Boris Johnson confirms return of working from home


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tonight pushed the button on Plan B coronavirus curbs amid fears that Omicron could be causing 1,000 hospital admissions a day by the end of the year.

At a Downing Street press conference, the PM declared that people should once again work from home where possible, as well as extending use of masks and introducing Covid passports for nightclubs.

But Mr Johnson faces an uphill struggle to win over the public with No10 itself in meltdown over allegations of an illegal Christmas party a year ago.

The premier said it was necessary to move to Plan B to ‘buy time’ for the NHS and to learn more about the new strain.

‘It has become increasingly clear that Omicron is growing much faster than the previous Delta variant and is spreading rapidly all around the world,’ he said.

While 568 cases had been confirmed in the UK ‘the true number is certain to be much higher’ – potentially as many as 10,000.

‘Most worryingly, there is evidence that the doubling time of Omicron could currently be between two and three days.’

Masks will be required in venues such as cinemas and theatres from Friday, but hospitality will be exempt.

Mr Johnson said that negative lateral flow tests will be acceptable as well as NHS Covid passports at venues such as nightclubs and large events.

‘We will give businesses a week’s notice so this will come into force in a week’s time,’ he said.

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  1. No comb, brush, gel or clamman cherry available in the UK to keep his hair decent while he executes the plan of his puppet?

    • @Hmmmmmmm…🤣😄🤣r u dey; no easy ‘tarl, ‘tarl…”clayman cherry!”
      Maybe, he cyan fly lakkah wan kite with de puppet string attached to him head!

    • … He’s also known as the GREASED PIGLET, because he has a history of slipping out of trouble when others fail.

  2. The only thing they’re not sure of is how stupid they’ll look locking down the whole world for a strain of the disease which has now mutated to become effectively non-lethal

  3. More fear mongering again, Mr. Hitler Browne I would like to why is this so important to us, we all know that Boris is a joke but let’s get this straight why have you not come out to tell your beloved country the amount of people that is dying from the vaccine and how it’s eating away at people’s immune system, why not tell us why the vaccine is causing people to be tested positive for HIV, why not tell the people the boosters that you are offering is only to put more charge into their system for the secret 5g towers that you people are putting up, why not let us know the number of children have been sick after taking this nonsense; now bringing Mr. Clown out to tell people that this Omicron Is much more deadly than Delta and how they are expecting 1000 deaths a day, and wanting to lock people in their houses again, when will the game end? And people can’t see what is going on well them stupid. People please to pay good attention to the beast they have just released, pay attention to the astroid, pay attention to these earthquakes that’s going off the chains, and all these rumors of wars, a shift has happened in the atmosphere and I can sense it . It’s time to put Vanity out the window and turn to Yahshua, REPENT, REPENT, REPENT daily ask Elohim for forgiveness, people it’s time to keep our garments spotless and without blemish. Make that change today, because these only want to drag us to hell with them. Be blessed

  4. If you want changes you can’t be doing the same thing over and over ,expecting different results, your eyes must be open and start thinking for yourself

  5. This man ya always looks so disheveled, unkempt, insane. something not right. them British is something else. lawddd.

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