corner asking, “has anyone seen Gassy, my Hussy?
    Oh, there he is! Another photo shoot looking like a Hit…hit who? Me? Not me! Purcell will lik-aff fu he hand!
    No, me mean, he a strike wan pose, lakkah #Hitler!
    Hi Hussy!👋🏽〰🙋🏾‍♀️Can I get in the Tourism Promo Shoot?

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood


  11. I thought you had to sell antigua citizenship to become an ambassador ? Don’t tell me she spend couple hours pan jabberwock beach ah night time like her other female compadre who we won’t mention.

  12. There you go! Classless to the end!
    You pushed your wife one side to get a good picture with you and the 2 stars. You ready to show it all over the place. But when the smit hit the fan, you put the blame on the tourist board. Like we say

  13. Did you think her lawyers would have her work without a written contract and for free? You people in the labour government are real papi show.

  14. Gaston Browne, remember you are the Top Dawg, the World Boss and anything you say go so you just kindly put Angela Bassett lawyer in he place. Enquiring minds waiting for you to show Darrell D. Miller who you are.

  15. Bur fu true. The woman is born bred american. How can she be ambassador for a island she dont even know the sq milage, population and culture abóut.

  16. A so mi shame and is not my country , what a disgrace oh lawd look how many brilliant young people in Antigua and Barbuda.

  17. That man big bald head is so far up his ass, the he has failed to see or smell the shit he’s shitting!

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